9+ Consulting Invoice Template FREE Download [Word, Excel, PDF]

Are you a consultant that struggles with invoicing your clients? If so, we have the perfect solution for you. The consulting invoice templates we have listed here will help make that headache go away.

Consulting can sometimes be unspecific in the type of service you offer. That’s why you need to have a clear invoice. Go through our list to see the ideal invoicing template for you and download it.

Free Consulting Invoice Templates

1. Consultancy Services Invoice Template

Consulting Invoice Template


What better way to invoice clients while retaining that professional demeanor than with a simple layout invoice? That’s what this invoice template offers you. You have enough space to include all the services you provided and a place to write all the charges.

After downloading, it won’t take you a lot of time editing and having it in your desired format. That’s why we think this template would be an excellent option for your consultancy business.

2. Detailed Consultancy Invoicing Template

Detailed Consulting Invoice Template


This is another readable template whether you run a general or specific consultancy business. The services are in a simple list form, making it clearer and straightforward for anyone reading it.


list form ensures your customers don’t struggle to read it while also conveying your professionalism.

3. Consultancy Invoicing Template

Consultancy Invoicing TemplateDownload

When giving invoices, the goal is for the client to know how much they owe and pay you as soon as possible. That’s why you will need a template that does go directly to the point in the listing of particulars.

It, however, follows the same basic approach of all the invoice templates on our list so far.

4. Consulting Invoice Template



One thing you will want to appear as conspicuously as possible is the price. This invoice clearly shows the various services you have offered, including the pricing. It doesn’t have many details, which might make it ideal for smaller consultancy businesses.

If you don’t need a detailed invoice, then this template will be the best for you.

5. Consultancy Invoice Template

Consulting Invoice Template


This invoice template improves on the detail’s aspect compared to the preceding entry. It is easy to read and understand, just as it is to edit it. As much as it increases the details, it is also easy to edit.

You can easily tailor it to suit whatever style you want or need. After downloading, edit the details and add your business logo if you have any, and it will be ready for use.

6. General Consultancy Invoice Template

excel invoice


A general consultant would love this invoice template. That is down to the details aspect that makes it relatively easy to read. The divisions for each part make it appealing to anyone reading it.

The slot for the bank details makes it easier for the customer to pay after they get the invoice.

7. Consulting Invoice Template


This detailed invoice template will be helpful for different consultants. There’s no easier way to detail things than to have them in list form.  That, however, isn’t the only advantage of this template. It enables you to track the payable hours of your team so that you can charge your clients for the excellent services you offer.

Also, you can tailor it so that you can bill your clients by the hour. As a consultant, you need to be as flexible as possible when dealing with your clients, and this invoice template will help you do just that.

8. Consulting Invoice Template

Consulting invoice


This professional consultant invoice template will help you track all the hours of your team from each project. The listed hours make it easy for your client to know what they owe and the way to pay which they can do with the help of these free fillable blank business check template.

9. Consulting Invoice Template


This template takes a detailed approach to presenting invoice information. You can choose the multicolored options that we have on our list. This template here sticks to that line of thought with a simple editable format.

The customer wouldn’t struggle to read or understand because of the simple way everything is presented. Its brevity also conveys more professionalism, which you should strive to show in your dealings with your customers.

10. Consulting Invoice Template

Invoice Template Download

Sometimes simplicity is the easiest way to appear professional. And nothing can show that simplicity better than a simple invoice that portrays your professionalism as a consultant.

It has a slot to describe all the consultancy services you rendered and how much they cost. There is a place for the client to decide the mode of payment they want to pay you with at the bottom.

What is an Invoice – Its Importance to A Consultant

For any business dealing to go through, two parties should be present. That’s the buyer and the seller. The seller offers a service or product, and the buyer pays for it. For the payment part, the seller needs to inform the buyer how much they need to pay. That’s where an invoice comes in.

The invoice is a document offered to a buyer by the seller detailing all the services or products offered and their cost. Without an invoice, it could be difficult for the seller to know how much they owe or need to pay.

Consultancy businesses are some of the most dynamic businesses. That’s why they need to have relatively detailed invoices. An invoice would be necessary to a consultant because it lets them detail everything they offered to the buyer and at what cost.

Such consultancy services can be ambiguous, which is why they need special invoices. Without an invoice, the client wouldn’t know how much to pay for every session they had with the consultant. That’s why consultants must know how to make invoices.

Furthermore, invoices could come in handy in calculating business revenue to know how much money the business needs to pay in taxes. That’s because they also keep a record of all the transactions that the business carried out.

Invoices and serving as a record of transactions can also work in requesting payment from a client.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can an invoice act as a receipt?

Yes, it can. An invoice, once paid, can prove that a sale was made and the product or service delivered to the client. That’s in keeping with their ability to record transactions for the business.

2. What’s the most crucial feature of an invoice?

An invoice has several features, of which all are important. Such features will involve the date of the sale, the name and address of the customer and the seller, total money owed, and other particulars. Ultimately, it is up to the seller to decide what to include in the invoice.

3. Are invoices legally binding?

No, they aren’t. While a way for the seller to request payment from a buyer, invoices are not legal contracts between the seller and the buyer. An invoice doesn’t prove anything that the seller and buyer have agreed. Therefore, it cannot be deemed a legal document.

Final Thoughts

We believe your search has ended if you have a consulting business and were looking for a consulting invoice template. The easy-to-use invoice templates we have provided here will make it easier for you to bill your clients for all your hard work.

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