11+ Check Request Form Templates [DOC, PDF, Excel]

You can do several things if you want your clients to pay you for services you have rendered. You can invoice them, or you can send them a check request.

Check request is a polite way of asking for payment from a client. Check out our check request templates if you want to request payment from your clients.

Check Request Templates

1. Check Reimbursement Request Template

Check Reimbursement Request Form


One of the most popular check requests is the reimbursement form. With this form, you can request to be reimbursed expenses you incurred carrying particular talks on behalf of a person or company.

At the heart of the reimbursement request form is all the detail of the people involved. There is you, the person requesting reimbursement, and the person or business to reimburse you for expenses incurred.

2. Non-Employee Compensation Check Request

Non Employee Compensation Check Request


 A non employee check request form comes into play when a non-employee of an organization has offered services to the organization. They will then sign and drop off a check that has to get approval to get the payment.


to say, the check needs to have specific details, such as the amount to be paid and the person’s name which can be found in an editable check template. That’s beside the department names as well as the service rendered.

3. Multipurpose Check Request Template

Check Request form



While check requests forms are quite specific, there are no qualms over using one for many requests. That’s what this general template can do for you. You can use it for reimbursement requests besides the usual requests for payment from a client.

It is simple and doesn’t need you to add in too much information apart from the required. You can customize it add in more details you think would fit in better.

4. Certified Record Check Request Form

Certified Record Check Request Form


Among the many things require in a background check is to check your financial background. In the course of federal authorities’ checking, they will have to come up with a certified check request form.

These are legal documents that not just anybody can come up with. That’s why authorities mainly craft them and not your everyday tom, dick, and harry. Suffice to say, each time you see this form, you know that someone might be in trouble.

It’s not always that is true, though.

5. General Check Request Template



This appears like one of those detailed check request form templates that would require too much information. They would be an ideal bet if you request a check from a corporate client or just want to be more detailed.

It is easy to edit and add in all the information you need once you have downloaded it. The places to sign and approve are also precise for all to see. The best thing about this template is that you can use it in any situation when requesting payments.

6. Short Check Request Form Template


While check requests seem to all scream of formality, you can always go simple with this template. Many people don’t often appreciate brevity, so what if you remind them with this template?

It would be best to understand that brevity won’t always be possible with most requests for checks. That’s because some need to be as detailed as possible—but figuring out which details each request needs is your responsibility.

7. College Check Request Template

College Check Request Template


Nowhere is formality a requisite than in most departments. This request form is one such formality of such departments. The most popular use for this form template is to request for payment of staff.

It lists all the accounts that need to be credited with the stated amount of money on the form. As such, it is ideal for departments in need of making multiple payments to multiple staffers.

8. Official Check Request Template

Official Check Request 


While some departments would need you to include lots of information in your requests, not all require you to do that. A simplified request might be all you need.

Therefore, there is no need to complicate check request forms. You need them to mention who is paying, who is getting the payment, how much, and why they are getting the payment. Like in this template. Classy and straightforward as you like it.

9. Departmental Check Request Form Template


Departments often have seral costs they have to offset between them or other sections. Also, you can send them a check request form if you deliver services to them and need your payment.

However, the check request forms will need the official department stamp and the manager’s signature to be valid. Besides the amount to be paid and to whom, it should also have the dates for the services and the date of check request.

10. Emergency Check Request Template

Emergency Check Request Form


Departments in different parts of the world are sticklers for order. That’s because the form has to go through several figureheads for the stamps to be valid. That’s what some other people would call bureaucracy.

But in some situations, the requests need to go in faster than normal, and that’s where an emergency check request form comes in. the emergency check request form goes against regular schedules to ensure it is processed as fast as possible.

Of course, there needs to be an explanation why the check is urgent. Other wises it wouldn’t be that urgent, right?

11. Check Payment Request Form Template


We might speak of the many uses of a check request form, but their basic use is to request a payment to be made for services rendered. That’s what this template offers whoever uses it.

Besides all the basic information, the form might explain how the person is to get their money. Also, the form has slots for all the signatories to sign to show approval for the request.

The simple layout it follows makes it an ideal bet for small businesses or any other purpose you would need a check request.

12. Student Organization Check Request Form

Student Organization Check Request


Student organizations also need fun to run the usual student activities. But the funds have to come from the school administration. Since they just can’t go and ask for the money directly, they have to draft a check request form.

The form outlines the reason they need the money and to which account it should be wired to. The student representative is the figurehead for the student organization and needs to sign off on the form before going to the administration.

How Important are Check Request Forms?

Check request forms are essential for the simple reason that you need them to request payment. However, that’s not the only reason why they are important. They can still be as helpful in the below situations.

  1. Check request forms can also come in handy when showing which account to be credited. That applies to new employees whose employer might not know the correct account to pay them with.
  2. To ask for funding or solicit donors for a specific cause. This Is more common for charitable organizations.
  3. To request reimbursement for expenses that a person might have incurred on behalf of an organization.

Therefore, a check request would do if you wanted to ask for a payment from a department and didn’t know how to. It will be like a polite way of demanding your money.

What do You Need to Include in a Check Request Form?

There is some pertinent information that must be present in a check request form. Some are pretty standard such as the date and the person the request is coming from. But do you know all the other information you need in the form?

Here it is.

  • Department name
  • Invoice due date
  • Payee with their names and address
  • Purpose
  • Approvals and signatures of concerned parties
  • Account number to charge
  • The check amounts
  • The date of the request
  • The invoice number, where applicable
  • The Purpose of the request

There is some information that a person might include depending on the organization they are sending the request to. With the templates, you can add any relevant information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a check request form?

A check request is a document a person sends to requests payment from a company, business, or individual. They state the amount owed, the reason for the payment, and the account receiving the payment.

Is filling a check request form difficult?

Not it isn’t. All you need to do is ensure you fill in all the pertinent information and have the request approved by the appropriate authorities.  For the request to be valid, it would need several signatures, starting with yours.

Final Thoughts

If you were looking for a way to draft a Check request form, the templates outlined here would help. Remember that the duplication rules apply when dealing with check request forms, just as with reality checks.

You, therefore, need to be as truthful as possible on the request. That ensures there is little chance of you putting yourself in trouble over the contents of the request form.

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