9+ Adoption Certificate Template [Word Excel PDF]

In many countries, adoptions are a well-established practice while in few countries people are still unfamiliar with it.

To make adoptions easy, it is important to have legal adoption certificates which are documents that certify that a child/adult is officially adopted.

One has to follow legal procedures to adopt someone and complete all the adoption papers needed in compliance with the law.

9+ Adoption Certificate Templates

1. Infant Adoption Certificate Template

Adoption Certificate Template


Adoption is such a happy process for families and for the children getting adopted. And such a happy occasion can be matched with a happy-looking adoption certificate. This free template should suit such an occasion as it captures the joyous event with an apt-looking template.

Once you free download the child adoption certificate template, you can print it out in a very good color printer and then enter the details by hand. Or else, you can also digitally enter information and share soft copies with all concerned parties.

2. Simple Adoption Certificate Template

Formal Adoption Certificate Template


Moving on from the happy-looking, informal templates, we give you this child adoption certificate template that is more formal and professional in design. Most adoption certificates will come with the same content format but you can play around with the overall design of the document. This is not the formal adoption document and a detailed document is given with the adoption certificate template.

style="text-align: justify;">The light lavender color will come out best when printed on a good color printer. Alignments and margins are already taken care of, so you just need to print out this template and enter the information.

3. Formal Adoption Certificate Template

Formal Adoption Certificate Template


Now, this is a free professional, formal-looking adoption certificate that is also a legal adoption document. As you can see from this detailed adoption certificate template, all the information pertinent to the adoption process is mentioned here.

You will find details about the child, the adoptive parents, and the details of the clerk who is making the document official.

4. Simple Adoption Certificate Template

Certificate of adoption


This is probably one of the most simple child adoption certificate templates you will come across. The design is very elegant as the colors are muted yet stylish and the free adoption certificate template look is enhanced by the look of the light color border.

On the top, you have a handprint, and if you want, you can put your child’s handprint image there. That will work well for newborn babies or infants.

5. Legal Adoption Certificate Template


If you look at the actual adoption certificate document, then this is what it will look like. This particular child adoption certificate template is used by a US state and most of the states will use their own format. You can use the sections in this adoption certificate template to make your own free adoption certificate template.

6. Editable Adoption Certificate Template


Another interesting adoption certificate template is this document that comes in a Microsoft Word format. This means that you can make any kind of changes to the file. The certificate has an authentic look to it as it has a placeholder for the official seal and signature.

Once you download the free document, you can enter details like the name of the child adoption center, details about the child to be adopted, the adoptive parents, and other mandatory legal requirements.

7. Elegant, Editable Adoption Certificate Template

fake adoption certificate


This free certificate of adoption also comes in a Microsoft Word format so it is completely editable. This adoption certificate template certificate comes in a format that is ready to be framed and put on a wall.

The frills around the certificate add a classy touch to the whole document even though its printable adoption certificate template contains all the necessary placeholders for an adoption certificate.

8. Adoption Certificate Template with Border Frames

fake adoption certificate


Adoptive parents who tell their children that they are adopted often put up the certificates on a wall with a nice frame around it.

In case, you are looking for such a free template, then this should be a good one for you. Once you download the printable adoption certificate template, all you have to do is to enter your details along with the details of your adopted children on the document and print it out.

9. Adoption Certificate Template with Border Frames

adoption certificate template


And for the final adoption certificate, we have this one which is an official, legal adoption document that the State of Illinois uses. The Department of Health or Child Services organizations usually issue such adoption certificates along with private organizations that work on the adoption process.

The printable adoption certificate template document is pretty comprehensive. It captures details about the child being adopted, the parents, their background, contact, and address details. The second page of the document is the actual certificate of adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the 4 types of Adoption?

The four types of Adoption are

  • Infant Adoption – People prefer adopting infants more than adopting a grown-up child. However, the number of infants available to be adopted is less compared to the demand
  • Foster to Adopt- A child is placed with a family to be fostered with the intention that the child will be totally free and available for the family to adopt.
  • Foster Care – These are children whose parents cannot care for them and hence these children are placed for adoption.
  • Independent Adoption- An infant or child can be adopted from a public or private agency without any counseling. But in these cases, there might be a long wait before a child is identified for adoption.

2. How difficult is the Adoption Process?

The Adoption process is far more difficult and complicated than people think it is. Finding people wanting to adopt an infant is rare and difficult to come across. And then there are stringent background checks done on the parents to ensure that the child is being placed in a safe and secure environment.

3. What is the best age to adopt a child?

While most children belonging to the age group of 9-20 require adoption, the rate of adoption decreases as the child reaches their teens. Usually, it is difficult to find a home for an older child.

4. Can parents adopt children in other countries?

Yes, a lot of countries let foreign nationals adopt children from their country. However, such adoption processes are quite lengthy and complicated. Such adoptions are usually aided by either private or government organizations who help parents connect with children and help them out with the paperwork as well.


The Adoption of children, whether in the same country of origin or abroad, raises lots of Human Rights issues. Hence the adoption process must be thoroughly documented and monitored. It is important to provide proper legal documents before adopting a child. No one can make an adoption certificate legal unless the law approves of it.

There are proper procedures that need to be followed during the adoption process. We really hope you found this article to be helpful and enjoyed reading it. The templates provided here are easy to download and most are editable; however as mentioned the certificates can only be legal once you get the approval of the law on them.

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