15+ FREE Inventory List Template Download [Doc, Excel]

An inventory list enables you to keep track of everything you have, whether in a business or at home. However, many people find making inventory lists quite a tedious process. With templates, though, it becomes easier.

Go through the free inventory list templates we have provided and inventory your possessions easily.

Printable Inventory List Templates

1. Fixtures, Fittings and Furniture Inventory List Template

Inventory List TemplateDownload

Inventories are supposed to make tracking property easier. That’s what this template will enable you to do. You can track the availability of fixtures, fittings, and furniture with ease.

The list breaks everything down to their category, making it easier to know what’s missing and present. It, however, doesn’t have a description of the inventoried items.

2. General Inventory List Template

General Inventory List Template


General Inventory lists for a business aren’t complicated documents. To make one, all you have to do is list everything down, have a shirt description, the cost of purchase, and the date of purchase.

This template is easy for someone to make if they r are running a list of a business’s assets. With the category slot, you can fit each asset into its category and add clarity.

Hazardous Material Inventory Spreadsheet

Hazardous Material Inventory Spreadsheet


A hazardous material is a kind of material that is chemically dangerous. Such material should continuously be tracked to know the amounts present answerer since someone with bad intentions might take advantage and steal.

This inventory list enables you to list the different hazardous materials within an organization. It is ideal for schools that usually deal with chemicals in the science labs or research colleges and universities.

4. Business Inventory List Template

Business Inventory List


Successfully running a business requires a lot of business acumen. It would be best if you were on top of all things to ensure nothing runs amiss. That’s why you will always find business people keeping a list of everything that comes in and goes out.

That’s what we call stock taking. When stocktaking, you can list down the incoming and outgoing stock and create an inventory list with this template. A business is as good as its records. That’s why every business needs to have an invert list.

Fortunately, making one isn’t that hard with this template.

5. Business Property Inventory List


A business has specific properties beneficial to it or the owner. For most companies, it is often property they own that makes it easier to run the business. Some companies have lots of properties that keeping track of could be a tedious task.

However, with this template, that could become been easier. The template enables a business owner to track the business properties by listing them down in an inventory list.

The business property list will come in handy whenever the business wants to get a loan.

6. Household Inventory List

Household Inventory List


For the comfort of a person, their household needs to include several things. Large houses will typically have a list of items that facilitate the day-to-day running of the home. And that’s when keeping track of them becomes problematic.

While small households wouldn’t struggle to know every item they own, large houses don’t have that luxury. This template makes it easier to keep track of any household’s items. It enables you to list down everything with the price you bought them for.

You can therefore easily manage your house.

7. Chemical Inventory Template

Chemical Inventory


In any scientific lab, it is mandatory to list all the chemicals bought or donated. That enables the organization always to be a step ahead in planning and to prevent unnecessary pilferage.

This inventory template makes that easier. If you run a chemical-based business and need an inventory list for your chemicals, this template would be an easy fit.

8. Inventory Template


Sometimes you can use a form to keep track of all the chemicals in a lab. This template features a table outlining all the substances, the trade name, and in what quantity. You can thus monitor the flow of the chemicals to reduce wastage or prevent pilferage.

9. Home Inventory

Home Inventory Checklist


When inventorying home items, there is an option to list the items themselves or go by room. When listing by room, you only count the things in each room and add them to the list.

Unlike the other templates you might have seen on this list, this one doesn’t list the value of the items. It only enables you to keep count and therefore have a better idea of what you might need to add or get rid of.

10. Stock Inventory

Stock Inventory list


There are a myriad of ways you can stock take in a business. However, the most popular way is to include the price of everything: the value, the quantity in stock, and the one you need to order. Just like this template has shown.

This is a more detailed approach than the other examples we might have seen so far that only listed the items without the price or value.

11. Equipment Inventory


If you run a factory or an equipment business, this inventory list template should come in handy. It enables you to keep track of the physical condition of all the equipment and the financial status.

12. Phased Array Equipment Inventory


There are no limits to what someone needs to have an inventory for. Even for phased array equipment, you need to maintain a certain level of awareness. If you are in that business and want to make an inventory list, this template should come in handy.

13. Personal Inventory List


It isn’t only businesses that need to know what they own. You, too, on a personal level, should know what you have. That might be personal effects or even your gadgets. With this personal inventory list, that should be a straightforward affair.

14. Food in Stock Inventory


Do you deal with selling food? Here is a template that enables you to calculate the food in stock and know when to restock. Updating this inventory list should make it easy for you to manage your food businesses since you know all there is to know about the food.

That you can organize the amounts weekly and the cost further makes it easier for a person to manage their food business.

15. Company Property Inventory


By now, you know that every company has property that is useful in its offering its services and is a revenue source. This is yet another template you can consider if you are inventorying company property.

This template allows you to add to the purchase price and the year of purchase, as well as the details of each item. You can keep better track of the company’s property that way.

16. Plant Inventory List


A plant inventory is a prerequisite in so many places. It could be on a farm, an herbarium, or you could use it in your garden. That makes sure you know the number and progress of each plant you have in your garden.

Alternatively, if you run a tree-planting business or have a farm, this template would be invaluable. Besides the planting data, you also have notes on how the plants are faring.

The total cost of planting and getting the fertilizer makes it easier to understand everything about your plant business.

What are the Benefits of Using Inventories?

There are so many reasons you should inventories.

First, they will make it easier for you to maintain the proper balance of everything you have or deal with. In business, you will know when to buy the stock and how to avoid running out of products to sell.

An inventory will also enhance your plan making, whether in the long term or short term. That’s because it makes it easier to know what you need for the business to run smoothly. That will enable you to keep your customers satisfied.

Inventories add some order to everyday situations. If at home, an inventory would make it easier for you to know everything you own and where it is. You would therefore stay better organized and keep track of your life improvements.

Finally, an inventory list would save you a lot of time. You don’t always have to spend your time counting the items you have in a business or household. You could always look at the inventory and see fast enough what you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can an inventory make my business more successful?

Yes, it can. You will be able to keep track of your assists and stock take with ease. That would make your planning better in addition to keeping your customers happier.

2. How do you list equipment on an inventory list?

You could use different categories such as the cost of the equipment, the time, or the use.

Final Thoughts

If you want to add some order to your household or business, the Free inventory list templates should make that much easier.

Download and customize them to enable you to inventory each item you have in your home or business.

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