9+ FREE Letter From Santa Template Personalized [Word, PDF]

To receive a letter from Santa always gives a special feeling! As it is a ritual followed by many houses before Christmas, it is a way to rejoice children at home with that special letter.

As a parent, you may have to introduce this tradition to your kid as they would definitely cherish such moments and also build connectivity with the special occasion.

Are you looking for some great templates to draft a letter from Santa to the special one in your life? This post has the solution for you.

Printable letter from Santa templates

1. Simple letter from Santa DOC

letter from Santa template


Receiving a letter from Santa is special. What if Santa from the North Pole addresses the child directly and appreciates the child for specific behaviors and performances?

It does create an extra special feeling and also pushes the child to stay nicer going forward. Santa is the most loved person for any kid and this letter can change the world for your kid. Also, kids do love to receive Elf On The Shelf Letter as well!

2. Personal note from Santa DOC

note from Santa template



key to writing an excellent letter from Santa is to add that personalized touch so the receiver feels heartwarming.

If you are issuing the letter to a kid, you may have to consider the behavior and also appreciate the nicer things that have happened in that year.

Preparing this list and appreciating him can develop the interaction and also inform the child that Santa is constantly watching. This builds the relationship when Santa drafts the next letter the following year.

3. Creative letter from the North Pole JPG

letter from the North Pole


Gone are the days when a postcard can ignite the emotion of the receiver. Lately, children are becoming too creative and a letter from Santa might have to match up with this creativity.

The letter here is beautifully drafted with Santa’s image on the top right and other interactive information about experiences and incidents during the year in the rest of the letter.

The key advantage is that you can also customize this letter by changing colors and adding bells and trees to suit the theme of Christmas.

4. Thematic Santa letter JPG

free printable fill in blank letter from santa template


When there is a letter with the signature of Santa Claus, you should always pay attention to the theme, color code, and the text alignment in it.

This printable contains detailed information but is neatly formatted to make it look neat and professional.

This is also an ideal style of the letter if you are sending it to some other adult. All that you need to do is to edit information in it and probably add the North Pole symbol somewhere in the mid so it becomes more authentic to read and preserve for long.

5. Blank letter from Claus JPG

blank letter from santa


Unlike using templates that already contain information, here is a blank letter with an interesting header as well as a footer. The header has the text “from the desk of Santa Claus.” The footer has the text “The North Pole.” These are the biggest add-ons as they set the mood. The next step for you is to draft the letter. Here are a few ways to make it look extra special.

  • Handwrite the letter and include more personal information.
  • Allow the person to connect with the event that you listed so it brings positive memories.
  • Give the reader a boost to become ready for Christmas as there is something else planned.
  • Arouse suspense throughout the letter but continue to remain invisible.

6. Personalized letter from desk of Santa JPG

Personalized letter from desk of Santa


Are you new to writing a letter directly from Santa addressing your child? This template is the one you should begin with. It contains multiple placeholders to fill in specific information about the child and other interests.

To begin with, detail the personal information of the child. This template also lets you ask the gift that is of interest to the child and note down several other information including sports, other interests, accomplishments, favorite food, and color.

In sending these letters, you may have to collect detailed information from the student. If you are a teacher, you may have to write to the parent asking for this information and then draft the letter accordingly.

7. Touching letter from the North Pole PDF

Touching letter from the North Pole



Are you writing a letter to an adult? Wanted to know how to instantly create that excitement? This could be the template you are looking out for. Begin with an instant connection. The first paragraph here insists that Sant has been constantly watching the person. In the next paragraph, detail a few stories and add words of support, motivation, and excitement. There are also better ways to use this letter.

  • A surprise letter from Santa would be great for a person who is mourning a loss or anticipating a big event about to happen.
  • Reinforcing past events and giving words of hope and support can add more value and meet the purpose.
  • Towards the end, give a chance for the receiver to write back to Santa if at all there is an issue or a sad time faced in the middle.
  • To make it more colorful, you can also include borders and other colors to the letter based on the mood.

8. Santa’s warning letter JPG

Santa warning letter


Unlike other letters that you have seen above in this post, this is a letter that goes with the warning stamp. A letter originating from Santa does not always have to be on a happy note. It can also be used as a way to correct specific behaviors of the child.

Similarly, if you are a parent of two or more kids, you can use this letter to describe all siblings and rank them based on their behaviors and performances. If at all something is poor, Santa’s letter offers a few solutions along with the time to fix the issue. Isn’t that great to transform a person?

9. Letter from team of Santa

letter from santa template word


Isn’t it exciting to send a letter to a child with a picture of the kingdom of Santa? This template creates that spark in the reader’s mind with the way it is designed. The letter throws light on the fun moment anticipated during Christmas and presents that the child can receive.

If you feel that the receiver has been nice and needs an upliftment to maintain the same, this letter from the entire team of Santa can be empowering!

Frequently asked questions

1. Is this a return letter from Santa?

This can be treated as a return letter as well. In fact, if there is a wish that the receiver has made in the previous year or just before the eve of Christmas, this letter can fulfill the wish and state the existing status in the same document.

2. What is Santa’s address?

While it is going to be an imaginary address, including it in the same letter might become even realistic. Here is the address of Santa that you should include in the letter – 123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888.

It is still acceptable for kids to write return letters to the same address.

3. How to create a letter directly from Santa Claus?

The letter should contain a few elements as follows.

  • The phrase “from the desk of Santa Claus
  • Ending with the signature of Santa Claus
  • Write the address of the receiver.
  • Include personalized language as well as an event that can be easily connected to.
  • Focus it on the child first.


A letter is an extra value-added element to pep up the excitement of the eve of gifts – Christmas. It is extremely easy to write a letter addressing your child or a loved one from the desk of Santa Claus. However, look at the way it is aligned so it delivers the same essence to the reader.

Make it more personal and happy exchanging letters!

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