10+ Fake Transcripts Editable Template Download [Word, PDF]

High school and college transcripts templates are often used for a multitude of purposes by students and educational organizations. Institutes often employ the use of such templates to design their own transcripts; these documents act as a design guide for them.

Students often use these templates in exigent circumstances like when they lose the original transcripts. In such cases, they make fake transcripts that contains factually correct information but the document is not really approved for use by the education institute they come from.

Fake Transcripts Download

In this article, you will find the best selection of fake transcript templates that are free to download.

These templates range from kindergarten to high school and finally college transcripts as well. Most of them are editable so you can use these documents to design your own templates.

1. Official High School Transcript Template – Word



A high school template is slightly different from any other template since it contains detailed information about different courses the student attends. This template is actually a multi-year transcript where you can maintain records of 4 years at a time. Along with that, there is a section to mention the cumulative GPA and other grading information.

The single-page document is quite comprehensive but it is open for edits as well. If you need, you can add more school year sections to maintain a comprehensive record of a student’s progress at the school.

2. Transcript Template with GPA Scores – PDF



GPA scores are a very important metric to gauge student performance so including it in the official transcript is sometimes very important. For the GPA system to work, you will first need to allocate credits to all the courses. The major subjects get higher credits and the ones that are optional or not critical get lower credit.

Once the credits are assigned, then you can evaluate the GPA of a student through an assessment of their performance in each course. The collective scores of all the subjects are then used to calculate the final GPA the student is awarded.

3. Kindergarten Transcript Template – Word



The third template in this article is designed to be used for kindergarten students. Kindergarten students do not have a plethora of subjects and the few common ones are already listed in this article. Along with placeholders for student information, there are sections to include details about the classes they attend and the grading given to them.

This transcript template is designed with Microsoft Word so after downloading you will be able to make changes to it. You can add more sections or pages to the template as per your needs just like you can in an police report template editable doc.

4. Multi-Year Transcript Template – PDF



A multi-year transcript template helps academicians or educational institutions to maintain a long-term record of their student’s progress. All the individual transcripts are collated into a multi-year format and then stored with the school records. This document provides a single snapshot of the student’s performance.

Some of the most important fields to include when designing a multi-year transcript include the course name, scores, teacher name, time period, credits offered, credits earned, final score, or GPA.

5. Single Semester Transcript Template



A single-semester transcript is often issued at the end of every semester or trimester, particularly in colleges. So, if you complete a 1-year course, you will get multiple transcripts for each semester you completed. All these then roll into the final transcript which then denotes the academic performance throughout the course.

This template is helpful as a guiding principle for you to design your own semester transcripts. The file is not editable but you can copy the written content and make your own formats.

6. Academic Record Transcript Template – PDF



An academic record transcript is an in-depth record of the student’s academic career. This is very similar to the multi-year format since it captures grades spanning across many years. On the top, you will find sections to include information about the student and the school they studied in.

Below that is the year-wise course and grade information presented in a very neat, tabularized format. The credits and GPA information will provide a clear picture of how well the student fared. There is also a section at the bottom to provide notes and a summary of the yearly scores.

7. Transcript Template with Blue Design Elements – PDF



So far all the free fake transcripts listed in this article are made with a very simplistic design. However, if you are looking to add some colors to these documents then you can try using this free template. Different shades of blue have been added to the transcript to give it a professional touch.

The document uses a tabularized format that will help you provide information in a legible manner that is good to look at as well. The template is divided into sections for student information, school information, student academic record, other test details, and achievements, etc.

8. Transcript Template for Public Schools – Word



Public schools often use their own transcript templates. Sometimes these templates are designed by state and federal institutions and passed down to the public school system. If you are looking to implement a standardized template for the public school system then you can check out this free template.

The best part about this template is that it is editable since it is a Microsoft Word document. Throughout the 4 pages of the template, you will find detailed sections to monitor a student’s scores so it is pretty comprehensive. However, you can make changes if needed.

9. Record of Assessment Transcript Template – PDF



A Record of Assessment is not technically a student transcript but a detailed document of the student’s academic performance. This free template comes with a collection of 5 pages with different sections to evaluate the grading of the student. Sections include the course name, credits, number of attempts, Marks %, and outcome.

This format can repeat for all the years the student was present in that particular institution, making it a multi-year transcript format as well. In the end, you can include your overall comments, institute name, and signatures as well. On the top right corner of the document, there is a placeholder for you to include your organization logo as well.

10. Professionally Designed Transcript Template – Word


The last fake transcript template that we have for you is a professionally designed document presented in a very elegant and neat tabularized format. The template contains all the usual information but the design is what makes it much sought after.

The single-page document contains sections to include information about the school year, course, credits attempted, credits earned, final grade, student and school information, an academic summary, attachments, and the signature section that is for official use only.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of questions might come to mind when you start designing academic transcripts. Here are some commonly asked questions with their answers.

1. Can home-schooled students make their own official transcripts?

Not really. Official transcripts can only be issued by educational institutes and even homeschooled children will need to be aligned with one to get their certificates. If you make your own transcripts, then you need to get them vetted by an educational institute.

2. What are some things to avoid while making such transcripts?

While making such transcripts, there are a few things you will definitely need to keep in mind.

  1. Enter only factually correct information
  2. Do not copy formats used by other organizations
  3. Do not include logos without approvals
  4. Get the transcripts notarized if you want them to be legit

3. What are some of the best practices to follow while making fake transcripts?

Well, if you want your transcripts to be presentable and to be put to use, then follow these tips

  1. Use the right font and font size. See what fonts are typically used by educational institutes
  2. If you use logos, take permissions
  3. Make sure the transcript contains all important sections like student info, course, grades, school info, etc
  4. Check for grammar and spelling errors before you print out your transcript
  5. Use the best-suited paper while printing and get it done on a high-quality printer


Please note that all of the above templates are fake transcripts and not to be meant to duplicate the official transcripts issued by educational institutes. These templates have been curated for your use and some of them are available for editing as well.

So, whether you are an employee of an educational institute or a student who has lost their certificates, you will find these templates very helpful.

If you lose your certificates, the first thing to do will always be to contact your institute and get new ones issued. But if that doesn’t happen or takes a lot of time, then you can try using the templates listed above!

Such transcripts come in handy when you need to provide proof of education and you have lost your original certificates. At times, it takes a while for schools or colleges to issue another copy but in the meantime, you can use these templates. Before you, here are some adoption certificate template!

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