17+ High School Diploma Template [College Home School] EDITABLE!

High school diploma certificates are a memorable piece of document and this is why certificate makers need to make them as good as possible.

In this article, you will find some of the best diploma certificate designs which are free to download and most of them can be edited as well.

Free Editable High School Diploma Templates

1. Vanilla High School Diploma Template – Word

diploma certificate


A vanilla template is one that has the bare basic information in the document and the rest needs to be customized as per the user’s requirements. This Word diploma template has the basic elements like the awardee name, educator, and date details, including the basic template for the certificate.

You need to include all the details like the high school name, logo, border, background images, etc to jazz up the document. Since the document is editable, you can any number of modifications to it.

One of the most memorable parts of everybody’s lifetime is definitely their school experience. It’s a lovely experience as a child to go to school every day, meeting friends, and learning new, interesting things. And one of the most important parts of such a learning process is the school graduation days.

Getting high school graduation or certificate is the first major step in everyone’s career and so these diploma template certificates are a prized item.

Designer Border High School Diploma Template – Word

High School Diploma Template


Let us start with a professionally designed high school diploma certificate. This document template comes with 2 pages for the certification. One page has the Certification details like the awardee name, date, and name of the course of study.

The second page is the front side with Certificate of Graduation written in big letters to be used in graduation ceremony.

Since this is a dual side certificate template, you need to ensure that while printing both sides of the document get printed on the certificate paper.

3. Blue Border High School Diploma



Here is another free, editable high school diploma template that you will love using. Made with Microsoft Word, this diploma template exudes simplicity yet elegance with its lovely blue border, smart font style and font size, and clean layout. Edit the diploma template file to make any changes you need.

Even though there is no dedicated placeholder for a logo, you can insert it in the top left or top right section of the diploma. Along with that, you can also include other details at the bottom of the certificate.

4. Wave Border High School Diploma Templates



This template features a clean design with a lovely wave border at the bottom of the document. When you print it out, you will see how professional the certificate will look! The blue and gold border adds a touch of elegance to the document along with the diploma icon near the signature section.

Since the document is in an editable diploma template format, you can make changes to the college name, the name of the diploma holder, and the signatories along with the course name.

5. Portrait Mode High School Diploma Templates



This degree template is probably one of the most unique designs you will come across as it is made in portrait mode. Even though the design is quite unusual, the certificate has a novelty element attached to it. The template comes with 2 pages – the front one has the details about the diploma course and the holder and the back page has the date the degree was presented.

While printing out the certificate do ensure that you use a good quality color printer and enable the option to print on both sides of the paper. There is a 3rd blank page that you can use to attach additional details to the diploma template certificate.

6. White & Grey High School Diploma



This high school diploma presents a more formal or sober approach with a focus on the diploma holder’s name. The content currently is customized to be used for arts, science, and humatiries courses but you can change the text as per your requirements.

The template showcases a designer border along with a light grey background and it is best printed out in a high-quality color printer. There is a blank page too where you can design your own template with the border elements.

7. Elegant High School Diploma



Often certificate designers prefer using a subtle background color for their templates and educational institutions with such requirements will like using this high school diploma. Everything in this format is editable so you can customize it as per your needs.

The gentle and subtle fonts attach a designer element to the doc and the seal image adds a touch of sophistication as well. On the top, there is a space for you to insert your organization name and logo if required in the school diploma template.

8. Brown Background High School Diploma



Reward your students with designer diploma certificates as they often put them up on showcases and the walls of their houses! Everybody loves showing off their credentials so a good-looking certificate certainly helps! This provides you with an easy-to-edit diploma template format with a colorful background element.

If you have in-house designers then they will be able to make any number of edits to this diploma template document including changing the background color, font types, layouts, readable fonts and paper size, something you do as a student in a Time Study Template!

9. Arts Course High School Diploma Templates



Arts diploma certificates are often colorful and have designer elements attached to them. This Microsoft Word diploma template is perfectly suited for such courses as the content is included for Arts courses. The thin red border makes it look classy and the fonts add some elegance to it.

If you are adept at using docs, you will be able to change the red border, change the images in the school document and then improve the layout if needed. Otherwise, this is good to go. Use the blank to play around with the one if you like.

