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Packing slips are documents used by a logistics company to note down the inventory that forms a part of the shipment. The document contains the list of all the items and the quantity in it along with the SKU and PO number if required.

The packing slip document plays an important role as upon receiving the products the buyers tallies the products with the list before making the final payment. The list gives an estimate of the delivery time that will be needed to deliver the products.

Printable Packing Slip Templates

Packing slips are more than just a piece of paper. If prepared well they play a crucial role in building your brand. Below are few templates of how different kinds of slips look like.

1. Goods Packing Slip Template – Word

Goods Packing Slip Template


Packing slips are only used for the transportation of goods and there are different types of formats used across the world. The first template we have for you is this one which is an elegant yet professionally designed document.

The layout is pretty simple and the clean interface helps you present important information properly.

This template is free to use and can be edited as well. Download the document and customize it as per your requirements. It is print optimized so you don’t have to adjust the margins as well.

General Packing Slip Template – Word

General Packing Slip Template



This template is a little different from the first one in the sense that the design elements are different. There is a placeholder for your company logo which is essential if you represent an organization. If you want, you can edit the text PACKING SLIP TEMPLATE to include your company name and motto.

This file is a Microsoft Word document and that means you will be able to edit the content. Enter your own details, save the file and it is ready to be used.

3. Tabular Packing Slip – Word


Another excellent packing slip template with a clean and simple interface. The green fill highlights the content and makes it easier to present your section headers. There are placeholders for your company details, a bill to address, and ship-to address. Below that, you need to enter the details of the shipment.

Whenever you use colors in your documents, you need to ensure that they get printed out on a good-quality printer. Otherwise, the print quality suffers and the documents won’t look good!

4. Corporate Packing Slip- Excel

Corporate Packing SlipDownload

Every company needs to have a format that is unique to them so that anyone can identify the shipping label. There are no standardized formats for packing slips so you are free to make your own. In the template above, you can see that all sections have been segregated by the use of borders. This helps you present a very simple and nice layout to presenting the information.

If you want to enter multiple row items for the products being shipped then you can keep adding them below one another. You can also make changes to the content provided in this template.

5. Colourful Slip – Word


There is no harm in adding color to your packing slips. Often companies use their corporate branding colors to design packing slips. This helps them create consistency in brand communications, creates brand awareness, and helps create top-of-the-mind recall. You can edit the colors in the file if you want to, since the document is editable.

6. Company Packing Slip – Excel

Company Packing Slip Template


If you prefer using Microsoft Excel to make your document formats, then you will find this template very handy.

The advantage of using Excel to make such documents is that you can automate certain tasks before sending out the slips. For example, you can put formulas that will calculate the total units, total estimated value, etc.

7. Basic Slip – Word


Microsoft Word often doesn’t provide features that Excel can give but it is still one of the best tools to prepare documents. Simple packing slips are best made with Microsoft Word.

The above template will help you save time by giving you a format that you can easily use. Download the file, print it out, and use it. Or you can use it on your computer as well and share soft copies.

8. Detailed Packing Excel Slip


There is no limit to the amount of information you can provide in a packing slip and sometimes by legal mandates you will be asked for additional details to be entered into the slips.

In the above Microsoft Excel template, you will see some additional fields like Routing, PO number, account number, etc mentioned. You can customize this as per your requirements.

9. Merchandise Packing – Word

Merchandise Packing


This template is a much more advanced version of the previous template as it provides more information placeholders. Most of the common packing slip sections are already there in the document.

However,  you will see that there are sections for SKU, Style number, color, size, return code, and information about returns as well. There depend on the type of business you run.

10. Auto Calculated Packing Slip – Excel


Auto calculations are very handy when you have multiple items to be entered in a packing slip and when you want to minimize the chance of human errors while doing calculations. In Microsoft Excel formats, you can put formulas to calculate sum totals, count of items, averages, etc.

11. Cards Slip – PDF


This is another example of an excellent packing slip that organizations use. Packing slips are not just tools to ship your products but they can also be used for other purposes. For example, you can use packing slips to market your products and services, promote new offers and announce product launches.

You can also use packing slips to create awareness and contribute to social causes. In the above template, you will see that the slip is being used to ask for donations.

12. Simple Packing Slip – PDF

Simple Packing Slip


PDF formats usually have the advantage that they are basic blank templates that are ready to be printed out. If you look at this free packing slip template, you will notice that it is not customized for any organization. The vanilla template can be printed out and you can use it to enter information by hand.

All the requisite placeholders have been included in the template. The most important fields are the contact details, item description, quantities, estimated value, and address details as well.

13. Printable Slip Template – PDF


For situations where you just want a packing slip that you can print out and start using, you can use this format. As you can see, the template contains a simple layout for you to use. There are placeholders for the bill to and ship to address along with the address of the company that is sending the goods.

Below that you can enter details of all the items that are being shipped. These details will include information regarding the number of units, the item description and the value of those items are well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should be included on a packing slip?

Packing slips are documents that have details of the items to be shipped along with the receiver and sender information. While preparing a Packing Slip, it is important to add the below details-

  • List of all the items to be shipped
  • The address where products are to be shipped
  • Shipping date and contact details of the sender and receiver
  • Quantity of each item being shipped
  • SKU or UPC of each of the item
  • PO number or slip number.
  • Approx. value of the shipment and insurance details, if required

2. Is the Packing Slip and Invoice the same?

The Packing slip and invoice are not the same. A Packing slip is used when transporting goods from one place to another and helps logistics companies manage the shipments efficiently.

An invoice is like a sales bill. It documents the details of a product like an item type, cost of the item, the total value of the items being purchased, and terms of the sale.

3. Is a Packing Slip necessary?

Yes, these documents play a very important role and are required when the products are being shipped. Without the information on packing slips, it would be almost impossible for the logistics company to deliver them to the right person!


No matter how big or small your company is, having a professionally made Packing Slip will help you in satisfying your client’s expectations. Also apart from receiving all the products from you, the packing slip will help your clients understand the delivery time that you have taken and give them a good experience.

It is important to devote time and resources to preparing a good packing slip. The templates given above are easily downloadable and will be helpful for you should you want to refer to one while preparing your slip. We really hope you enjoyed reading the article and found the templates helpful.

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