7+ Printable Graph Paper Template Download [Excel PDF]

Are you looking to create a list or create a timetable for something? If yes, then what you need is a printable graph paper template. Although these kinds of paper are used mainly by engineering and architectural students, who says you can’t use them at home?

To get started, though, you will need some templates. The graph paper templates we have compiled here will make that easy for you to do.

Free Graph Paper Templates

1. Excel Graph Paper Template

graph paper template excel


This medium-sized grid graph paper would be a straightforward choice for your kids’ timetable or a daily list of duties. The codeword style makes it easier for you to edit it and add in whatever details you want like in a homeschool diploma template.

The graph paper is ideal for simple stuff such as timetables and duty roasters. It, however, wouldn’t be that good if you’re an engineer looking to design things with it.

2. Multi-Color Graph Paper Template

Multi Color Graph Paper Template


You can also go all out for the choice of colors you want. Graph papers can also be in any variety, as you can see with this template. The small size of the boxes means you can add different things and not just a timetable.


would also work best as a math graph paper. Therefore, if you take a course involving many mathematical calculations, this graph paper template would be a good fit.

3. Hexagonal Graph Paper Excel

Hexagonal Graph Paper


In statistics, a hexagon has more significance than the grid form. The same applies to graph paper templates. The hexagonal graph paper template will help you analyze data better, primarily if you deal with multiple data sets.

You can include any data type in the graph, making it easier for you to manipulate.

4. A-Z Graph Template


This is another grid size that’s ideal for mathematical calculations. Because of the size, however, you can use it to list anything besides mathematical calculations. It would make an excellent timetable for your kids or as a list of duties.

5. Graph Paper Word


Excel can be a structural designer’s best friend. That’s because it enables you to manipulate unique sets of data according to how you want them. With this graph paper, it’s faster and easier for you to come with multiple data sets by drawing them on it.

6. Blank Graph Paper

Blank Graph Paper


This is a themed graph paper template. That means you can change the color whenever you feel like it. You can therefore have more beautiful data designs on printing. The template is, however, gray to allow you to choose the color by yourself.

That’s a better prospect for you than having to present your data using dull colors.

7. Small Grid Graph Paper

Small Grid Graph Paper


We have waxed lyrical over the usefulness of small grid-sized graph paper templates. This is yet another for you to choose from to make your data analysis faster. It doesn’t matter if you are an architect or an engineer. This template should make matters softer for you.

8. Big Box Graph


We round up our list of their graph paper templates with another simple outline graph paper. This is also ideal for complex engineering designs and more straightforward timetables or worklists.

Download and customize it with your data sets, and you will see how easy it makes that to be.

When Would Printable Graph Paper Templates Come in Handy?

Imagine a situation where you are doing some math assignments that require graph papers late at night, and then you run out of graph papers? Of course, you can’t rush out and buy some, since the shops will mostly be closed.

If you are lucky and have an overnight store in your area, it just might be dangerous for you to leave your house late in the night. That’s when graph paper templates would come in handy.

Since they are printable, all you’d need to do is download the desired template, print, and you’ve solved your problem. Besides the convenience, we’d say they would be friendlier on your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are excel graph paper templates important?

If you work in a field that deals only with figures, you need these graph paper templates. They make your data manipulation faster and less stressful, even if the grids aren’t precise in their measurements.

Why do students need graph papers?

Students, especially high school students, have an intimate association with mathematics. Some significant aspects of mathematics need you to have graph paper, which isn’t free.

With a printer and these templates, you can bypass that issue relatively effortlessly.

Final Thoughts

You never know when you’ll need graph paper later at night. That’s why it would be a good idea if you’d download these printable graph paper templates for when you need them. Nobody knows the hour or the minute when they might come in handy. Who knows, it might be tonight!

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