10. Abstract Design High School Diploma Templates



Here is another great example of a personalized high school diploma certificate. Play around with the colors, font, layouts, and other design elements with this Microsoft Word template. Add your own touch with institute logos, corporate colors, and fonts, etc.

Working on this doesn’t require in-depth editing knowledge as all you need to do is to enter information pertinent to the course, institution, and the diploma holder.

11. Exuberant High School Diploma Templates



Probably one of the best-looking diploma you will come across! If you have a well-known, established educational institution like school/college and want the design to portray exclusivity and opulence then look no further than this high school diplomas.

The patterned golden border, the designer cursive fonts, and clean layout make the certificate look very good! Especially if you were to frame it with a good quality wooden frame! There are two pages in the document – One for the details and another one to include a large logo or name of the educational institution.

12. Blank High School Diploma Templates



From the designer, elegant printable high school templates to this one – a plain and simple format that serves as the building block to another graduation course certificate. Yes, you can use this simple, blank diploma template to design your own certificate. All the relevant content is already included here and you can add design elements to the document.

They include details like background, logos, images, designer fonts, etc. There are two pages in this but if you want you can edit the content and make it into a single page template. Throw in some colors if you want to brighten up the certificate.

13. High School Diplomas with Watermark



Educational institutions often include a customized watermark in their certificates to ensure that they can’t be duplicated or reproduced easily. This printable high school diploma certificate demonstrates how you can use a watermark for your certificates. To include your own watermark you will need an image that has been lightened to go behind the graduate text.

Replace the current watermark with your own and then you can make changes to the text of this document. On the top sections, you could also include your organization logo, if required. Do make sure that the watermark is as light as possible but should show up when you print the certificate.

14. High School Diplomas for Framing



This is just a representation of how it would look once it is framed. Most certificates that are issued by education institutions are often framed by the diploma holders and this one is optimized for that purpose.

The center section can be used to include your diploma text and the rest adds to the overall look and feel of the certificate.

The blue background and the brown borders cant be edited. However, if you are good at Microsoft doc you can replace them with a design of your own choice.

15. High School Diplomas – PowerPoint



Microsoft PowerPoint is a good tool to design your own certificates but is often overshadowed by Mircosoft doc. However, as this diploma demonstrates, you can use the presentation software to design stunning-looking certificates as well.

PowerPoint might offer you more flexibility in terms of layouts, design elements, and other options so give this free diploma template a try. You can also switch between landscape mode or portrait mode for your document designs.

16. Printable High School Diploma with Sidebar Design



We are almost at the end of this article of great college certificate templates but we still have some good designs left.

With this template, students can present a different-looking document. Instead of the usual design, this one has a high resolution right sidebar that contains your public school year logo and a small write-up as well.

17. Opulent Portrait Mode High School Diploma



To end our list of the best high school diploma certificate templates is this one which is probably the best one on our list. Usually used for honorary degrees, this elegant one uses a lot of white as its main design element. If you are looking for a high-grade college certificate design then you must use this one.

The homeschool diploma template contains two pages – the first one is the one students see above and the second page is a blank one for you to make your own edits. However, we recommend students use this as it is with changes to the text content.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions regarding printable high school diploma templates, then these might help you out a bit.

1. Can these templates be used to make other certificates as well?

Yes, students can modify the content in these to make college diplomas, corporate training certificates, etc.

2. Can diplomas be sent electronically?

Yes. You can issue your printable high school diplomas online. However, before you sent them out make sure that the document is not in an editable format. Students can either convert the document into a PDF format or an image so that no one can make changes to it.

3. How can we add a digital signature to these?

There are numerous softwares that help students digitally sign documents. However, if you don’t want to use one then you can scan signatures into an image file and then insert them into the college diploma documents. You could also attach the signature image as watermarks so that they automatically appear in every document you issue.


17 great printable high school diploma designs are listed in this article and hopefully, you have found the right one for students. With our free-to-download and editable college diploma templates, students can not only make certificates for your public school courses but also use them for other requirements such as corporate certificates, online course certificates, and other similar documents.

Remember, that diplomas are often displayed with pride in people’s homes or offices so making them look good matters a lot. This is why you need to choose the right design for your institution. Also, before you go, check out our policy brief template!

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