9+ Mileage Log Template – Taxes & Reimbursement Forms [Excel, Word, PDF]

If you work for an organization then you will at some point in time have incurred expenses related to transportation. Many of us take cabs to go for meetings, travel by personal cars for work or hire vehicles for business purposes. All such expenses need to be reimbursed to the employees.

This reimbursement can be done when the expenses are tracked. And for this, you can use Mileage Log templates that keep track of the miles you cover and the amount you are eligible to claim.

9+ Mileage Log Templates – Taxes & Reimbursement Forms

1. Elegant, Simple Mileage Log Template – Excel



To start, we have this excellent Mileage Log template that has been designed by Microsoft. The Excel sheet is a one-pager format that contains placeholders for a date, time, the purpose of the trip, amounts, odometer readings, total mileage, and places traveled to.

The template might look very simple but it carries a good amount of details for you to track the transportation expenses for your employees. Edit the file as per your requirements and it is good to go. Margins are already set so you don’t have to check the document before printing it out.

2. Basic Mileage Log Template – PDF



Talking about basic and easy-to-use templates, here is another one that is designed for simple tasks. This particular mileage log template is a guiding document that you can use to design your own template. Your employees need to enter their information along with vehicle used, approvals, mileage details on the top section.

In the main section, employees will fill in details about the trips they make and the expenses related to these trips. This is a very simple yet efficient method of tracking your travel expenses too! Circulate this template among your employees and they will find it very useful.

3. No Frills Mileage Log Template – Excel



Designed by Microsoft, this is another great mileage log template organizations can use for their employees or their transportation fleets. Companies who maintain a large fleet of vehicles often use such documents to track travel-related expenses, such as fuel, food, etc.

Since this is a Microsoft Excel template, you can edit it as per your needs but this template already carries most of the important elements of a mileage log template. You can either send this file through email or print it out and distribute it to your employees.

4. Business Mileage Log Template – PDF



If you are an organization then most probably you will need to maintain your own, official mileage log templates. Hopefully, this one should suit your purposes. Use this to design your own template as it shows you all the relevant fields and the layout for a mileage log template.

While making your own file, don’t forget to include your company name and logo at the top of your document to add a professional touch to the format. You can also put a Print Form button to make it easier to print the document. This format is print-friendly so users don’t have to make changes to the margins while printing.

5. Employee Mileage Log Template – Excel



Making a mileage log template in Microsoft Excel is highly recommended as you can put in formulas to automatically calculate values like total amount spent, total mileage, etc. As you can see from this template, the sheet automatically calculates the total mileage and total reimbursement amount.

You can add more rows and columns to the sheet as per your company requirements. The file is completely editable. However, when you are making changes try not to edit the formulas cells. Unless you want to make changes to the formulas.

6. Employee Mileage Log Template – Excel



Most of the times employees are required to maintain a log of their own expenses through the mileage log template. They can either do this through a document on their computer or in a printed format. In this template, you will find all the requisite placeholders for such a reimbursement process.

The rate per mile is often fixed by government agencies like the IRS and the rest of the information will be filled in by the employee. When submitting the form, they also need to attach proof of these transactions such as the fuel bills.

7. Multi-Purpose Mileage Log Template – PDF



From the look of this template, you can see that it is quite different from the ones you saw above. This is because this mileage log template is divided into two distinct sections – one for mileage-related expenses and the other one from another spending like food, accommodation, taxes, etc.

For corporates, this is one of the best-suited mileage log templates that details all relevant reimbursement items. You can use this file as a guide while designing your own customized document.

8. Medical Industry Mileage Log Template – PDF



This mileage log template is a format that is used by the Medical industry. You might be employed with a healthcare provider or could be a salesman selling equipment or drugs to hospitals. In any case, you can use this mileage log template to claim your transport-related expenses.

This template is ready to be used and is print-friendly as well. Your employees will need to enter details like their information, trip details, mileage details, and the places they have visited.

9. Multi-Trip Mileage Log Template – PDF



This is also a unique mileage log template as it contains provisions for multiple trips in different sections. Mostly used by healthcare workers, this template was made to be used by medical transportation agencies. The two-pager document has details of the beneficiary and payment details on the first page.

The next page is what you can see in the screenshot above. Details about all the trips related to one customer/account can be documented through this template. 7 trip details can be documented through one template but if you make your own, you can increase or reduce that number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions related to mileage log templates? Here are some commonly asked questions that we have answered for you.

1. Can I make my own mileage log templates?

Yes, you can as these templates are fairly easy to make. You can use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word to make your own documents. However, if you are using these for official purposes, then you should the format vetted by your organization otherwise they might not approve your reimbursements.

2. Can personal car expenses be claimed?

It depends on the local laws in your country or state. For example, if you take a company vehicle home then you might not be eligible to claim that expense. So, you will have to record your personal trip details separately and log them in the mileage log template.

3. To claim reimbursements are there any other documents required?

Probably. Some organizations accept just the mileage log templates to give out reimbursements to their employees. However, other organizations require you to provide supporting documents like toll receipts, fuel bills, service statements, etc. So, it is always better to keep all supporting documents with you while submitting the mileage log template or reimbursements.


Most organizations use the mileage log templates for various purposes. One of the most common reasons is to track their employee’s expenses. However, these log templates are also used for financial audits, taxation purposes and to do travel-related analytics.

Used daily, these log templates also help employees keep a track of the money they spend on official purposes. This way they can claim this amount, produce documents for taxation purposes, etc.

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