15+ Credit Card Authorization Form Template [Word, PDF, Doc]

Almost every other person we meet today uses a Credit Card but did you know that in cases where a physical card is not present a Credit Card Authorization Form comes into the picture. The Credit Card Authorization Form is a formal document signed by the customer stating that they have enough credit in their account to carry any transaction forward.

These cards are used as proof that the customer has sufficient funds in their account for the transaction to proceed. It mainly states that the cardholder agrees to the charges which the merchant has charged him.

15+ Credit Card Authorization Forms

1. Credit Card Recurring Payment Authorization Form


These kinds of forms are known as Credit Card Recurring Payment forms. You can use these forms to bill the customers for their recurring payments. These forms like a fake bank statement are mainly used for paying utility bills, different kinds of subscriptions, automobile payments, etc. These kinds of payments mainly happen at the end of every billing cycle.

A customer needs to fill up all the details as asked for in the form along with their signatures before the form is approved. The Recurring Credit Card Payments are also known as Continuous Payment Authority or CPA. Such recurring payments will keep continuing unless the customer wishes to cancel the arrangement. You can use a 5 punch card template

alongside this to run a loyalty program for your customers.

To cancel the recurring payments one has to give a cancel request to their respective Banks either by phone or in person at least three business days before their next scheduled payment date. At times one may be needed to give a written application too in case of stopping the recurrent payments. These Forms come very handily in situations such as B2B payments, Recurring Payments, Chargebacks, and in cases when the card is not physically present.

2. Simple Credit Card Payment Authorization Form


This is a simple Credit Card Payment Authorization Form that is very easy to fill. There is some simple and basic information which needs to be provided here by the person who is applying for the same. Things like the customer’s name, card details, payment amounts, and card details are to be filled up in these forms.

The layout is basic but it enables you to fill in your own design elements. Usually, such vanilla templates are used as guiding principles in designing your own customized credit card authorization forms.

3. Tabulated Credit Card Recurring Payment Authorization Form



This kind of Credit Card Payment Authorization form is known as the Tabulated Credit Card Recurring Payment Form. This is because the format of the form is in a table format with an elegant layout. All the sections have been neatly laid out, segregated through clever use of colors and the font used is quite legible and stylish.

Even though the document is optimized for online use, you can print this out without having to adjust the margins. However, since it’s a color document, it is best printed on a color printer.

4. Blank Credit Card Payment Authorization Form



This is a Blank Credit Card Payment Authorization Form which is the simplest as well. The form is very short and crisp. It mainly asks for all the basic yet important details of the card transaction and you are good to go. This is one of the simplest formats available which is easily editable and you can also download the format.

On the top, you will see a placeholder for inserting the company logo. You can enter your own logo or company name there and then use the template.

5. One Page Credit Card Payment Authorization Form



The One Page Credit Card Payment Authorization Form is a long one. Here the cardholder has to provide a bit more information compared to the Basic Credit Card Payment Authorization Form. This kind of format is very common too with details of your Credit Card. You can also choose the kind of Card that you hold such as a Master Card, Visa Card, etc.

You will notice the layout used for the card numbers is a little different than other credit card authorization templates in this article. This is because this form is optimized for print usage as well.

6. Card On File Payment Authorization Form



This type of format is known as the Card on File Credit Card Payment Authorization Form. In such formats, apart from entering all the information of the cardholder and his card, a customer has to also sign an agreement stating that they have no objection to their credit card being used and transactions being done on their card.

7. One Time/Recurring Payment Authorization Form



This is a One Time or Recurring card authorization form used primarily by financial institutions. Rather than maintaining separate forms for one-time charges and recurring charges, the same can be clubbed in this authorization template. All the usual placeholders are present in this card authorization form.

However, you will see a section where the user needs to select if the payment is a one-time charge or if it needs to happen on a recurring basis. Recurring payments generally take place for loan installations.

8. Credit Card Payment Authorization Form – Logistics Company



This particular credit card authorization template is similar to the other ones in the article but is more suited for logistics companies. On the top right-hand corner, you will see a section for you to include your logistics company name and details. This template is handy when you need to pay freight charges and the same is mentioned in the middle portion of the form

The rest of the sections are similar to what you would find in a general credit card authorization template. The document is editable so you can make your own edits as per your needs.

