17+ Profit And Loss Templates Download [Excel, Google Sheets, PDF]

Anybody who is running a business is doing so primarily to make a profit! And one of the best ways to gauge the business health is by maintaining a Profit and Loss statement. This financial document is usually prepared by accountants and other finance professionals and helps a business get a realistic view of their financial health.

Calculating a profit and loss statement is a very simple process. In one section, you need to track all the income the business has generated and then compare it to the expenses incurred. The difference between the revenue and expenses will let you know if you generated profit or incurred losses.

17+ Profit And Loss Templates – Excel

Listed in this article are free, downloadable, and simple Profit and Loss templates that will help you automate the calculation process. No matter what kind of business you are in, there should be a template that you can download and customize as per your requirements.

1. Simple Profit and Loss template



First up, we have an Excel document that serves as an excellent profit and loss template. There are 4 sheets in the document – a monthly P&L report, an annual P&L report, and two blank templates that you can modify as per your needs. Download the file to work on it.

In the statement, you can enter your earnings and expenses on a monthly or annualized basis. Then you will need to fill in the information under placeholders for the cost of goods sold, list out all possible expenses you incurred and then the sheet will do the P&L calculation similar to a rent roll template.

2. Simple Profit and Loss Template for Hotels



This Excel profit and loss template is probably the simplest one that you will ever come across. Customized for the hotel industry, this excel template has two clearly segregated sections for Income and Expenses.

Once you download the file, start entering the values and the template does the rest for you similar to these blank check templates for excel.

3. Three Year Profit and Loss Template



The usual profit and loss statements are made for a yearly calculation. However, this template lets you do a 3-year P&L calculation. The process is the same, you will need to enter the values for all your income sources on top and list out all the expenses next. At the bottom, of the sheet, you will find the Net Operating Income calculations similar to a stock certificate template word.

The Net Income is the amount calculated after deducting all your expenses from the earnings. If the number is positive, then you made a profile, else there have been losses to your business.

4. Colorful Profit and Loss Template



Younger startups will love this format as it looks great and does the P&L calculations well too! Designed to be used by the hospitality sector, this Profit and Loss template has clear, well-defined sections to enter your data just like these blank work order forms.

Once you enter all the numbers, at the bottom you will know if you made a profit or loss! If the colors are too much for you then you make edit them to suit your corporate branding.

5. Business Profit and Loss Template


From the simple template we saw above, we move to this one which is a bit more comprehensive. Small business and mid-sized organizations will find this template useful like these pdf bill of sale templates since it defined more placeholders to capture their financial dealings. The Expenses section has been broken down into more specific parts and that helps you list down your costs even more accurately.

6. Small Business Profit and Loss Template



Large corporations often invest heavily in financial software that helps them keep track of their P&L statements. But smaller businesses often can’t afford to spend that much.

For such organizations, this free P&L template should come in handy. Their income details go on the left and the expenses on the right. And at the bottom left, you can see your net income.

7. Detailed Business Profit and Loss Template



A Profit and Loss statement gives you your Net Income details but won’t give you the complete picture of a company’s financial health. In this free excel, there are different sheets to calculate Profit and Loss, detailed P&L, Balance sheet, and finally the cash flow statement.

All of these are important financial calculations to gauge your company’s health.

8. Pictorial Profit and Loss Template



If you are looking for a format that is more visual than data-oriented then you must download and use this free Microsoft Excel template.

There are 3 sheets in this document – Revenue (Sales), Cost of Sales, and Expenses. Once you populated all the numbers, you will get a pictorial representation of your company’s financials.

9. Daycare Business Profit and Loss Template



Daycare businesses or those in childcare industries or even small hospitals can use this free, downloadable, and editable P&L template. There are two clearly defined sections in the sheet – one for income and the other one for expenses.

Formulas will do the calculation for total earnings, total expenses and then give you the Net Income details as well.

10. Periodic Business Profit and Loss Template



Here is a simple yet highly recommended profit and loss template that is easy to use and completely editable. There are two sections to this template – a monthly P&L sheet and an annual P&L sheet. The file is editable and that means you can add/remove sections as per your requirements.

11. Corporate Monthly Profit and Loss Template



Want a professional-looking P&L template? Here is one that you can download and use at your organization. Neatly divided into two sections for Income and Expenses, this P&L statement has placeholders for your company details like name and log.

The rows containing the breakup for income and expenses can be modified as per your financial needs. At the end of each row and column, there are calculations for the total values. For each month, you will be able to see the P&L value. If you are editing the sheet, be careful not the change the formula cells.

12. Profit and Loss Dashboard Template



A dashboard is a tool that gives you an overview of the financial metrics. In this P&L template, you will find six sheets that you can work for. There are sheets for the Dashboard, Sales, Income, Expenses, Taxes, and other categories. You will need to enter information in all the sheets except the Dashboard. Once the data is populated, it will automatically show up in the Dashboard.

13. Basic Profit and Loss Template




After all the excellent and comprehensive templates we saw listed above, here is a really neat-looking basic profit and loss template. If you are a new entrepreneur or have a business that has just taken off then this might come in handy for you. The basic document has the Income and Expense sections and formulas to calculate the Net Profit or Loss.

14. Organizational Profit and Loss Template



Here is another great profit and loss template designed to be used by organizations. The top placeholder contains the company details like name and logo. The first two values of Gross margin and Return on Sales will be calculated once you enter the data for revenue and expenses.

15. Single Step Profit and Loss Template



A single-step profit and loss statement is a simple process of maintaining your financial documents. In this template, you won’t find a lot of details since it has been developed for simple use by very small organizations. All you have to do is to fill out those two sections and your Profit and Loss statement will be ready!

16. Comparative Profit and Loss Template



With this profit and loss template, you will have the option of making a comparison between two time periods. In the free template, there are the usual fields to enter your income and expenses. But along with that, there are tables to show your current period and prior period financial information as well.

The comparative sections help you gauge if your business has performed than the previous year or not. Based on the performance, you can then devise business plans and future strategies.

17. Profit and Loss Template for Self Employed



Self-employed professionals like freelancers, consultants, etc do not need a complicated profit and loss statement due to their peculiar line of work. The template is designed in a very simple way and can be used by anyone! Once you download the document, you can make edits as needed and start using the template.


So, that was the curated collection of profit and loss templates we had for you. Hopefully, you have now found the right template to suit your business needs. If you are a business professional or a work-from-home freelance worker, you need to calculate your financial health. And such trackers are essential in doing so!

All the profit and loss templates provided in this article are completely free, downloadable, and can be modified. If you don’t find the one that meets your requirements 100% then download the one that is close to what you want and then change it! Also, before you go, check out these blank pdf Diploma templates.

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