13+ Blank Check Template Fillable FREE [Word, PDF]

The world is now moving towards digital payments like cards, bank transfers, and payment wallets, writing checks is becoming an obsolete process.

Even though its adoption is going down, millions of people write checks every day all over the world. And one of the most fun parts about checks is that we can customize them as per our requirements!

Downloadable Printable Fillable Blank Check Template

Listed below are some of the best check templates that you will find online. The article is a mix of blank check templates PDF documents as well as check templates prepared with Microsoft Word. Here are different checks listed:

and many more!

1. Free Simple Blank Check Template

Simple Blank Check Template


To start off our list of blank check templates is this very simple format that contains all the mandatory required fields to be put into a check.

As you can see this basic template has placeholders for the check number, serial number, MICR Code, Payee name, number amount, and the amount in words.

Along with that, there is also a section for Memo’s – in case you want to leave some instructions on the check templates. The file is print optimized and you can start printing them after you download the file just like a

href="https://www.partnershipforlearning.org/bill-of-sale-templates/">bill of sale template.

Now you can print your own checks by using free check design templates. Or you could make one from scratch. But that is a long process and needs designing skills.

This is where free blank check templates come in handy.

These can be edited as well! Put in your name, your organization name, and your logo, and customize these checks to no end!

2. Multiple Blank Check Template

Multiple Blank Check Template


This free blank check template is s step forward from the previous one as it contains two design elements or checks formats. T

he designing of blank checks is often handled by a design team or the work is outsourced to a design agency. These templates can be used as a guiding principle for such professionals.

Most organizations tend to use white check templates but some prefer using colorful backgrounds in their checks.

For such requirements, this template will come in handy as it has been designed with very subtle, professional-looking colors similar to this profit and loss template for small business.

3. Dummy Blank Check Template

blank check templates


Before you start using this blank check template, you must know that this is not a legal template and is only designed to be used for teaching and training purposes.

In many schools, as part of personal finance classes, teachers give out blank checks to their students and this is what this template can be used for just like a high school diploma template.

In organizations such as banks, trainers often circulate such free templates to their new hires to train them on the check-writing process.

You can’t use these for legitimate financial transactions since they are dummy checks. Kids can also use this free blank check template as part of their board games.

4. Editable Blank Check Template with Instructions – Word

blank check templates


If you are a financial institution, then this is definitely a printable blank check template that you should use.

This check template carries detailed instructions about how to design a check template and how to fill a check as well.

Once you free download and open the document, you will see neatly laid out instructions.

All required information to be put into a check template is there in the document along with detailed instructions about each of these fields.

Apart from that, you will also find instructions for the check printing process.

5. Blank Bank Checks Template – PDF



Major financial institutions like banks have standardized check that are often the best ones available.

If you want to replicate the check design of the banks into your organization, then you will probably find this template useful since it is based on the Barclays bank design.

The template serves as a design guide and you can ask your check designer to use this while making your own checks.

Put in your own company logo, and other details and your template should be good to go just like a stock doc certificates.

6. Print Ready Blank Check – Word



Here is another editable blank check template designed in Word. The 3-page document doesn’t just contain templates but is also a training document that teaches you how to write checks.

When you open the document, you will see sections that detail how you can write checks.

You will learn how to enter the right amount, what terminologies to use, and fill in the rest of the data required to be entered into a check.

There are some free sample use cases provided in the document that are great for training purposes.

7. Editable Blank Bank Check – Word



Do you ever wonder what the numbers at the bottom of a check actually denote? Well, we should all know this information as at some point, we will surely use checks.

This fillable blank check template serves two purposes. You can use the check template in it to print out your own checks.

Secondly, the document is also a training guide that teaches people how to use a check or to write one.

If you are into teaching or training people on checks, then you should definitely try this template out.

8. Multiple Editable Blank Bank Check – Word



Individually editing or printing a check can be a big hassle and a time-consuming process. To manage your time and effort better, you should have multiple printable blank check templates in one document.

This way you have one source to work on and it saves you a lot of time in editing.

