7+ Expense Reimbursement Form Download [PDF, EXCEL]

Sometimes employees have to incur several expenses on behalf of the employee or the business. When such happens, the company has to reimburse them.

The employee must first, however, fill out an expense reimbursement form.

If you are looking to draft such a form, the below expense reimbursement forms will sure help.

Printable Expense Reimbursement Form Templates

1. Editable Reimbursement Form

Expense Reimbursement Form


When making a claim reimbursement form, there is the temptation to go for the complicated and detailed format. However, you’d be surprised to know that you don’t need to do that when drafting a reimbursement form.

The above templates are one of the simplest ways you can do it and still get your money reimbursed similar to a business check template. Of course, you need to attach receipts for each of the transactions you incurred. That will help prove that you indeed incurred expenses and by how much.

2. Detailed Reimbursement Form

Detailed Expense Reimbursement Form


This is another simple expense reimbursement form that will enable you to get refunds for any expenses you incurred doing company business. This template varies from the other one by the fact it has a declaration part. The declaration is for you to declare that the expenses aren’t in any way fraudulent.


signature at the bottom of each reimbursement form makes it valid. If you don’t sign it, the organization will have no way to tell you who drafted the form similar to a Profit And Loss Template.

3. Travel Expense Reimbursement

Travel Expense Reimbursement Form


It is common to see blanked reimbursement forms. Such forms usually cater to every expense a person incurred. But this one specifically covers travel expenses. It could be the organization only offers reimbursements for traveling or most of the business’s activities involve traveling only.

Either way, this template will make it easier to draft such a reimbursement form.

4. Business Expense Reimbursement

Business Expense Reimbursement template


Another simple reimbursement form template. You don’t have to complicate matters when crafting a reimbursement form. that’s because you only need to include relevant information that will enable you to get the refund you want.

That’s why we think this simple reimbursement form will be a worthy template for you just like monthly rent roll template. It isn’t specific about the costs since it includes the transport, meals, and other typical business travel expenses.

5. Meals Reimbursement Form


Although reimbursement forms need not be complicated, you can go for the detailed approach like with this template.

This is an ideal option for organizations that insist on the formality or those that are highly bureaucratic.

Depending on the organization, you will also need to attach the receipts to this reimbursement form.

6. Employee Expense Reimbursement Employee Expense Reimbursement Form


This is a blank reimbursement form you can use to claim refunds for your organization. Although it is blank, it has categories that will give you an idea of what you need to include in the form.

The template also features a way for you to explain the reason for the expenses and in what currency you incurred the expense.

7. Reimbursement Form


This is yet another template to help you fill your expense reimbursement form if you are short of inspiration. This template would be ideal for someone who wants to draft a detailed expense reimbursement form for their organization.

Together with the mileage, it also has several other different expenses that you can claim reimbursements for.

8. Church Expense Reimbursement

Church Expense Reimbursement


As this template shows, it isn’t only employees who might need to draft an expense reimbursement form. Church officials can as draft them. That’s because sometimes church ministers or officials will travel on behalf of the church.

They, therefore, need to get reimbursements, whether for fuel or the transport money they used. Of course, there are also reimbursable items to prevent abuse by listing other things that wouldn’t count.

The major cost that needs reimbursement is mileage or fuel costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the purpose of an expense reimbursement form?

A claim reimbursement form’s purpose is to detail the expenses a person incurred on behalf of a business organization to secure reimbursement of the expenses. It is an important form that’s common in most businesses that delegate their tasks.

2. What other documents go together with an expense reimbursement form?

Most organizations will want you to add receipts for any service or expense you incurred. Receipts are proof of a person having incurred the cost. That discourages fraud and ensures the organization knows how much they need to reimburse someone.

3. Are expense reimbursements also income?

Expense reimbursements aren’t income. They therefore won’t be on W2 form.

Final Thoughts

Expense reimbursement forms are necessary for most business organizations and non-profit organizations as well. That’s why you need to know how to draft and use them. If you are having trouble drafting one, then the samples we have here should inspire you to draft one easily.

Download one and use it as you see fit. Before you go, check out our Vehicle maintenance record template!

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