9+ Community Service Letter Template Download [WORD PDF]

Community service is when people do services that will benefit the community. That might be things like collecting garbage or helping the needy. These activities are often through a charitable organization.

To prove the person undertook the activities, the organization drafts and gives them a community service letter. If you are a member of one such organization or just need to draft such a letter, we got you covered with these letter templates.

Printable Community Service Letter Templates

1. Sample Community Service Letter

Community Service Letter Template


Community service letters can be an invaluable asset when applying for a job. That’s because they prove that someone values contributing to the community. They also speak of a humane person who doesn’t mind doing work for the community.

You can use this sample letter to prove that someone was indeed part of specific community service activities. You don’t want people making false claims to community service to appear good just like you won’t make false claims in a word diploma template.

2. Simple Community Service Letter

Simple Community Service Letter 


This is like a thank-you letter, only that it thanks someone for volunteering for community service. The letter will also serve as proof of someone putting in the volunteering hours. You can find the letter quite valuable when you want to prove your usefulness to a cause.


letter needs to have the supervisor’s signature or stamp to make it valid. It would shock you to know that people also forge such kinds of letters.

3. High School Community Service Letter

High School Community Service Letter Template


Some schools do need their students to undertake certain hours of community work. This letter informs the parent what the students will do and all the tasks that pertain to community service.

That’s to enable the parent to monitor or know if their child has undertaken the service. We think it’s an excellent way of letting parents get involved with their children. Don’t you think?

4. On Behalf of Community Service Volunteer Letter

On Behalf of Community Service Volunteer letter


This is another thank-you letter for someone giving their hours to volunteer community service. It features the person’s total hours and thanks to the person for dedicating their time to the cause.

If you are a job seeker, then this letter would come in handy. It would show that you are a dedicated person who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty and helping make the community a better place for everyone.

5. Community Service Verification Letter

Community Service Verification Letter


A community service verification letter comes in handy, proving if someone indeed volunteered for community development. This letter gives the holder proof of community service and is drafted by the supervisor to establish a student did community service.

Most schools have a requirement that students undertake several hours of community service. It is in such situations where this letter would come in handy.

6. Community Service Acknowledgement

Community Service Acknowledgement letter


There is always a need to acknowledge that someone put in the work they claim they did. That’s when a community service acknowledgment letter comes into play. This letter allows the person volunteering for the service to acknowledge that they’ve understood all they require for the community service.

If you are due to start community service, you will probably have to sign such a letter.

7.  Fillable Letter

Fillable letter


This is yet another template for a letter to verify that someone did community service. This letter can be a valuable addition to one’s portfolio hence the reason most people see it as an important aspect of community service.

Despite some people going to community service solely for the recommendation letters, most have good intentions. Good Intentions can be all the motivation someone needs to do community service.

The least they can get is a letter showing that they did the service.

8. Community Service Application


If you want to be a community service volunteer, you can’t just walk up to an organization and request to volunteer. You have to apply for consideration. And to do that you need an excellent letter.

If they are looking for people, you might not need an excellent letter to get it. However, this application letter template will make it easier for you to convince whoever is in charge of the value you offer to the charitable organization.

9. Community Service Completion

Community Service Completion Letter

A completion form is much like a degree you get after completing your studies. This one, however, is proof that you completed community service. For students that require this to pass a specific class, the letter is invaluable.

It is the only proof that someone went for the community service and served to the end. It is common to see students avoid having to do community service. Sadly, few students love to do community service hence the need for a completion letter.

10. Official Letter

If students volunteer with a specific organization, they need to send a letter via the school to the organization to let them know. This is one such letter you can use if you are a school administrator.

The letter can act as a recommendation from the school for the student and their application letter. The supervisor of the charity organization will then have to fill in some detail such as the hours the student completes and the dates of the volunteering.

The letter is an important aspect of the community service initiative by students.

What’s the Importance of a Community Service Letter?

You might wonder what the fuss is all about community service letters. Community service letters are important. There are so many ways they can benefit someone.

First, if a college applicant has a community service letter, this proves that they have the community’s interest at heart. That should boost their chances of getting the slot. You will, however, need to attach the letter with the resume when applying to increase your chances.

Second, community service letters will come in handy when applying for a scholarship. Scholarship providers (mostly nongovernmental organizations) will want to give t the most deserving individual who will serve the community. If you have a community service letter, that should boost your chances of getting the scholarship.

Third, to graduate school in some schools, you have to do community service. The only way to prove you did the service is to have a community service letter. The letter acts like a progress report which you can’t graduate without.

Lastly, some jobs would need you to have a community service letter. Such jobs that highlight the need for individuals who want to change their community will require you to have a community service letter before you get employment.

Even if a community service letter isn’t a requirement, it would still boost your chances of getting a job if you included it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is writing a community service letter difficult?

No, it isn’t. There are different ways you can approach writing community service letters, thanks to the many templates available online.

Can a community service letter stand between me and graduating?

Yes, it can. That, however, depends on the school you go to. Some schools have it as a graduation requirement.

Final Thoughts

Writing a community service letter has never been easier with the templates we have outlined. Remember to customize them to your tastes, then use them for whatever use you want. All the best.

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