9+ Police Report Template & Examples [Word, PDF, Doc]

Police reports are legal documents and papers which are maintained by Police Officers for all events of crimes. In event of an incident, an accident, or any crime, the Police officers are required to prepare a detailed report of the incident.

Police Reports are also known as Charge Sheets in many countries. This report is a necessity in the practice of law enforcement. However, it may be different depending on the agency to agency.

9+ Police Report Template & Examples

1. Police Death Report Template

police report template


This is a generic Police Death Report Template. It is used by the investigating officer at his respective Police station where the incident or the death of the deceased was reported. The report has details such as the name of the deceased, his age, occupation, etc. It has jas details such as the cause of the death.

This report will have all the details of the incident that took place. Right from the time of the incident to the location and also people who were involved in it. This police report is then submitted to the magistrate.

2. Supplementary Homicide Police Report Template

police report template


style="text-align: justify;">This template is specifically designed to be used for Homicide related cases. This is a Supplementary Homicide Police Report. Usually, homicide incidents can be very violent in nature so there will be a lot of detailed investigation required. Hence while filling the report, all facts need to be collected and document properly just like one would in a general release of liability form.

One of the main particulars that need to fill in here is the cause of the death of the deceased. There are options you can choose from here such as if the death was due to suicide, or maybe a Heart Attack, or maybe a road accident by a motor vehicle.

3. Criminal and Crash Police Report Template

police report template


The criminal and Crash Police report template looks very simple and is easy to understand by everyone. This report is used in the case of a criminal incident or vehicle crash. There are two distinct columns in the report, one for the criminal part and one for the crash part. Apart from this the victim’s name, age, address and some of his personal information are also to be filled here.

The template can be downloaded from here and you can also edit it. However, when it comes to a legal case you should recheck the template with an authorized person before using it.

4. The State Property Incident Police Report Template

police report templates


This is a State Property Incident police Template Report. These police incident report are used in the case of any property disputes. The forms also need to be submitted to the respective banks if there are any money matters involved. Usually, in these kinds of disputes, a lot of time needs to be invested.

Property disputes have never been easy and hence the reports that will be produced in court will need to be highly detailed. This is just one of a kind of blank police report template but when it comes to actually dealing with these issues,  you might have to carry a lot more reports with you.

5. Accident Police Report Template

Accident Police Report Template


This blank police report template is used in the case of an accident that has occurred. The respective Police Officer needs to reach the spot where the accident occurred and note down all the details. He is also required to look for evidence and witness if any. The report has some basic details which need to be filled in such as name, address, telephone number, etc.

Apart from this the Officer also has to fill in the case number, the date when the incident took place, the location of the incident, and its complete address. These reports are then filed at the station and used for insurance purposes as well.

6. Basic Accident Police Report Template

police report template


This is another example of an Accident Police Report. As mentioned earlier, these reports will be different from agency to agency. However, the result of the reports remains the same. The Basic Police Report template is a generalized document that can be used for any kind of incident or accident.

But if you need something more detailed or specific to various kinds of incidents, then you will have to edit some of the information in this blank police report template.

7. Police Arrest Report Template

Police Arrest Report Template


The Police Arrest Report is used while making an arrest. Whenever an individual is arrested for committing a crime or on suspicion of committing one, then an arrest report has to be filled in by the Arresting Officer. Such documents are very crucial to getting convictions in court.

Arrest warrants and arrest forms provide solid evidence in court about the correct procedures that were followed while arresting the suspect. If these aren’t there, cases might get thrown out of court! And this is why the arresting officer needs to include as much detail as possible in such police report form.

8.  Police Missing Person Report Template

Police Missing Person Report Template


The Police Missing person Report Template is used for people who are reported missing in a Police Station by their family members or friends. Usually, in such a case, a detailed report is made by the officer about the person who is missing. Information that describes the details of the victim physically is very important during such cases.

The family members are also asked to describe the missing person’s clothes that he/she was seen wearing the last time anyone saw them. Apart from this the details of the place from where the person went missing are also needed while filling up the form. When a child is missing, an amber alert is issued along with filing of such reports.

9.  Police Laboratory Incident Report Template

blank police report


This is a Laboratory Incident Police Report template. This police report form is used in cases where there are Laboratory related issues and details such as the Health Department’s name, people who were involved, and the reason behind the occurrence of the incident are reported.

Lab accidents can get quite dangerous, especially if they are related to harmful chemicals, radiation, or communicable diseases. During such events, property police procedure is important to be followed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the Police Report templates, then we have answered a few of them that are asked quite often.

1. What is Police Report Definition?

A Police Report is an official police document or a police report form that has details of all the facts, timeline, circumstances, and events surrounding an incident. Law enforcement agencies are required to document all incidents, police arrests, evidence collected details, etc.

2. What is the main purpose of the Police Report?

The Police Report is used to keep an official record of all the events and incidents including the actions the respective officers have taken during the incident to solve the case.

3. Which section defines the Police Report?

The Police Reports are defined under section 2 of section 173.


These Police Reports are extremely critical documents used by the Police in describing an incident. They cannot really afford to write down any false information in these reports.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article today. I also hope that the templates we provided here were easy for you to understand and refer to. The templates can be easily downloaded and printed for your reference.

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