In this Microsoft Word fillable blank check template, there are 3 check attached.

If you want the same ones to be printed, just print multiple free copies. You can also have 3 different templates and then print them out in batches.

Saves a lot of time and effort, right?

9. Multiple Blank Bank Check PDF



Even though this template might look similar to the one before, but there is a difference. First of all, the check templates are designed differently.

Secondly, this one is print-ready and means that it need not be edited to create one.

If you are looking to start printing out check templates in multiple batches then this is the right check template pdf to use.

One page has three check templates and they are optimized for printing. Since there are no color elements in the file, you can print out these blank checks on a black and white background printer.

10. Check with Instructions – Word



Hands down this is probably the most comprehensive and useful blank check document you will come across.

The 22-page document is an effective training tool that can be used by any organization to train their staff on how to use checks or how to create one as well.

Along with multiple printable blank check templates, you will also find teachers’ resources, unit reviews, blank business check standards, training course details, an assessment section, bank lessons, and checkbook register formats.

The blank checks document template has been professionally prepared and is an excellent teacher’s aid!

11. Account Payee Blank Bank Check Template – PDF



Do you know what does it mean when someone writes ‘Account Payee on a check? In simple words, an account number payee check is a type of check that can only be deposited in the account holder’s name mentioned on the check.

Banks built this feature in as a security measure to ensure that no one else, apart from the account number holder, could cash the check.

12. Editable Placeholders Cheque – Word



We are almost at the end of the list of blank check templates and the second last we have for you is another elegant check template that can be edited.

This again is a blank template and is completely editable. As you can see that there are multiple checks in the one-page blank check document.

13. Checks with Technical Guidelines – Word

blank template


So, we have literally saved the best for the last! The image above looks like it is a fairly simple template but the blank checks document is a very sophisticated tool to learn about checks.

Looking to learn everything about checks and how they work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about writing or designing blank checks? Here are some useful ones that we answered.

1. What are the steps involved in designing or writing a check?

When designing your own blank checks, you will have to keep a few things in mind. Some mandatory information to be presented includes

  • Bank Name and Logo on the blank check
  • Cheque Date
  • Issuing Authority
  • Payee Name
  • Money Amount in numbers
  • Money Amount in words
  • Signature section
  • Check number
  • MICR code of the Money blank check

2. What are the different kinds of checks?

Check formats or types can vary depending on what you use them for or who is using them. Some of the most common types of blank checks format include

  • Dummy blank check – These blank check generators are often used by teachers or for training purposes in organizations. Those who are not familiar with the check-writing or designing process can use dummy checks to get acquainted.
  • Payroll check – This is usually issued by employers to their employees as payment for their services. Payroll checks are also known as Paychecks.
  • Deposit check – A deposit check is specifically issued for deposits into a bank account. Typically, they cannot be encashed and are only valid for deposits.

3. Can a check be printed on any paper?

If you are issuing your own, personal checks, then they can be printed out on any paper and printer that print checks online.

However, if you are a financial institution like a bank, then you will need to strictly adhere to certain guidelines directed by the governing authority in your country.

4. Do checks have validity?

Yes, usually all checks have a defined validity period but this information is not printed on the checks. The validity period depends on which country/state the financial institution belongs to.

5. Can I cancel a check I issued?

Yes, you can provided that the check has not been encashed. To cancel a check that has been issued, you will need to contact your official bank helpline and fill a cancel check request. Once it is completed, the canceled check cannot be encashed.

6. Can I print a check and cash it?

Unfortunately, you can’t. You must have to original blank check to encash it.

For some reason, if you have lost the check, then you need to get in touch with the person/organization that issued you the check. The old check needs to be canceled and a fresh one will be issued to you.


That was our curated collection of free, downloadable check. Most of these best blank check templates are fairly simple, optimized for print, and come with a high level of customization options as well!

If you are replicating the check designs that belong to another institution, then do remember to take off their logo and name from the check templates.

If you don’t, then they will be tagged as fake blank bank checks! Before you go, check out these Rent roll templates which can be found here.

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