11+ Bid Proposal Template FREE Download [Word, PDF]

Bids and Proposals are a set of documents that are used during the procurement process. They are mainly a firm’s plans to procure goods and services. Bid proposals are also known to be a company’s way of scouting for bids from suppliers to undertake a given job.

As a company, you need to showcase your eligibility and efficiency to your client. You need to give him an estimate of the total expenses he will have to spend to complete the project. This is when an efficient and professional Bid comes into the picture.

Printable Bid Proposal Templates

In the article below we have presented some of the best Bid proposal templates for your perusal.  The templates will help you understand how the proposals look like and guide you in creating your own Bid proposal.

1. Landscaping Bid Proposal

Landscaping Bid Proposal Template


Landscaping work is often required by any property that has an open space in their premises and wants to get it beautified. Typically, such projects are implemented by residences and commercial establishments.

If you are looking to get landscaping work done, then you will need to get bids from several agencies for the project.

Landscaping projects can take up a lot of time from the beginning to the final stages. They can be resource-intensive and costly too.


that is why companies ask for bids for such projects to see which is the best agency for their p&l template.

2. Cleaning Services Bid Proposal PDF

Cleaning Services Bid Proposal Template


One of the most common services utilized by residences and commercial establishments is cleaning services. Everybody needs this and often such work is obtained through bid proposals. For example, a hotel looking at getting quotes for cleaning services will often float Request for Proposals (RFPs) to invite companies to bid for the project.

In such cases, companies that provide cleaning services will have to prepare such a cleaning bid proposal document and send it to the client. Based on the content of the proposal and the cost, the project is awarded to a cleaning agency.

3. Construction Bid Proposal – Word

Construction Bid Proposal


With any development, there is always an increase in construction work. To upgrade a country’s infrastructure, you need to make new buildings, road infrastructure, public utilities, etc. And most of this work is again procured through bids or tenders. Private organizations often float RFPs and Government organizations usually float tenders.

This free template is an excellent document to use in case you want to participate in bids. The template is editable as it is made in Microsoft Word and you can customize it according to your requirements.

4. Special Event Bid Proposal – Word

Special Event Bid Proposal


Special events are categorized as those occurrences that are not frequent in nature. For example, an organization throwing an anniversary party or conducting a product launch can be classified as a special event. For such events, they might require the services of vendors who usually don’t work with that organization.

Once you download this Microsoft Word template, you will see that is designed for such special events. You will need to then enter details about your organization, details of the event, and the expectations from the agency that will work on this project.

5. Road Widening Bid Template – Word

Road Widening Bid


Road widening work is mostly done through government agencies unless it is a private road. Governments usually float tenders for such projects but you still need to submit a bid proposal document to win the tender. While submitting bids for government projects, you might be asked to provide a lot of details.

This could be about your company background, experience in road widening, details of your resources, and you also might be required to deposit some Earnest Money to apply for these projects.

6. Design Bid Proposal – Word


This is an excellent format for organizations that are into design work. Usually, for infrastructure projects, agencies are hired to make the initial draft designs and then carry out the construction as well. This is a two-part job and sometimes separate bids are required for each of the phases.

However, if you are bidding for a project that involves the design and construction part then you can use this template to submit your bids. The template is free to use and can be edited as per your requirements.

7. Business Consulting Bid Proposal – Word


Business consultants are those organizations that provide management consulting to other organizations. They provide advice to individuals and companies on how to improve their businesses. It is a very fast field and their scope is very varied as well. Consultants are usually experts in a particular field and can help an organization realize its pain points and implement solutions.

Business consulting is categorized as a service to the bid proposal document that might differ from those that are for products. Clients will often prepare detailed documents about the project, results, and expectations from the consultants. As a response, consultants will provide their cost, timeframes for deliverables, and other details.

8. Infrastructure Project Bid – Excel


Infrastructure projects can be of different types so this template that we have provided is a general-purpose document for such work. You can download the form and start working on it right away since it is editable. The template has been professionally designed using Microsoft Excel and has been optimized for print as well.

All though all sections are important but the ones about the project, owner, and vendor need to be filled in carefully. How you fill a bid proposal document will often be one of the most reasons for a bid getting accepted or rejected.

9. Electrical Contractor Bid Proposal – PDF


PDF templates are usually not editable but you can still copy the content and put it into a Word document. This PDF is for electrical contracting work and comes in handy when you are bidding for such projects. The template format is pretty similar to other documents listed in the article. However, there might be some sections that will be different.

For electrical work, you need to fill in as many details as possible since the project is highly technical in nature. Cost is not the only factor when deciding about a bid but also the content of your proposal. So put in the effort and make it professional in nature.

10. Landscaping Maintenance Bid Template – PDF


Is landscaping work similar to landscaping maintenance work? Well, not in all situations. Landscaping maintenance work is often carried out on existing infrastructure and usually requires upkeep work. Not everything needs to be done from scratch so the scope of work could be different from a landscaping project.

As a client or as a vendor, you can use this free template for your landscaping maintenance projects. List out all requirements, timelines, deliverables, and cost factors clearly in the document to make it an effective bid proposal document.

11. Insurance portfolio Bid


And for the final template in this article, we have one for the Insurance industry. But why do you need an insurance bid? Well, certain organizations often invite bids for insuring their businesses, their assets, employees, and other assets. It is difficult to do this research themselves so it is more efficient to ask for bids!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a Bid and a Proposal?

Proposals are usually a detailed study of the cost which is involved in completing a project. They will give you all the minute costs included and the time frame for completing the task. A Bid is more about estimates and a figure estimated to complete the task. It is a proposed cost to fulfill the given proposal.

2. What is the Bidding process?

Anyone who bids should give a clear breakdown of the materials that would be needed and be purchased. The quantity of material is important to be given so that it’s easier to calculate the expenditure. A few things which are important while bidding are

  • Preparing the Bid format document
  • Thorough research and planning
  • A good presentation
  • Submitting the Bid on time
  • Getting the Tender
  • Submitting the Proposal

3. What is the difference between Market Price and Bid Price?

A Market price means the current price at which the product is being sold in the market. However, the Bid price will represent the maximum buying price the buyer is willing to pay for the same product.


So, this was our curated list of the best and most handy bid proposal templates. All of these templates are free to use and most of them can be edited as well. We really hope you enjoyed reading the article and found it helpful. If you are looking to solicit bids from different contractors for a given project then you are at the right place.

Please feel free to use the templates for your reference as they are easily downloadable and can be edited as well. If you represent an organization, you can customize the bid document with your company name and logo to give them a professional touch!

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