17+ FREE Bill Of Sale Template Editable Download [Word, PDF, Excel]

Bill of Sale is a document that records the transfer of ownership of goods, properties, etc, and the delivery of services for an agreed-upon price. It is just like the sales receipt or bill we get when we purchase something.

Bill of Sale templates are required to document the selling and buying of goods and services and there are free, downloadable, and editable templates you can use to make your own invoices.

17+ Bill Of Sale Templates

From individuals to business owners, everybody needs to buy and sell things. And when these transactions take place, you will need to capture them through a Bill of Sales. Our free Bill of Sale templates are very easy to use and most can be modified to suit your requirements as well.

1. General Bill of Sale Template – Word



The first Bill of Sale template in this article is this generic template that has been developed using Microsoft Word. The template is neatly designed without much clutter and since the file is editable, you are free to make any number of changes to the format. All required placeholders like Seller and Buyer information, transaction details are included in the format.

At the bottom, there is already a section for the Disclaimer. This is a generic format and you will need to include your own Terms & Conditions in that section.

Basic Bill of Sale Template – Word



This is another Bill of Sale template which is designed with the most basic elements. There are no design elements in this document. The Word document has all required sections like buyer and seller information, transaction date, prices, signature sections, etc.

You are free to include your own logo, stationery, terms, and conditions in the document since it is completely editable. The margins are also print optimized so you don’t have to adjust them manually like a diploma template with seal.

3. Bill of Sale Template with Tables – Word



Arranging sections into tables gives clarity to the information presented and that is visible through this Bill of Sale template. A neat table encapsulates the transaction information making it easy to document and present. Like the others, this document is also editable.

You can include your company name, logo, address, etc on the top section along with the invoice details. Below is a section to document the details of the buyer like their bill to and ship to addresses and contact information. You can also add segments to include your terms and conditions just below the table.

4. Personal Property Bill of Sale Template – Excel



When an individual decides to sell their property, it is their prerogative whether they want to record the transaction with a Bill of Sale or invoice. This decision depends on them and the seller. However, in case the invoice is required then you can use this free, downloadable, and editable Microsoft Excel template.

Filling it in is pretty easy. Enter the Seller and Buyer information in the top sections. Those are followed by information about the item being sold, its price, serial numbers, quantity, etc. At the bottom, you will see a formula cell to calculate the total values of the items sold.

5. Conditional Bill of Sale Template – Excel



A conditional sale is very different from a normal sale. In a Conditional sale, the transfer of goods depends on certain conditions being met like specific time duration, or when all payments have been cleared. For example, if you take a vehicle on a bank loan, you won’t become the owner until all loan installments have been paid to the bank.

For such transactions where you sell a product or service that has conditions attached, you can use this Conditional Bill of Sale template. The only additional sections are the Payment Terms and Specific Conditions.

6. Company Bill of Sale Template – Excel



If you are a business owner or work in an organization, then you know you need to design invoices that have some sort of professional-looking elements on them. In case you have such a requirement then you can start off with this Microsoft Excell invoice form.

Insert your company name and logo on the top left placeholder and mention the organization details under that. Once the format is ready then you will need to only enter the quantity, item description, and unit price information in the sheet. The Line Total, Subtotal, and Final values are calculated automatically.

7. Vehicle Bill of Sale Template – PDF



Here is an invoice template that has been designed with a very specific transaction in mind. If you are looking to buy or sell any type of vehicle, then you will need this Vehicle bill of sale template for your transaction. If you are designing your own template, then this will help you do it.

A Vehicle invoice needs to have the details of the past owner, present owner along with the vehicle make, model, manufacturing year, vehicle identification number, etc. All this information can be captured through our vehicle bill of sale template.

8. Bill of Sale Template for Simple Transactions- Excel



Microsoft often releases its own templates and this is one of them. Developed with Microsoft Excel, this professionally designed template is great for small organizations, startups, and personal users as its design is simple yet highly functional.

The top sections are designed to input your company information such as company name, logo, invoice details, and details of the buyer. Under that, you will find information about the items sold, their amount, and the final calculations for the total. The template is editable so you can make changes as per your requirements.

9. Bill of Sale Template with Light Colors- Excel



Professionally designed templates are often made with light and sober colors and if you need such a template then this one should be a good one for you. The Microsoft Excel file contains all required placeholders that need to be included in a bill of sale template and is open for edits as well.

