13+ Pay Stub Template Free Download EDITABLE [Excel, Word, PDF]

Every company needs to send their employees pay stubs to show all their earnings and any deductions. What better proves you’ve paid your employees than a paystub?

Do you want to pay your company employees but don’t have the paystubs templates? If that’s the case, you will appreciate the pay stub templates we have outlined here.

The problem, however, comes with where and how to make the paystubs. If you were facing such an issue, then you are in the right place.

Let’s dive right in.

Printable Pay Stub Templates

1. Simple Pay Stub Template

Pay Stub Template


This template is easy to fill in once you have downloaded it. It has all the provisions for everything you’d need to put on a payslip. At the top is the company name, alongside other important information.

It won’t give you a hard time downloading or using since it strikes a good balance between conciseness and detail. Its simple design is something else we are sure you will love about it like our profit and loss statement template.

2. Corporate Pay Stub

Corporate Pay Stub template



corporate version of the other template varies slightly in the way sections are organized. It adds a place to record the payment begin and end dates. It also puts in a little more details than its predecessor on our list.

Again, the design is simple and won’t give you a hard time filling it. If you want to go all put on corporate paystubs, then this is the template you need to use. The divisions clearly outline everything you need to add to the paystub, including the payment details.

3. Hourly Wage Pay stub


Not all employees work on the same terms. This template recognizes that by departing from the other formats of monthly wages or salaries. It instead incorporates an hourly wage system into the paystub.

The regular hours and shift work part gives you the flexibility to add all the details you need. This template would be a small business owner’s dream.

The flexibility also makes it ideal for both casual ad permanent staff. Tats because of the different descriptions that characterize casual and hourly workers. Apart from that, it also has a part for the deductions, mainly taxes and other details you’d want to add.

4. Earning Statement Pay stub

Earning Statement Pay stub


This is yet another excellent option if you are looking for a detailed pay stub template. It shouldn’t give you a hard time editing and fill in all the worker details after downloading.

You can record the pay dates and payment begin and end dates. The other details, such as the deductions and employee numbers and names, give the template an iota of formality. The good thing with these paystubs is that you can edit them before downloading them for the site just like these free printable checks pdf.

5. Sample Company Earning Stub


This is a detailed pay stub template with space for all the basic information you want to include. With the distinct divisions reading the paystub shouldn’t be an issue for most people.

That’s the simplicity that makes this paystub template an excellent choice.

6. Advanced Pay Stub

Advanced Pay Stub


While paystubs should show everything concerning work the money due to the employee, other details can also come in handy. This template includes all the essential information you would find on a paystub and can work for hourly workers. You could also modify it to work better for non-hourly workers as well.

Simplicity is a standout feature since you wouldn’t struggle to fill in all the options and edit them in case of any mistake. It will be a good option if you are looking to make pay stubs for the first time.

7. Excel Pay Stub Template


This paystub from the others on our list because it is aesthetically pleasing and even separates a slot for the worker’s information. Such information would include the bank names and account numbers.

You can also list the directors and department names on the payslip. Need we say that it will also be relatively easy for you to fill and edit?

8. Blank Pay Stub


This pay stub template adds some details apart from the usually pays slip information in what has become a running theme for most templates on our list. It has different parts for the tax, gross income, and other payment metrics.

You could also include the wage type, whether hourly or other. The ease with which you can edit it makes it the ideal option for beginner drafters. If it’s your first time drafting paystubs, then this should be the ideal option for you.

9. Tabular Pay stub

Tabular Pay stub


This template features several slots for additional payments and deductions. It is the way to go if you are looking for a detailed approach to making paystubs. That, however, doesn’t make it complicated to draft.

Information such as employee address has no slot, though there is a spot for the employer’s address. You can also show the period of the pay (pay begin and end date). The easy-to-follow format should make it a fantastic choice for small business owners.

10. Employee Pay stub Template

Employee Pay stub Template


This could be among the most uncomplicated paystub templates on our list. All it has are the basics in a vertical list. There is a space for the deductions, but they are separate from the taxes.

It, however, doesn’t have much in the way of employee or employer information. That would make it the ideal pay stub template for small businesses that don’t have to bother going into the specifics.

11. Detailed Stub


With the net pay at the bottom right corner, this template offers you three paystubs in one. You could type them out, then separate them and use them for three different employees. They are simple and easy to edit.

They also go a long way in adding some employee details with the department name getting a slot. The merged payments make it the simple paystub template it is.

12. Regular Earnings Paystub


 If you are looking for corporate pay stub templates, you can’t go wrong choosing this one. It goes out of its way to include as many details as possible, making it the ideal corporate employee paystub.

You can use it for both monthly workers and hourly workers. The director and employee signature offer a way to verify its authenticity. It even has a slot for the company address and phone number, if any. That’s detail right there.

13. Detailed Employee Paystub


This template is arguably the most detailed on our list. That is thanks to the total breakdown it gives regarding the hours worked. It classifies them into regular, ordinary, and overtime hours.

Besides that, it also adds a slot for the superannuation contributions by the employer. If you are in the corporate space, then this paystub template would be a good option. That’s because it not only lists deductions but also adds their purpose.

Why Would a Company Need Paystub Templates?

Paystubs are an essential part of the financial aspect of any company. That’s because they serve as proof a worker has been paid for all the work they did over a specific time.

The employer details everything regarding the worker’s paystubs before sending them to them for confirmation. Most companies send their paystubs before paying the workers. A few, however, do it after sending payments.

In the event of a dispute, the company would be safe from dubious nonpayment claims provided there are paystubs copies to prove they paid an employee. That’s why pay stubs are so crucial for companies.

They offer proof of payment and explain any deductions that the employee might have had. They would thus insulate a company in the case of lawful action where they are accused of not paying an employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a paystub for free?

Of course. Why not? With the many different templates available on the internet, you should create paystubs yourself and for free. We have drafted several options here for you to avoid the stress of having to go scouring the web for them.

Although some sites will require you to pay before downloading paystubs, these here are absolutely free.

Do paystub generators make fake paystubs?

If you work for a company with pay stubs, then looking for Pay stubs that will allow you to doctor the figures would make them fake. However, if you are generating pay stubs for your company or have employees, that is okay.

Therefore, the question of paystub generators making fake paystubs can go either way. It all depends on the purpose of the pay stubs and who is making them.

What’s the importance of paystubs?

Paystubs are proof that you are employed and are liable for a particular income from your employer. They detail information about your income and how each figure you earn is arrived at.

Pay stubs are therefore crucial in different places where they need you to prove that you earn an income or are employed.

Final Thoughts

With the pay stub templates we have provided; it should be easier for you to organize employer payments. The templates we have provided are all easy to use and free.

You won’t have to struggle to fill and edit them. Download the pay stub templates here for free and have a record of income you pay out to your employees.

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