5+ Car Rental Agreement PDF DOC WORD [Download]

Car rentals are an important part of modern-day life.  A car rental is an agreement between the hiring person and the owner of the car.

Therefore, it needs a document showing the agreement. Car rental agreement PDF samples will be of great help if you run a car rental.

Downloadable Printable Car Rental Agreement Form

1. Racing Car Rental Agreement

Racing Car Rental Agreement


If you are looking to hire a racing car, you will need a racing car rental agreement. The agreement will bind you to several responsibilities. The agreement protects each of the parties to the agreement in case of nefarious activity from any of them.

A rental agreement will include the terms of the car renting, the time, and the cost of the leasing. Some parties will want for there to be a witness for the transaction.

2. Personal Car Rental Agreement

Personal Car Rental Agreement pdf


You can rent a personal car practically from any major city in the world. You might be too far away from home to bring your car, or you might not own one. You will need to sign a personal car rental agreement for that, though.


agreement has the car’s details such as its model, body, and make. It also features the duration of the lease and the amount of money you will be paying.

Should anything happen to the car, the terms of the agreement will hold you responsible.

We also suggest using a vehicle maintenance log template to keep your vehicle in shape!

3. General Car Rental Agreement

General Car Rental pdf Agreement


Car rental agreements are easy to draft with a template or sample. This sample here will work for any car rental, whether a racing car or personal car rental. It will serve as proof that a named person hired a car from the dealership.

The signatures of the client and the dealership representative should make it binding for all parties.

4. Simple Car Rental Contract

Simple Car Rental Contract


Some car rental agreements are usually more elaborate than others. That might depend on the type of car or vehicle that a person is renting. All the terms are to ensure the car doesn’t sustain any damage.

Should the car get any damage, the client will be responsible for the repair costs as detailed in the contract.

5. Fillable Vehicle Rental Agreement

Fillable Vehicle Rental template


One thing that you will find on some car rental agreements is the mileage limit. The mileage limit refers to the total distance the client will not travel beyond. For instance, if the mileage limit is 300 miles, the client can’t go beyond that.

Besides the rental fees and other details, that’s one of the many things that the car rental agreement covers.

6. Enterprise Car Rental


This simple car rental agreement should be easy for anyone to use. If you run a small dealership that rents out cars on a small scale, it would make an excellent sample. You can use it to draft your agreement and offer your rental services.

It shouldn’t take anyone a long time to understand what they are required to do. The terms are clear for all parties to see. That’s the lead you’d expect from a binding agreement.

Difference Between a Car Rental and a Car Lease Agreement

Leasing and renting a car are fundamentally the same. That’s because you are paying to use someone’s car for a specified amount of time. There is, however, a difference in the period for each of them.

A rental agreement is usually for a short time, generally less than twelve months. Leasing a car often refers to taking it for a longer time, usually over one year. That’s the only difference between renting and leasing a vehicle.

Another difference is that when you lease a car, the owner might offer you the chance to buy it and own it permanently. That’s not possible with car rentals which often end as soon as the client returns the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a car rental agreement legally binding?

Yes, the car rental agreement is a legally binding document. The agreement is a contract between you and the owner of the car, and you’ll have to sign it before you can get the car keys.

Should you violate any terms of the contract, you might be sued and taken to court.

Who is liable for rental car accidents?

When you rent a car, it ceases being the owner’s liability. So, if you cause an accident with the car, you, the client who hired it, are liable for any damages. The car rental agreement protects the owner from such kind liabilities.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking of starting a car rental business, this car rental agreement Pdfs will be of great help to you. Download and use them as you wish. Before you go, check out some rent roll template excel free!

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