9+ Birth Certificate Template Download [Word PDF]

A birth certificate is a proof that birth has occurred. It is an important government document, which is why every child born anywhere in the world must have a birth certificate.

Birth certificates need to have a particular feeling to add to the official look. You can use any template. If you are an authority looking to make birth certificates, these birth certificate templates would be of immense help.

Editable Birth Certificate Templates

1. Fillable Birth Certificate Template

Birth Certificate Template


Although birth certificates are official documents, you can opt for a beautiful design like this template. What stands out on this template is the color blending and the borderlines.

The details are short and precise, conveying everything that a birth certificate is all about. As you can see in the above example, they don’t need to include much information. Some basic information is all you need.

2. Birth Certificate Template

Fake Birth Certificate Template


Although official documents, birth certificates can also be beautifully crafted. The template above enables you to use a calligraphy hand for the heading and another font type for the other contents.

This one also lists the infant’s weight at birth and their length and the time of birth—talk of precision.

Official Looking Birth Certificate


There isn’t much room to be creative with a birth certificate. Most official documents usually have this reserved look that ensures they only convey seriousness. This is one such template.

It is like all the others with the basic details included.

4. Birth Certificate

official Birth Certificate


Birth certificates, although official records, don’t have to be that elaborate. They can b as short as this template here. The template follows a unique approach when you compare it to the other templates.

It would be a breath of fresh air to the usual birth certificates.’

5. Cute Birth Template

cute birth certificate


You can also add a decorative degree by including flowery decorations on the sides of the certificate, as this template does. You, however, would have to consider whether other people would see it as a serious document or not.

The flower decorations do make the birth certificate beautiful, though.

6. Pink Birth Certificate Template

Pink Birth Certificate Template


You can have a variety of colors for your birth certificates. This one enables you to add a variety of colors to your birthday certificate portfolio. Although it only proves the time and place someone was born, that doesn’t mean it has to be a bland document.

That’s why it is a wise idea to shake up a few things from time to time.

7. Blank Birth Template


This might be one of the most beautiful templates on this list. The writing font might be mundane, but you can’t say the same of the borderlines or the colors. We’d reckon that it seems a royal person’s certificate.

All it needs is a seal of approval from a king to turn it into a royal certificate, right? That shouldn’t stop you from using it, though. The parents could be proud to have such a birth certificate for their baby.

8. Template #8


This template differs from the others because it contains a little more detail. While birth certificates need to be direct and short documents, there is always cause to add descriptions.

That is what this template does. Besides the basics, you can also add more details for the child, such as their sex. Another difference you can note is that it lists the family name and the father’s and mother’s names.

On the other hand, the decoration also makes it a rather beautiful certificate most parents would love.

9. Customizable Birth Certificate


Most people would associate the color pink with girl children. Therefore, why not get them a certificate that’s pink as well? This beautiful certificate template taps into that thinking to serve up a certificate that’s not only classy but also beautiful.

The additional colors make it a thing of beauty with the excellent blend they have.

10. Simple Certificate Template


You must have established that all birth certificates are the same and that only the designs can change by this stage. In that spirit, don’t you think this certificate’s design is unique?

The colors, although dull, wouldn’t disappoint many new parents.

Why Are Birth Certificates Important?

We were born and found that people need to have birth certificates. But what makes them that important? Why should people have birth certificates?

For starters, birth certificates are important because they notify the government of your birth. That makes them valuable sources of census information, which then informs the government’s planning.

Birth certificates make it easier to confirm someone’s age. Several situations might warrant knowing the age of someone. School and sports competitions come to mind when you think of age.

Finally, birthday certificates show your parents’ names. That means you can use them to determine a person’s parentage. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they are definitive proof that a specific person is your parent.

You can, however, use them when specific the names of the parents listed in the certificate are your true parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What situations do I need a birth certificate for?

You will need a birth certificate for some of the below situations:

  1. School admission
  2. Army enlisting
  • College application
  1. Passport application
  2. National identity card application

And many other cases that might require you to get legal documents.

2. Is a birth certificate sufficient proof I was born in a particular country?

Yes, birth certificates are often proof of nationality as well. That’s because they will usually list the hospital the person was born in or the country of registration. All those are sufficient proof a person is a citizen of a country.

Final Thoughts

If you need to quickly draft up a birth certificate for someone, these birth certificate templates should help you do that. Customize them to fit the details you want to add, then use them to make a birth certificate for a newborn. Before you go, check out our blank diploma template!

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