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A Demand Letter is a formal document and it is considered legal too. It is written to the party that owns your money. Anyone who receives a demand letter should understand the gravity of the situation of the sender, as it holds a legal obligation that should be honored failing which the consequences may be bitter.

If an existing issue is taking longer than usual to get resolved one can make use of the Demand Letter. Using it should help the sender come to a quick solution rather than waiting forever.

Printable Demand Letter Templates

In the article below we have provided different templates which will help you and guide you in creating your own template.

1. Rent Demand Letter Template – Word

Rent Demand Letter Template


This is the Rent Demand Letter template which is sent by a landlord to his tenant. There are times when the tenants refuse to pay the rent even after multiple reminders. In such cases, the landlord can make use of this letter where he can clearly state the amount that needs to be paid to him by the tenant.

Sending a letter indirectly means eviction for the tenant and it is an official warning that if the rent is not paid on time, then the landlord can take legal actions.

Official Demand Letter- Word

Official Demand Letter Template


This is an Official Demand Letter that can be altered and used for various situations. Here it is clearly mentioned that if the letter is not honored then the receiver will have to face legal actions. In such letters, the date plays a crucial role as to by when the demand should be met.

Such letters should also be considered as the last notice to the receiver post which strict actions can be implied on him. Demand letters are legal documents so they should be taken seriously.

3. Demand of Payment Letter – Word

Demand of Payment Letter Template


A Demand for Payment letter is a document detailing a debt owed. These letters also give an outline of how and by when the debt needs to be paid. In situations when the receiver fails to pay, the consequences are also clearly mentioned in the letters. The above template can have the details of the sender along with the bank account details to which the payment needs to be made.

Such documents are often legal in nature so you should consult a legal expert before sending them out. If you are not able to make your own formats, then an attorney can do it for you.

4. Refund of Security Deposit Template – Word

Refund of Security Deposit


No individual would like to go to court if there is a provision to settle disputes outside the court. The template above is used in such situations when the tenant very politely asks the landlord for a refund of the security paid at the time of taking the lease. Once a tenant vacates a rental property, the landlord is obligated by law to return the deposit amount.

However, in many places, disputes arise between the two parties, and the deposit money is withheld. In such cases, you can use such templates to send a legal notice to your landlords.

5. Demand Letter for Bankruptcy – PDF

Bankruptcy Demand Letter


The Notice of Demand Letter template is usually used by the banks towards their customers who fail to pay back the loan amounts or have gone bankrupt. The banks usually send a first demand letter, which if ignored, is followed by a second letter. Bankruptcy cases are the worst-case situation for a bank so they need to document the recovery process as well.

During bankruptcy hearings, banks are often required to produce evidence of all the payment follow-ups they have done and these demand letters then come in handy.

6. Settlement Demand Letter – Word

Settlement Demand Letter


The Settlement Demand letters are often given by people who met with an accident/injury and are claiming compensation from the person who caused the accident. These demands could be medical bills or even financial loss incurred due to the accident.

In most cases, these demands are fulfilled by the insurance companies of the guilty party. The letters clearly ask for settlement amounts and hence should have details of the incident mentioned very clearly in them. Most of these times, such cases are settled out of court but you still need to document them through demand letters.

7. Debt Collection – Word

Debt Collection demand templateDownloadThese are also known as Collection Letters which are official notifications drafted by the lender towards the debtor. These letters are a way to remind the debtor of the outstanding amount they have and the dates by when the payments need to be made. These letters can be issued by commercial and consumer debtors to settle the outstanding bills.

Most such letters are used by commercial establishments but individuals can also use the above format to ask for payment of a debt from their friends, families, etc. After all, it is always good to document such financial matters.

8. Demand Letter for Liquidated Damages – Word

Liquidated Damages demand


So, to make the proper use of this template let’s understand what liquidated damages are. These are often intangible damages incurred due to a breach in contracts.

Whenever you sign a contract, you will notice a section for breach of contract and an amount associated with it. These are usually put in to discourage people from breaking contracts.

9. Demand Letter for Medical Malpractice Explanation – Word


These are some serious issues where a person can demand monetary benefits from the person who is involved in medical malpractice. While sending such letters it is advisable to write down all the details of the injuries and the reason why the monetary benefits are being demanded.

The goal of such letters is to let the medical practitioner know the damages that you as a patient have suffered and how they have impacted your life. Medical demand letters are usually sent by a legal firm whom the patient hires.

10. First Payment Demand Letter – Word


This is another example of a Debt Demand letter where money is demanded from the debtor. These letters usually are very detailed in nature and also are sent by legal firms.

The amount that is to be paid and the time frame by which it is supposed to be paid is clearly mentioned in the letter.

11. Bank Loan Demand Letter – PDF

bank loan demand


Banks send Demands Letters to their customers who have failed to repay EMIs or defaulted on payments. In most cases failure to make timely payments trigger the banks to send such Demand Letters.

These letters should not be ignored as banks often file legal cases for payment defaults.

12. Demand Letter by Employees Template – Word


These letters are usually sent by the employees of a company to their employer demanding salary settlement. In cases when an employee is hired on a contractual basis, there can be confusion that arises at the time of their exit.

In such cases, the employee has full rights to ask for payment otherwise which they can take legal action.

13. Demand Letter template for Dishonored Checks – PDF


A dishonored check is one that cant be cashed or bounces after it is submitted. This can either be due to a mistake by the issuer or an intentional act. If you have a check that cannot be honored, then you should use this template as a Demand Letter for your payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How serious is a Demand Letter?

If someone sends you a Demand Letter then it is understood that the Sender is serious about the recovery process. It becomes more critical if the sender hires an attorney to conduct this process. This usually means that the recovery process is going the legal way.

2. Can you send a Demand Letter without a Lawyer?

Yes, a Demand Letter can be sent without a Lawyer. It can be written by the sender themselves instead of hiring an attorney and spending money. However, if you do not know about writing such documents or the local laws, then it is recommended that you consult a legal expert.

3. What should a Demand Letter include?

A Demand Letter is a document written by the sender or his attorney. While writing a letter it is important to include the following

  • Details of the total amount owed and the reason why the money is being demanded
  • It should also include the date by which the payment is demanded
  • The Letter is incomplete without the copies of the contract, the reminder letters, the invoices, and any other relevant papers


Demand letters are very critical documents that help the recipient realize the gravity of a situation. Hence, while writing your own demand letter, it’s important to provide all the details concerning your demand. The given templates are easy to understand and can be downloaded as well.

Should you wish to write your own letter, feel free to refer to the templates provided. We really hope you enjoyed going through the article and found it interesting and helpful. Before you go, check out our profit and loss free samples!

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