7+ Roofing Estimate Templates Editable Download [Word, PDF, Excel]

Executing construction projects can be a tricky affair especially when it is on a large scale. Calculating various cost elements, taking care of documentation, deliverables, taxation, audits, etc can get quite a messy scenario. But if you have the right set of tools, it can make the project go on smoothly.

A Roofing estimation template can help you calculate the cost of the project, set budgets, control budgets, prepare invoices and help you monitor your project towards successful completion. So, let us start by looking at some of the best roofing templates we have.

7+ Roofing Estimate templates

Here is a collection of some free, downloadable, and editable templates that are perfect for your roofing project. Download the files and print them out for use. Or fill them up on your system and send them to your project team!

1. Editable Roofing Estimate Document – Word



The first template is prepared in Microsoft Word and you can make any changes to the document. There are several sections to enter the roofing work you want, instructions for your team, company, and client detail sections. It is fairly easy to work on this document and anyone can enter the data or make changes as well.

style="text-align: justify;">It is a printer-friendly format which means you can print it out and fill it by hand as well. You can also customize the font, colors, etc as per your requirements like these donation receipt template.

2. Roofing Estimate Calculator Template – Excel



This is not your typical roofing project template as it is mainly used to do the costing part. The file comes in a Microsoft Excel document which means it is easy to run through your numbers. Once you have jotted down all the cost parameters in this document, it will automatically calculate the total project cost.

It is a very handy tool when you are required to send out quotes to your clients or even during the invoicing phase. This format can also be used to generated invoices like car maintenance spreadsheet.

3. Roofing Job Estimate Template – Excel



This is another great roofing template through which you can do your project estimate calculations. Prepared using Microsoft Excel, this template gives you the ability to capture your cost elements, job description, other charges, the project start date, tax details, etc.

When you get into a roofing job contract, you can use this template along with the job agreement to detail the commercials along with the terms of the project. Before you print out this document, just check if the document alignment is proper otherwise you will not get the best printing results.

4. Roofing Job Quote template – Word



Any construction professional will know that sending quotes is an essential part of their business. Even with roofing projects, you probably will send out multiple quotations to your clients.

This document has a pre-defined format for a roofing quote and captures all relevant details of the project. You can fill it in and email it or print it out and send the hard copy to your client like these excel printables work order templates.

5. Roofing Job Quote template – Word



This template is actually a multi-use template since it can be used for any kind of construction estimation project. The Microsoft Excel template is completely editable and you can make any changes once you download it like a construction estimate template.

In the format, you will see sections with the job category, the description of the work, area of the work, per sq.t charges, and then the job-wise charges. At the end of the document, the total section will give you the final project cost. The sections can be modified or deleted as per your requirements.

6. Comprehensive Roofing Project Estimate Template – Word



This is probably one of the most comprehensive estimation templates you will find online. The Microsoft Word document template contains 10 pages on sections that are relevant to such construction projects.

However, if you don’t need them you can delete them as the document is editable. Pick the sections you like and remove the rest. Once you are done, you can enter the details of the project along with the cost elements and then either print out the file or send the attachment as an email to your team or clients.

7. Comprehensive Roofing Project Estimate Template – Excel



If you like the comprehensive document earlier, then you will love this as well. Like number 6, this document is highly detailed in nature but developed in Microsoft Excel. The advantage is that you can put in formulas and do all sorts of automatic calculations. For now, the total will be calculated automatically.

Once you download this file, you can modify it as per your requirements. Even though most aspects of a construction project are captured in the document, there might be certain changes that you would want to make. When doing so, make sure that you don’t change any of the cells with formulas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding the shipping label templates? Here are some common ones with their answers.

1. How do I create my own roofing estimate template?

A good way to start would be to download any of these free templates and customize them as per your requirements. If you start from scratch on a fresh document, then you will end up spending some time make the format. It is advisable to use these templates are guides and build on them as per your needs.

2. What are the things to consider for a roofing project?

For any construction project, it is vital for you to estimate the costs and the timelines accurately. Here are a few points you can work on during your project.

Size of your roof  – Before you get into the project, it is good to know the roof size since factors like time, number of people, amount of material, etc depend on the total area you will work on.

Material required – One of the factors that can push up cost is the quality of the material involved. In a roofing project, if you are using shingles, then you will find varied quality products in the market. Warranty types also push up the cost. Define the type of material used in the initial stages to get your estimates correct.

Deadlines – Tighter deadlines mean that you either employ more people or that you put in more hours. Either way, it can affect the cost of the project and needs to be documented at the beginning of the estimation phase.

3. What are the essential points to cover in an estimate?

Well, you should definitely takedown the following points

  • Client details
  • Scope of work
  • Itemized price details based on material and labor provided
  • Project timelines
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Payment terms
  • Dispute resolution procedures
  • Warranty and support terms


This collection of free, downloadable, and editable roofing estimation templates are the best one you will come across. Designed specially to be used for construction projects, these templates make sure you don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing document formats during your project phase.

Instead, utilize your time on the project by getting these ready-to-use templates that save you a bunch of time! Construction jobs require an enormous amount of coordination, focus, and monitoring. Now you know how to manage one part of it with these templates and that should cut down some of your work pressure! Also, before you go, check out these these sample word docs for fillable checks.

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