7+ Elf On The Shelf Letter EDITABLE [Word, PDF]

Jingle bells are about to ring and it is that time to welcome Elf to your home. Leaving a letter from Elf on the shelf is a great experience for your kids but it needs to be exciting and innovative so they get the feel of the entire event.

Whether your child has been naughty or too good or is waiting for the gift for the year, make use of the letter to create the change.

This post contains several elf on the shelf templates that can be quickly edited and used for special ones at your home.

Printable Elf on the Shelf Letters

1. Decorated elf letter DOC

Elf on the Shelf Letter


When you present a letter from the elf, it is important to create that extraordinary feel and this is feasible with this letter containing decorated borders.

The letter begins with a beautiful entry of Elf and then gives a quick message to the kid at home, similar to a Letter From Santa Template.

The word “magic” is going to create magic in the minds of kids since invisible Elf can provoke extra curiosity among kids. Being an editable template, re-align the letter to include a line about your child’s behavior.

2. Elf from North Pole DOC

Elf on the Shelf Letters from North pole


Did you know that Elf is from the North Pole? Ideally, any letter should display authenticity and this is feasible with the aforementioned template as it informs the source (North Pole post office). What next?

There is a mention about Santa’s assignment which provokes interest and responsibility of the child to collect gifts during Christmas.

The reason you should use this template is that it communicates well and is beautifully formatted.

3. Elf on the shelf note DOC

Elf on the shelf note DOC


Here is yet another letter from Elf from the North Pole post office. But, the content is entirely different. It addresses the family and also details the experience of Elf.

It is disheartening for kids when Elf leaves the house but this letter contains content that instills hope and ensures that the child does not feel broken in the absence of the Elf.

This goodbye letter from Elf is heartwarming and you should use it if it is time that kids have received their gifts and Christmas has got over.

4. Elf goodbye letter DOC

Elf goodbye letter DOC


Did you know that Elf stays at your home for a short period? As much as it is exciting for the kids to welcome Elf, it is quite saddening to find the sad news if the Elf is leaving.

Sometimes, kids become naughty when they are not being supervised by the Elf. The last alert line from Elf makes it evident that Elf would silently watch the movement of the kid until the next year based on which the surprise gift is decided.

This is a motivating message promoting the discipline of the child loaded with love from Elf.

5. Letter from returning Elf PDF

Letter from returning Elf


It is a Christmas ritual to have Elf visit the house every year and surprise kids with a variety of gifts. If the Elf is returning home, you may have to customize the letter covering experiences across years. While brief letters do make it easier for children to read and understanding, a letter in the A4 format makes it more professional.

Note – You can choose this format if you are going to issue it to several kids in a classroom or in the community. The vision is to use it as creatively and productive as possible.

You can also assign a name to the Elf so kids become more attached to the words.

6. Letter from new Elf PDF

Letter from new Elf


It is not mandatory to have the same Elf return each year. Some kids prefer different elves. This letter from the North Pole lists instructions to be followed during the visit of Elf.

The idea here is to maximize discipline based on which Santa will decide on the gift. This is highly appropriate if the child has been too naughty for a few days and you may have to address it in the name of an Elf.

Simply, customize the letter to suit the character of your child, and you are done!

7. Official notice from Elf PDF

elf on the shelf official note


How about giving a surprise letter from the Elf to the kid? This can be applied to a group of kids and used as a way to correct behaviors. As soon as the Elf arriving letter is issued, children become extra cautious in their behaviors.

When they continue to stay naughty, the best way is to explain an instance when Elf has spotted the child.

This official note from the department of Elf surveillance can add more authority and also connect celebration with personality development. Spice up the special time with this notice!

Frequently asked questions

1. What do you write in an elf on the shelf letter?

There is no specific format and you can always append it with fun, surprises, magic, and gifts but you should also meet the purpose of the letter to build up behaviors and connect the receiver with the Elf.

2. What are the rules for Elf on a shelf?

If you are playing it for the first time, here are a few rules to abide by.

  • Elf arrives anytime you wish.
  • Elf cannot be touched or spotted in reality.
  • Elf plays the role of surveillance and monitors kids throughout the day.
  • Elf needs to be identified with a name.
  • Elf needs to use a language that is more kid-friendly.
  • Elf moves from the place before Christmas.


Playing Christmas games is always fun. While they are usually about surprises and gifts, it is also crucial for parents to use this time to correct children and connect them with the tradition by means of letters.

Different templates in this post are likely to spice up the moment with the Elf before Christmas. Use them and see how your children react to the experience on the whole! Continue it every year to spread it as a legacy and you can see your kids enjoying the presence!

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