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A Bank Statement is an official document also known as the account statement. This statement is sent to the account holder every month by the respective bank, in which they hold an account.

It has all details about the account number, the account details, and all the transaction history of the account holder whether it is deposit or withdrawal.

Earlier bank statements were used to inform customers about their financial situation but now they are used as a powerful marketing tool as well.

Real and Fake Bank Statement Templates

1. Basic Bank Statement Template


This is how a basic Bank Account statement of an Account Holder looks like. The statement keeps a track of all the credit and debit transactions.

One of the most important sections of a bank account statement is the transaction detail that highlights not only the amount but also the identification of the person/company it is related to.

2. Auto-generated Bank Statement Template


The Auto-generated Bank Account Statement looks like an old typewriter printout with no spacing between the words. These statements are automatically generated by a computer, with details of the account holder’s account. With the help of these templates, you can get the details of your account for a specific period of time.

style="text-align: justify;">Towards the left side of the template, the column clearly shows a specific time period for which the summary is generated. Here the plus total credits and the fewer total credits are divided into two sections. At the end of the template, the total balance which remains in the account is also reflected.

3. Simple Bank Statement Template


This is a Basic Bank Account Statement which has details of the account holder’s account as well as his personal banking details. The statement starts with the details of the balance on a specific period.

It continues giving other information such as the total amount which was deposited and credited just like a check printing template. The total amount which was withdrawn via ATM and the amount paid by cheques are also included in the statement.

4. Brief Bank Statement Template


A typical Bank account statement has two parts such as the account summary and also the transaction details. Usually, at the beginning of the first page of a statement, you will find details such as the opening balance. After this other details such as credits, deposits, added interests, fees, and charges follow along with the closing balance.

If you work in a financial institution, you can use this template to design your own statement formats just like a liability form california. Just include your bank logo on the top right corner along with the bank details, and your format should be good to go.

5. Business Account Bank Statement Template


The Business account bank statements are primarily prepared for business accounts or check-in accounts. This particular format is a vanilla template that needs to be worked on. But all basic placeholders are there for your reference.

The statements are divided into four sections like Business account services, charges per country accounts, charges as per USD, and finally the unit of measure. These can all be customized as per your organization’s requirements.

6. Generic Bank Statement Template


Banking statements are important documents denoting an account holder’s financial health. But they also need to be simple so that anyone can read them easily.

Therefore, your banking templates should be user-friendly. As seen in the image, this bank statement is primarily designed for a check-in account but you can modify yours to include other bank account types as well.

7. Corporate Bank Statement Template


Here is another professionally designed template that is suitable for financial institutions. The concise statement is pretty simplified for use but contains all important placeholders that need to be in a bank statement. This particular statement doesn’t just denote your balances but also accounts for additions and deductions to the account.

Finance professionals working for corporates often track their company’s financial transactions through such bank statements and this goes into their overall company financial records.

8. Detailed Bank Statement Template


Even though a bank statement can be a very mundane piece of document that account holders get frequently, it provides vital pieces of information. Many financial institutions know that most account holders check their bank statements so they put other types of content in it as well.

In this template, you will notice that the bank not only provides good financial details but also has a placeholder for promotions.

Along with that, there is a section to provide information about contacting the bank and their address details. Such detailed bank statements are a big value add for customers.

9. One Liner Bank Statement Template


This is the simplest form of Bank statement one can opt for. In just one line that statement tells the account holder what their current balance is.

Now this template is not technically a bank statement but is used as proof of financial health or proof of account ownership. If you need to submit proof of holding a bank account, then the bank uses such formats.

10. Professional Bank Statement Template


You can make out from this template that it has been designed professionally to be used by banks.

The layout is very clean, uncluttered, and provides all relevant placeholders to be included in a bank statement. You can include your bank’s logo, change the fonts, add colors and customize it to your requirements.

11. Bank Statement Template


The final bank statement template is this one that is more suitable to be a personal financial report. You have sections to show your assets and liabilities, income, and expenses as well.

Most banks won’t have access to your personal data but if you have a dedicated banker then you should be able to get such personalized reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Bank Statements? Here are some common ones that we answered for you.

1. What is the purpose of a Bank Statement?

An Account Statement also referred to as a bank statement is a great way to keep track of the account holder’s money.  Getting a monthly bank statement helps in keeping a track of the expenditure which in turn helps in improving the spending habits. Perhaps it also shows if a particular Bank is responsible for the account holder’s money.

2. Are there any fees on Bank Statements?

To get a bank account statement online the bank usually does not charge the account holder anything. However, if you wish to receive a physical statement then there might be charges applicable. This fee varies depending on which Bank you have an account with. Banks also charge the account holder with wire fees, bounced cheque fees, ATM fees, and fees based on the number of deposits made.

3. How often should you monitor your Bank Account?

It is recommended that account holders monitor their Bank Statements at least twice every week. If checking it twice is not possible, then the account holder should make it a habit to check it at least once every month. But you should keep a close watch on your account to check if it gets misused or not.


A bank Statement or Account Statement is like a personal Profit And Loss Statement. It helps the account holder to closely monitor their finances and plan for their future savings. They are extremely useful to control budgeting and track expenditure.

Since the bank statement shows all the details regarding the various charges, along with the respective dates and payees, it helps the account holder to keep a track of any fraudulent activities.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article today and found it useful. The templates we have provided have been chosen carefully for your understanding and reference. The templates can also be easily downloaded and printed for your convenience.

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