You will need to fill in information about your organization like name, logo, address, etc. Other important information to include is the info about the buyer, seller, and the description of the goods sold. Total values are calculated through a formula so be careful not to change them.

10. Bill of Sale Template for Pet Sitters- Excel



It might be surprising to know that Pet Sitting is actually a very widely accepted professional and many youngsters are doing this as a full-time job! It might not be as lucrative as other white-collar jobs but the profession is slowly gaining momentum. So, if you are a pet sitter looking for a bill of sale format then this is the right one for you.

The document is slightly different from other templates in this article as this gives a breakup of daily pet sitting chargers. You can add more lines for every day of the month and depending on the number of days you provided the sitting service, you can mention the charges.

11. Bill of Sale Template for Sale of Arms- PDF



Selling arms and ammunition isn’t a piece of cake and the process is much more complicated than a regular sales transaction. There are numerous security checks and compliances attached to the sale process so these need to be captured with the right kind of documentation. For arms sales, use this template as a guiding principle while making your own bill of sale template.

You might want to check compliance details and local regulations that need to be followed or included in the bill of sale. Once done you could also get this document vetted by a legal expert.

12. Bill of Sale Template for Equipment- Excel



The process of equipment is like any other sale process but you might need to capture additional details of the item being sold. Once you download this Microsoft Excel template, you will notice how easy it is to work on it since the file is editable as well.

Add or remove sections are per your needs. Currently, most of the commonly used segments are already included in this Bill of Sale template.

13. Bill of Sale Template for Aircraft- PDF



Now, this is a transaction that you don’t see happening every day but organizations who are into Aircraft will understand the requirement of this bill of sale template. It is designed specifically for airlines sales and is an excellent format to make your own templates.

Along with the usual placeholders like buyer and seller information, details of the aircraft, etc there are sections for the Privacy Act of that country, and terms and conditions.

14. Computer Bill of Sale Template – Word



This is something most of us will relate to as we all might have bought a computer either for work or for personal purposes. The Word document is free to download and edit and really easy to use as well. After you download the template, enter information like buyer and seller info, the details of the computers sold, terms and conditions of the sale and you can add other information if you like.

15. Bill of Sale Template for Boats – PDF



Even though vessels are categorized as vehicles, there should be a separate bill of sale template for them. Once you download this template, you will see that it has some information fields that are usually not included in a vehicle bill of sale. Use this template to design your own bill of sale template for boats.

16. Bill of Sale Template for SMEs – Excel



Startups and SMEs often look for processes that save them time and money. Automation is a key process to increased efficiency and small help to it can come from such templates. This bill of sale template is one such automated document that such organizations would like to use.

The professional-grade design coupled with drop-down menus and automatic total calculations makes this template very easy and efficient to deploy. All you have to do is to fill in the sale information and your invoices are ready!

17. Bill of Sale Template for Furniture – Excel



The last bill of sale template in this article is something that is done quite frequently – selling furniture. Personal users and retail showrooms can employ the use of this template designed for the sale of furniture.  Enter the transaction details along with information about the type of furniture sold and the bill of sale is ready!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked queries about Bill of Sale templates with their responses.

1. Are these legal documents?

Yes, the bill of sale or invoice is a legal document that provides proof of sale and transfer of ownership.

2. Do I need to provide a bill of sale even if I am an individual buyer or seller?

In most cases, when you sell your things like home furniture or electronics, it might not be mandatory to provide a bill of sale. But for taxation purposes or to safeguard your interests, it is always better to document these transactions.

3. What are some common fields to mention in the bill of sale?

As a guiding principle, here are the most important fields to be included in the bill of sale document

  • Buyer and seller information like name, address, contact information
  • Details of the item(s) being sold
  • Pricing, mode of payment, etc
  • Date of transaction
  • Terms and Conditions attached with the sale
  • Warranty information
  • Details about refunds, cancellations, returns, etc


With an excellent collection of the simple yet professionally designed bill of sale templates, this article provides detailed information about different templates and how you can use. Throughout the article, we have provided templates that can be used by various organizations and for different purposes.

Hope you have found the bill of sale template that suits your requirements. Use our templates or let them act as a guide when you design your own templates.

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