9+ Concept Map Template EDITABLE Free Download [Word, PowerPoint]

You run a business and have several ideas that you need to develop and come up with a single approach. However, the multitude of ideas and concepts makes your plan appear somewhat chaotic. What do you do?

You draft a concept map. A concept map is a collection of all the ideas you might have in the proper structure, making it easier to develop helpful info.

Printable Concept Map Template Examples

1. Blank Concept Map Template

Concept Map Template


While your idea of a concept map template might be one with several ideas, this one here is a blank. The advantage of using a blank template is that you fill in whatever your mind brings up. It doesn’t constrain your thinking to be within specific parameters.

That’s why this template is an excellent idea if you want to make a concept map. You will write the ideas you have in the circles with the arrows interlinking them. That should enable you to make sense of your many plans.

2. Flow Chart Concept Map

Flow Chart Concept Map Template


Most people associate concept maps with teachers. However, they can also go a long way for businesses. Concept map templates are gems to any business, especially if they plan to launch something new or venture into previously untapped markets. Most likely, investors will need an explanation for the steps.


template will make it easier for the presenter to outline all the ideas and structure them so that they are easier to visualize for everyone watching.

3. Oval Concept Map

Oval Concept Map word


A concept map plan will often stem from one main idea. After that, the idea is broken down into more straightforward notions that will be easier to understand by most people. The breakdown enables the presenter to outline the main points of the topic easily and in an easy-to-understand way.

Again, this template lets you do all the thinking once you have drafted the concept plan. We would say that’s the ideal way to go since with a concept plan, you need to have the right breadth of thoughts.

4. Categorised Concept Map


Breaking down a concept into more straightforward ideas isn’t easy. That’s why you need to embrace the fact that you might need to have several breakdowns into the constituent parts of the concept. Categories will make it easier to organize the concepts and break them down into smaller, easy-to-understand ideas.

This concept map template will make it easier for the presenter or teacher to explain everything from the major concept.

5. Class Concept


If you teach a complicated topic, you will need to break down the concept into smaller parts to make it easier for the learners. An excellent place to start is to have several arrows coming from the major concept with simpler ideas.

The simpler ideas will make it easier for you to make the learners now understand the central topic at hand. The above template has a root topic from which the other simple concepts draw inspiration.

6. Simple Concept Map


There are spider flow charts and square flow charts. However, you can use them together to interlink and break down concepts to make them easier for your audience to grasp.

This template will make it easier to do this breakdown whether you are doing it for students or a business audience.

7. Different Shapes in one Concept Map

Different Shapes in one Concept Map


Since a concept plan is a schematic representation of thoughts and ideas, many other smaller ideas stem from them. The more complex the topic, the more the need to have many smaller topics stem from it.

This template is one such concept map. There are different ways to teach a complicated topic. However, breaking it down into smaller, simpler steps should be among the best ways to do that. However, it would be best to break the topic into too many smaller components that might confuse the learners.

8. Student Concept Map

Student Concept Map Template


Concept maps encourage profound learning by making it easier for learners to understand broad complex topics. That’s because you don’t have to bother the students too much with a compelling topic when you can take a simpler way to understand.

The simpler the approach, the more the learners will understand what you are attempting to teach.

9. Education Concept Map



Using concept maps can be a lot of fun. That’s because they can turn any stale teaching method into a fun-oriented approach to learning. That’s because you don’t bombard the learners with complex thing after complex thing.

The above template is what we would call a square concept map. You will organize the information in the square boxes and present it easily to your students or audience.

10. Blank Concept 


By now, you must have seen that it is possible to get creative when creating concept maps. You don’t have to go for a specific style since there are so many map templates online. The above template makes use of rectangles and circles to illustrate this point.

You can have the major topic in the small circles, then the simpler ideas into the rectangles. The aim is to make them easier to digest, even for the smallest minds.

11. Circular Concept Map

Circular Concept Map


We wrap up our list with this circle-filled concept map template. There are a ton of styles you can use to make concept map templates. Here is one of the many ways you can draft a concept map to make your presentations easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why are concept maps beneficial?

Concept maps make learning fun and easier for everyone. They are ideal for teachers that want their students to understand faster and a presenter presenting on something a little complicated.

2) What’s the main idea of creating concept maps?

The main idea behind concept maps is to make complex topics easier to understand by audiences or learners. Concept maps break down the ideas into smaller structured ideas to enable everyone to understand faster.

Final Thoughts

Are we in agreement that concept maps are a must-have for a teacher or someone preparing to present something to an audience of different people? With the above concept map templates, it will be easier for you to make the concept maps.

Download, customize and use them as you deem fit.

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