17+ Donation Receipt Template FREE [Word DOC]

For those of us who donate money regularly, producing valid donation receipts is very important for taxation purposes.

The receipt of donation is a document providing proof of the donation made by a person to an organization or another person. Sometimes, these receipts are sent over email or mailed directly to contributors once donations are made.

17+ Donation Receipt Templates

Our Donation Receipt template will help you save tons of time and effort in creating these documents. All downloads are completely free and you can edit most of these templates to suit your requirements.

1. Donation Receipt Template for taxation – Word



Giving donations is a noble cause but it can have tax implications as well. All donations that you send out have to be well documented and this can be done through the donation tax receipt template format that you see above.

Please enter all details such as money donated, name of the organization, date of transaction, and charity registration number.

We all have our favorite causes that we support. A lot of people all over the world contribute to charities in many different ways and sending in money is one of the best things to do.

No matter which charities you support, donations are an essential part of how charities survive and do good! They are kinda similar to

href="https://www.partnershipforlearning.org/punch-card-template/">reward cards that businesses use to motivate customers to come back more often!

2. Donation Receipt Template for items – Word



Not all donations need to be monetary in nature and a lot of us actually prefer giving out things rather than cash.

Cash can get misused so people who are a little wary usually donate things like clothes, food, toys, etc. In such a scenario, you can use this donation receipt template along with these credit card authorization form.

This donation receipt template word file is completely editable and you can put in a list of things that you are donating. Along with that don’t forget to include the details of the charity and your own details as well.

3. Multi-Format Donation Receipt Template – PDF



Now, this donation receipt template is particularly handy for charitable institutions or other organizations that accept donations through checks (here are some editable pdf for blank checks).

In some countries, they are required by law to give out receipts for each donation they receive, and therefore, you can use this free template to generate multiple receipts at one time like a stock certificate (check these samples).

4. Multi-Format Donation Receipt Template – Excel



This template is very similar to the one above. However, this multi-format donation receipt template has been made in Microsoft Excel so that means that you can make edits to the donation receipt template file.

It is fairly easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of time to edit like this construction estimate excel.

5. Donation Receipt Template for Non-Profits – PDF



Did you know that not all charitable institutions are non-profitable? Or the fact that not every organization takes in donations has to be non-profit organization?

Well, if you are sending donations to a non-profit organization, then you can use this customized donation receipt template form for the transaction!

6. Vehicle Donation Receipt Template – PDF



Yes, you read that right! Even vehicles are given out as donations! Many corporates and government institutions often send vehicles are part of their CSR initiatives. Numerous non-profit organization operate across the globe and need to maintain a fleet of vehicles to run their operations.

This donation receipt template will come in handy for such situations. While filing such donations, it is imperative to enter information like the vehicle registration number, chassis number, engine number, etc in the receipt form.

7. Donated Goods Donation Receipt Template – Word



At times, donations could be sent in the form of goods that are donated to those who need them the most or to organizations, usually clothes, food, and medicines, and other items. This receipt template records such donations. If you are giving out anything except for cash or services, you need to list the items in this donation receipt.

Maintain these receipts carefully just like you would with adoption papers as they will come in handy when you are declaring your taxes or when you are getting audited.

8. Donation Receipt Template for Foundations – Word



Donation receipts can be used by individuals, corporations, government agencies, etc but there are lots of profit and non-profit foundations that work in this industry as well.

Foundations often indulge in charitable activities and when they do, they maintain their own format for the receipts just like these estimate printables.

9. Email format Donation Receipt Template – PDF



Everyone is going digital and even charitable institutions and charity activities have taken the online route. There will be instances when the charity you donate to can not issues physical receipts. In this case, an email receipt needs to be sent out and this donation receipt template is best suited for emails!

10. Tax Donation Receipt Template – PDF



In many countries, people contributing to charities or making any kind of donations need to produce tax deductible receipts. The above template is used by organizations to issue such documents. This is your official receipt for tax deduction purposes. Please keep this written acknowledgment of your donation for your tax deduction records.

In the case of any audit or while doing your taxes, you can submit these donation receipts and claim tax deduction benefits against the amount you donated in a tax deductible donation receipt.

11. In Kind Donation Receipt Template – PDF



In-kind donations are those donations where you don’t give money. But you can either send things or donated certain goods or services. For such donations, you can use this donation receipt template to capture details about the transaction. If you are giving away things, then you need to make a list of them and write down an estimated value of everything donated in a donation receipt.

12. Salvation Army Donation Receipt Template – Word



The Salvation Army is one of the largest charitable organizations in the world and is headquartered in the UK. If you are a part of the Salvation Army and taking in donations, then you can use this donation receipt template to manage your data.

Otherwise, if you are a charitable institution and want to finalize your donation receipt template, you can model it based on this template. The Word file is completely editable and you are free to put in your own logo, design elements, etc.

13. Goodwill Donation Receipt Template – PDF



Here is another excellent, free donation template that is based on the ones used by Goodwill. The professionally designed template has different sections for donation receipt household items, furniture, clothes, and electrical items that you would want to donate. Along with that the one donating the things need to mention their details on the form.

14. Medical Donation Receipt Template – Word



One of the noblest forms of donations is to become an organ donor and many people around the world are registering to do this! When you decide to become an organ donor, you will need to get registered as a donor and receive documents regarding the same. In case, you don’t want to become an organ donor, you could also send in monetary help to medical organizations.

15. PTA Donation Receipt Template – PDF



PTA organizations are volunteer child-advocacy associations working to improve the education, health, and welfare of all children. They are usually not for profit and aided by the government and private donors. If you are such an organization, this donation receipt will definitely suit your needs as it is modeled for institutions similar to the PTA.

16. Red Cross Donation Receipt Template – Word



In case you are wondering what kind of donation receipt formats do large charitable institutions use, then you can refer to this free template for the Red Cross society donor. The document is fairly simple and captures all the required details of the donation transaction.

Since this is a donation receipt Word file, you can remove the Red Cross logo, enter your own and then make changes to the next, if required. Once done your donation receipt document is ready to be used!

17. Red Cross Donation Receipt Template – PDF




For our final template, here is one that can take details of cash and goods donations in an organization. In the first section, you will see a donor placeholder to enter details of the goods you intend to donate. And below that is a section to take details of the cash amount that is being donated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have doubts about using Donation Receipts. Here are some ones that we have answered for you!

1. As a charity do I need to issue receipts for all transactions?

Yes, you need to. In case of an audit, you need to prove where you or your organization got the money/goods from. Receipts also help you during tax calculations.

2. What is the typical content of a donation receipt?

It would be advisable to include the following information in every donation receipt

  1. Name of the donor
  2. Donation amount or list of goods/services being donated
  3. Date of transaction
  4. Name and logo of your organization
  5. Organization Registration number

3. For how long do I need to maintain these receipts?

That depends on what the regulations are in your country. However, you can always digitize your organization records and store the donation receipt in a computer for safekeeping!


So, this was our curated list of professionally designed, free donation receipt templates. Hopefully, you found one that suits your purposes. Donation receipts help you keep track of donations and maintain relevant documentation for tax purposes. Therefore you need to have your own customized donation receipt templates and that is when these forms will come in handy! Before you go check out these work order templates. Also, check out these vehicle maintenance log.

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