9+ Hourly Schedule Template Download [Word, Excel]

An hourly schedule is a daily planner that helps someone plan how they spend each hour of a day. An hourly program might come in handy if you want to achieve the ideal work-life balance.

That’s because it gives you the chance to organize your day down to the last hour.

The problem, however, comes in when you want to create a schedule but can’t get a good template on which to base your day. We have researched the best hourly schedule templates you can use.

9+ Hourly Schedule Templates (Excel)

1. Daily Schedule Planner


If you want to add order to your day, you could try out this hour schedule planner. It is direct and easy to fill in whatever you plan to do for the day. It even has someplace for you to write notes and reminders of urgent tasks requiring your immediate attention.

The to-do list ensures you have your priorities right for each day. It is easy to print and customize this daily schedule to fit your plans for the day just like you can customize our free editable punch card template.

2. 12-Hour Schedule Planner



schedule will come in handy planning your day from between 8 am and 12 pm. It has thirty-minute intervals between each task you have prepared to carry out for the day. That ensures you have the best time to get between tasks.

Like the previous schedule, it also has a part where you can write a few reminder notes and a to-do list. You can also easily customize it and fill in whatever you want.

3. Study Schedule Template


If you are a student looking to get the best out of your day and study for tests, this hourly plan will come in handy. It includes a calendar that tells you the exact date and an easily customizable format.

You can fill in whatever you want and even use it as a personal study timetable.

4. Time Management Schedule


This is an excellent fit for students that love to space their activities with thirty-minute bursts of work.

The thirty-minute intervals between each activity afford you the flexibility that most other templates can’t. You might have noticed that most of the templates on our list have one-hour intervals. This one, however, has thirty-minute breaks between tasks that further add to its flexibility.

If you are a parent, you could get it for your children and help them organize their days better.

5. 24-Hour Daily Planner


This schedule planner allows you to plan your entire day. It features spaces for all the hours of the day, from when you wake up to the time you will sleep. It can help you stay on top of things since it has a slot for every hour of the day.

You can fill in the activities for each hour to ensure no hour goes to waste. If you want to organize your day better,  download this daily plan.

6. Weekend Schedule Template


Do you often wonder how you will plan out your weekend? Well, this weekend schedule is what you need. You can easily plan how you will spend each hour of your weekend with this template.

Download it and plan out your weekends to a tee.

 7.  Weekly Hourly Schedule Template


This schedule will help you keep track of all your activities hour by hour for a whole week. It has a place for you to set down your priorities for the week and never miss out.

It incorporates a calendar and an hourly planner all in one.

8. Study Schedule


Another one for the students. Students naturally have a hard time balancing all aspects of their life. But what if they could lay their hands on an hourly planer that allows them to plan out their day?

Well, this hourly planner is ideal for those students seeking to plan out how they will study. Someone could include time for study, sleep, rest, and other activities. The 12-hour planner will come in handy for parents looking to instill a sense of order in their kids’ daily activities.

Get it here and experience the joy of having all your study times noted down to a tee.

9. Daily Planner Hourly Schedule Template


This daily planner has several things you can add to your list. It is a 24-hour plan of how you will spend each of your hours. What makes it such a good option is that it includes a place for you to make a shopping list and offers a way for you to plan your every meal at the nutrition section.

Besides that, it even doubles down on the way you will drink your water. The water tracker could come in handy if you love living a healthy life. Who wouldn’t want an hourly planner that allows them to plan minor details such as meals and even the last drop of water they drink?

Get this template and see your life transformed from chaos into order. 

10. Weekly Hourly Schedule



How would it be like to have an hour-by-hour plan for the entire week? We bet that would be awesome. This weekly hourly schedule allows you to plan each day of the week down to the hour.

At the bottom, you can make notes of the significant events of the week and note down whether you achieved your daily goal. It is easy to use and will go a long way in ensuring you have a hitch-free week.

You can get it by downloading it and see the beauty of a well-planned week thanks to the schedule.

Tips to Use an Hourly Schedule

Having a schedule doesn’t mean that your life will improve even if you don’t put in the effort. That will need you to be committed and dedicated to the schedule as much as possible to ensure it helps you.

You will need to ensure you give each task an appropriate amount of time. That will enable you to do tasks without the pressure of being within a set time limit. While setting the times, it would be wise to ensure you set aside enough time to recuperate after each task.

Also, setting goals to achieve each week will boost your ability to do all the tasks. In that way, you will get the most out of your hourly schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How hard is it to create an hourly schedule?

Creating an hourly schedule is relatively straightforward, especially if you have a template. Once you have a template, all you have to do is fill in the tasks as you’d want to do them.

2. Will an hourly schedule help me make better use of my time?

Yes, hourly schedules will enable you to make better use of your time. That’s because they allow someone to plan out how they want each of their days to go. That means less time wasted and less time thinking about what to do next.

3. What are some of the things to consider when making a schedule?

The main thing to consider when making a schedule is to avoid overcommitting. That means don’t force yourself to do some tasks for a long time if you can’t. You will also need a good plan for your day for your schedule to work for you.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. If you are looking to add order to your day, download any of the templates we have provided here. That’s not all. These templates will also enable you to progress your career and your personal life as well rapidly.

Embracing these hourly planners will be all about you forming and sticking to new habits. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to try them out. All the best. Also, before you go check out these mileage log for taxes!

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