9. Credit Card Payment Authorization Form – Corporates



Corporate templates are usually meant to be used by organizations only and such a template can be very handy when you use a corporate credit card. On the top section, the cardholder can mention their company name, and below that there you need to enter the card and transaction details.

This document uses a very plain design since it is meant to be used for corporates but you can edit the form to include more design elements like the company logo, font colors, header sections, etc.

10. Credit Card Payment Authorization Form with Order Details



Such companies or audit agencies require that the credit card authorization form contain the order details as well since it gets easier to track the transactions that way. This authorization template contains a section where you can specify what the payment is for.

Purchase of goods or services can be mentioned in the Order Information section and below that is a placeholder for you to enter the transaction details of the card and information about the cardholder.

11. Credit Card Payment Authorization Form for IELTS



The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is a major international test that gauges English language proficiency and is usually given by students looking to get into institutions in Europe or North America. Even though this form is designed to be used for IELTS payments, it can be modified for other courses as well.

You can change the header to include the name of another course, and then add the course details in the bottom section, next to the cardholder signature field. There are other placeholders for the company logo and details along with candidate information.

12. Credit Card Payment Authorization Form for Hotels



The hotel industry is one of the largest consumers of credit card authorization forms and this simple layout will suit their requirements. Usually, when a hotel guest signs such authorization forms, the room information is also included in the document against which the payment is made.

Business travelers who get travel reimbursements from their employers need to produce these authorization documents to get the reimbursements approved. So, if you work in the hospitality industry, you could use this free template.

13. Credit Card Payment Fax Authorization



It is a common practice to fax credit card authorization forms to customers or other organizations. It is again a common practice in the hospitality industry to fax these documents to their clients when the payment has not been made to the hotel. So, the hotels send the form to the clients via fax, the clients fill in the information or signs it and fax it back to the hotel.

Usually, for regular guests, the credit card details are stored on file so the hotels can fill all the information in the form and send it to the clients for their signatures!

14. Designer Credit Card Payment Authorization Form



Earlier in the article, we included a template for recurring credit card charges and this template serves that exact purpose. The main difference is that this card authorization template has been designed professionally with color elements to give a professional look to the document.

However, do keep in mind that if you were to print this template, then it has to be done on a high-quality color printer to get the best color output. If you want to save printing costs, you will need to remove the color from your template.

15. Membership Credit Card Payment Authorization Form



Membership holders often leave their credit card details on file at institutions so that they don’t have to swipe their cards each time they visit the center. For such places, a credit card authorization form comes in handy. In the above form, the institutions will usually fill in the card details since it is stored with them and the user usually just signs the form.

Even though it is a simple thing, but having a form with pre-filled information helps the institution provide better services to their clientele. After all, not many people are happy about having to fill a lengthy form with many details.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a new business owner or are using a credit card authorization form for the first time, then you might have some questions. Here are some commonly asked ones that have been answered.

1. Who can use card authorization forms?

Credit card authorization forms are usually used for organizations that collect payments in exchange for providing goods or services. Banks are some of the largest consumers of card authorization forms. Personal users, however, do not employ the use of authorization forms.

2. Is it mandatory to get an authorization form signed for each credit card transaction?

No, it is not mandatory. Nowadays, credit card authorization forms are usually used for transactions that will take place on a future date. For example, you take a loan through your credit card so the bank might need you to sign an authorization form for releasing payments on a pre-defined schedule.

3. What happens if a card authorization form isn’t signed or if some card detail is left out or incorrect?

In that case, that form could become invalid. The organization will then have to issue a new form and get it signed once more by their client. If the signature is missing, then the form can either be mailed or faxed to the client for their signatures.


Even with most payments going online nowadays, credit cards are still one of the most preferred methods of payment as they work on a credit line system. And the credit card authorization form continues to be used by merchants and businesses across the world.

With our free, editable credit card authorization form templates, you don’t have to invest time in making your own. These are designed as per industry standards and should be suitable for every kind of business. However, if you still need changes then you can always edit the documents yourself. Since most of the details are already there, you would not need to make major changes to the credit card authorization templates provided here! Hope you found what you were looking for!

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