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It is common to worry about your luggage when traveling. Besides losing the luggage, there is the constant fear that you might pick the wrong luggage. But if you attach a luggage tag on your luggage, then you can bury some of that fear away.

With the luggage tag templates we have here, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. That’s because you can download and customize them then tag your luggage when moving.

Personalized Luggage Tag Templates

1. Simple Luggage Tag Template

Luggage Tag Template


Making a luggage tag isn’t a complicated thing. All you need it to be is to have a place to write your name and contact. It, however, depends on where you are staying for the other details.

This tag template, for instance, would most likely work for someone who is staying at a residence hall. There is a room number and the residence hall in case someone stumbles upon their luggage.

It would be easier to call a person if you find their luggage, but this template doesn’t provide a way to do that.

2. Rectangular Luggage Tag



is a simple tag template that, instead of telling you what to write, gives you a blank space to add whatever you want. You can thus add your contacts and any other relevant information.

Remember to add information that should make it easier to find you should you misplace the luggage.

3. Colorful Luggage Tags

Colorful Luggage Tags


There isn’t a limit to the number of ways people can contact you if they stumble upon your forgotten luggage. This template recognizes that and offers two different ways they can contact you; email and via phone.

With the address, they can send the luggage to your home. When you download this tag template, you can decide to use all three or just one.

4. Decorative Luggage Tag

Decorative Luggage Tag Templates


Here are colorful tag templates you can use and appreciate with their beauty. They have the basic information any tag should have: the phone number, your name, and address.

These would ensure you don’t lose your luggage if you forget it somewhere.

5. Ancient Egypt Tag


Do you love ancient Egyptian history? If the answer is yes, then you will surely love this tag template. It has an image of a pharaoh besides the name and address fields. Each time you look at your tag, your mind takes a trip down the historical pages and reminds you of ancient Egypt.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

6. Flowery Luggage Tag


There is a desire to go all simple when making luggage tags since they don’t have to be complicated things to make. You can, however, make them as beautiful as you want. One way you can do that is by using this flowery template.

It has different color outlays you can choose to ensure your luggage stands out. That’s even if it’s just because of the tag!

7. Simple Luggage Tag Template

Simple Luggage Tag Template if found


 While you don’t need to have a bland tag for your luggage, you can opt for a simple approach like this tag. Just include an if found contact me message plus the name and your address.

The phone number is also a must if you need the person to find you quickly enough.

8. Writeable Luggage Tag Template

Writeable Luggage Tag


Talking of simplicity, this tag template makes it a lot simpler. It doesn’t have the flossy designs you might have seen with the other luggage tags. All it has are the basic details that you need to include on a luggage tag.

It is more of a direct approach to making the luggage tag template. Add in the information to a blank page with slots for each of the details-simple!

9. Orange Luggage Tag


If you want it simple but with a bit of color, then this template is it. The loud orange and black colors will stand out and enable someone to see the luggage faster.

You wouldn’t easily forget such a tag somewhere, especially with the large font for the phone number and address.

10. Simple Tag


While the previous template has a loud screaming orange color, this one takes a gentler approach with the color. It even adds a beautiful pattern that should make your luggage tag stand out, albeit in a small way.

The way it highlights the contact details makes it stand out, though. We Wouldn’t bet against it being a favorite for many people.

11. Blank Luggage Tag

Blank Luggage Tag 


This blank template would allow you to write in anything you want on the template. That doesn’t mean you have to wax lyrical.

All you need to do is include the basic information that would make it easy for someone to contact you should you forget your luggage somewhere.

12. Multiple Luggage Tag


Rounding up our list is this beautiful airplane luggage tag template. Unlike other templates, this one only features space for you to add the destination and your name. Still, it would be useful in enabling someone to distinguish their luggage from someone else’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

What details must you always include on a luggage tag template?

Your contact, your address, and your name. Although contact information is enough, you could also include any other information depending on where you are. If you are in a hotel, then the hotel room could help. Don’t add too many personal details, though.

Can a luggage tag prevent me from losing my luggage?

A luggage tag won’t prevent you from losing your luggage. However, it will make it easy for someone to contact you in case someone stumbles upon your luggage somewhere.

What material can I use to make luggage tags?

You can use many things to make tags, from clear packing tape, scrapbook paper, and glue. You’d need a pair of scissors to cut the materials in the shape or style you want.

Final Thoughts

To avoid mindlessly losing your luggage, make luggage tags with the luggage tag templates here. You can go all out and have beautifully decorated tags that make your luggage stand out. Who said you couldn’t be stylish even in the smallest ways?

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