5+ Hennessy Label Template EDITABLE Download 2021

Who doesn’t like getting gifts? Well, don’t all of us look forward to getting gifts during our special life events like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and other happy moments. Giving and receiving gifts is an exciting part of life and all of us enjoy this process to the max.

And one of the most important aspects of getting gifts is getting ones that have been customized for us. For example, getting a customized bottle of the famous Hennessy brand!

Hennessy Label Templates

Here are some of the best Hennessy label templates you can download for free.

1. Blank Hennessy template with cream border



This is probably the commonly used Hennessy label template since it comes in a blank template. The advantage of using a blank template is that you can insert any kind of text or image to this label. Inside the flowery border is a large section for you to insert your customized content.

Once the content is inserted, you can start printing out the label. For the best results, you will get to get this printed through a professional in good quality sticker paper. The colors need to be exactly reproduced and this will only happen if you get it done on a good printer as well.

If you are looking to gift someone the uber-popular Hennessy bottle, then you should also look at customizing these bottles with templates designed to suit the occasion or the person receiving the gift.

Hennessy template with Black border



Nothing denotes that this classic, Black Hennessy label template. Elegantly designed by its trademark flowery border this Hennessy label template comes with its classic look and the tagline, Hennything can happen. This is a famous identifier of the brand.

As far as customization is concerned, you can print out this template as it is but if you want to insert your own text then a designer should be able to do so. The best places to insert your custom content would be on top of this label or at the bottom of it. You could also print two labels – one for the Hennessy label and another one for your own content.

3. Customized Hennessy template with Golden border



One of the most special events in one’s life is often their wedding day and it can be made even better when someone gifts them a custom-made Hennessy! This is a classic design for you to use for your wedding presents. You can gift these to the couple or give them out to bridesmaids, best men or serve them to the guests as well.

Once you have your message ready, you can get them into the template with the help of a designer. Else, if you know how to do it, then you can create the custom label template yourself.

4. Black Logo Hennessy Label Template



One of the best-looking Hennessy label templates is this one that contains a stylish black logo of the Hennessy brand. This logo helps you create your own label content with just the Hennessy logo to go with it. This way you have the freedom to design your own label content, with customized fonts, borders, and background. And then this elegant logo to be included in the design.

5. Golden Hennessy Label Template



Even though this Hennessy custom label template might appear to be similar to another one above, it actually is quite different. There is a stark contrast between such Black and Golden templates and you can use them both to make your own custom label templates.

The Hennything can Happen tagline is a signature element of the Hennessy brand and in this template, you will find some empty space to insert your own custom content as well. If you know how to do image designing then you should be able to replicate this font design as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have doubts before you get down to designing your own custom Hennessy label templates? Here are some that we answered for you.

1. What are the custom Hennessy labels used for?

These are primarily a novelty design used to include in personalized gifts sets that belong to the Hennessy brand. You can print such custom labels and replace the ones in the bottle with customized ones. It makes for a good, personalized gift. Apart from the bottles, you can also use them as laptop stickers, coffee mugs, stationery designs, and much more.

2. How can we edit these labels?

In some cases, you should be able to just insert text on the labels, especially the blank ones, using normal photo editing software. However, if you want to do a good amount of editing then you will need access to a good, high-quality photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, or Adobe Illustrator.

3. Do such labels need to be printed out on a particular type of paper?

Yes. If you want them to be used as stickers then those have to be printed out on sticker paper. If you print them on a normal printer paper they can easily get damaged or lose their color. Your end-use should determine the type of printing quality and the type of paper to be used.


Customized gifts always offer a more personalized approach and are always much appreciated by the people who get these gifts. It shows that you made that extra effort to make someone feel special. Alcohol bottles are gifted to people all over the world and if they come with customized labels then it adds more to the gift-receiving experience.

If you have people you deserve to get special treatment then you should give them something personalized. Hennesy is a famous distiller and lot of people love their products. So, it makes it an ideal option to give away customized Hennessy bottles for someone’s special occasion.

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