9+ General Release of Liability Form Download [PDF Word]

General Release of Liability Form is a Legal document. It is a form that is used to release someone of the liabilities that he or she is not responsible for the other person’s loss/damage.

It is a document that states that the Releasor shall no longer hold the Releasee responsible for the damages that occurred and for which the Releasee may be held responsible.

In the event of an accident that causes damages and injuries, the Release of Liability Form is used. With the help of this form, a party is released from any liability he might have caused to the other party.

General Release of Liability Form

1. Health Insurance General Release of Liability Form


This is a General Release of Liability Form which is used during Health Insurance Portability and Accountability situations. This is a very simple form asking for some basic details. The patient’s name and birth date along with their health disorders are to be filled here. You can easily download this form from here too just like our sample letter of intent to purchase real estate.

These forms should always be created when a legal agreement is being terminated or being transferred to someone else.

2. Vehicle Transfer and Release of Liability Form


This is a Transfer and general Release of Liability Form. Here the important details that you must fill up are information about your vehicle description, address, and the new buyer’s name, address, etc.

These forms are used while selling a vehicle from one owner to the other ensuring they are not liable for any damage to the vehicle going further. The goal of signing this form is to settle a dispute outside court in case there is a car accident.

3. Sports Liability Release Form


This is a very simple Liability Release Form. The name of the form itself indicates that this is used during Sports related issues. A very few basic details that need to be filled in here.

This form basically indicates that the association is not liable for any injuries or accidents that may occur to the player while playing and practicing the particular sport. In such situations, the player, if injured, cannot claim or blame the association for his injuries.

4. Goods General Release Liability Form


The Goods general release liability form is used during the transportation of goods and valuable products. These forms are used while transferring products from one location to another where the contractor takes full charge of transferring the goods in a good condition. The owner signs the form stating that in case of damage of goods the contractor will have to bear the charges.

The goal of signing this form is to settle a dispute outside court in case there is a dispute between both the Releaser and the Releasee. If your goods are valuable, it might make sense to get Transit Insurance done for them.

5. All-Purpose General Release of Liability Form


This General Release of Liability Form is an all-purpose form. It can be used in different services and situations such as death or injury, property damage, vehicle towing, storage repair, etc. It is a simple form that is easily downloadable from here. Two columns need to be filled followed by the signatures of all parties involved.

The purpose of signing the General Release of Liability Form is to ensure that the person who signs the document does not sue the other party after an incident occurs similar to a police report for students.

6.Volunteer Liability Release Form


The Volunteer Liability Release form is a one-page document that is used for voluntary purposes. Mainly the volunteer takes full responsibility for the taste that is assigned to him not by force but by choice. They take charge of any damage that can occur during the service and that only they and nobody else is to be blamed in case of any damage accident during the service.

The Volunteer Liability Release Form is especially very useful when organizing an event for schools and colleges where you decide to take one or a few of the students as Volunteers.

7. Car Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form


This is also a similar kind of Form to the previous one. In this situation, the person involved signs the document stating that he or she is participating in the given activity with his own will. It also states that in case of any mishap nobody is to be blamed or held responsible. The Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form can be used in any similar situation.

The Car Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form is also known as the Settlement Agreement. By signing this document both parties agree that any settlement will be finalized outside the Legal system.

8. Media and General Release of Liability Form


The Media and General Release Liability Form is used when allowing others to use your personal pictures. A person states he is willingly allowing others to use his personal picture to be shared on social media platforms or publications. That he will not hold anyone liable in case of any misuse of his picture by a third party.

By signing this form you grant permission to the other party to use and reuse your pictures and videos. They can even produce and reproduce your videos, edit and print your pictures. Those who are under 18 will need their guardians to sign the document on their behalf.

9. Vehicle Accident Release of Liability Form


This is one of the commonly used Liability Forms. During any kind of vehicle transportation, this form can be used. The form is also helpful when selling off a vehicle from one owner to the other. In cases of any vehicle-related issues, you can use this form by simply downloading it.

The forms are not only easily editable but they are very simple too. They can be understood by everyone and the details to be filled in here are also very generic and basic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Release Forms with their responses that will help you with your queries.

1. What should be the Contents of a Release of Liability Form?

On any General Release of Liability Form, the most important things that need to be mentioned are

  • A form should include the name of both the Releaser and the Releasee
  • Description of the nature of the liability that is to be released
  • The risks the Releaser is assuming and ready to take.

2. Does the General Release of Liability Form need to be Notarized?

The General Release of Liability Form is a legal document. However, once the agreement has been completed all the parties need to have the agreement signed. It is not mandatory but to ensure extra protection one can always get the form notarized.

3. Can you sue anyone after signing the General Release Liability Form?

Once you have signed the Liability Form you have released others from the Liability. But in few cases, you can still file a complaint against the opposite party without assuming much about the decision by the Court. The decision whether in your favor or not depends on different situations and conditions.


Hope you enjoyed reading our article on the General Release of Liability Forms and found it helpful. We have added few Templates in the article for your understanding and perusal. The Liability forms are legal documents and are also known as Hold Harmless Agreements.

You can download the forms directly from here and easily edit them. There are different formats used for these forms and you can edit them as per your requirements. Also, before you go, check these fake adoption certificate template!

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