7+ Proforma Invoice Template FREE Download [Word, Excel]

Proforma invoices can help you make your sales processes faster and easier. That’s because it is an important avenue in letting a customer see the price of goods and decide whether they agree to the prices and terms of sale or not.

But how do you make a proforma invoice? With the help of the proforma invoice templates, we have here. The templates will make it easier for you to streamline your sales.

Not convinced? Read on and see.

Free Proforma Invoice Templates

1. Commercial Proforma Invoice

Proforma Invoice Template


If you are running a commercial company and need to invoice your clients, this proforma invoice should come in handy. It has details and is relatively simple to edit and add in all the sales figures and the prices you need to add.

All the information on it is clear enough for everyone to see, which will help you avoid misunderstandings.

2. Simple Layout Proforma Invoice

Simple Proforma Invoice Template


While detailed proforma invoices might be desirable, they can be pretty hard to edit and add in the values you want. That’s why we think this template is the best option for you. It has a clear layout that doesn’t need you to add in too many things you will have to add.


the sales figures are in list form and will be clear for any client not to see.

3. Proforma Invoice Template

proforma invoice template word


Small businesses don’t need invoices with too many details, and that’s precisely what this invoice offers. The space doesn’t give you the flexibility to include many other things.

It will be ideal for someone with a small business that doesn’t deal with too many things. That’s because it doesn’t have most of the features that you would want in a corporate proforma invoice.

That’s what makes it the straightforward option it is. It is also what makes a superb choice for a small business similar to a rent roll ledger spreadsheet.

4. Proforma Invoice Template

Pro Forma


Another detailed corporate proforma invoice. Businesses can’t be the same, and different companies will need different proforma invoices. That depends mainly on what the business deals with.

Unless it’s a simple or small business, you will want to go on the details and have a proforma invoice that details everything for the customer to understand. This template offers just that. It has lots of information and even provides a slot for the preferred currency, something other templates do not have.

Among the details, it takes care of are some like the address for the company. That’s besides the company name that you should add at the top. The details notwithstanding, this template will be easy for you to use.

5. Detailed Proforma Invoice Template

Detailed Proforma


This is yet another proforma invoice that offers you the best details but keeps its simple outlook. You will find it easy to edit the values and tailor-make them to your specifications.

It is ideal for use by corporate firms or even the simple everyday businessperson. That’s because it has all the necessary details one would need to invoice a customer. If any components don’t fit, you can edit them out and add in new ones. As simple as that.

6. Proforma Invoice Template for Import and Export Business

Import and Export Business Proforma


Proforma invoices will mostly come in handy for a person running an export and import business. As this proforma shows you, you must include several details to make it easier for the client and the customs officials. As much as detailed proforma invoices go, this template punches above its weight.

It includes information on the reason for export which should help sort out some customs questions. While at that, it balances the details and simplicity making for a simple outlook.

7. Proforma Invoice Template



There’s no need for a detailed proforma invoice template if you aren’t offering too many services. Therefore, a brief and to-the-point template should be enough for you since you are dealing with a smaller entity.

It has space for some items and the description and the quantity and unit price. Like the other invoice before it, it is ideal for companies in the import and export business. It offers a slot to explain the reason for the export, the customer’s name, contacts, and address.

8. Simple Proforma Invoice Template

Proforma Invoice

DownloadClosing off our list is this direct sales proforma invoice. This one goes straight to the point in everything from the products and services offered. Sometimes all you need is a proforma invoice that lists the products and the cost alone.

The proforma invoice informs the buyer of the type of goods a business offers and how much they would cost. That’s why it would pay to get direct to the point and list out the products.

It has a lengthy disclaimer of anything and everything the business handles at the bottom. That could help the client know any risk they are putting their products at and opt out if they feel like it.

Why Are Proforma Invoices Important?

There are several reasons proforma invoices are essential to any business.

First, if you run an export business, a proforma invoice will come in handy in smoothly passing goods through the various border controls and customs. That’s is usually a big issue for most import and export businesses. The client will know when to expect the goods and how much to pay, while customs officers will get a notice of the delivery of goods well before the delivery.

Second, a proforma invoice could replace a regular invoice if you don’t have all the details you need to make an invoice. That means you could use it for internal purchase options for your customers.

Therefore, what proforma invoices do is that they streamline a sales process. That is why they are popular for most import and export businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do proforma invoices differ from regular invoices?

Proforma invoices vary from invoices in several ways. First, invoices can be legally binding, while proforma invoices tell the customer what to expect regarding payment and delivery. Second, the seller issues proforma invoices before a customer even places an order.

The invoice is usually after the customer places the order. Therefore, the fundamental difference is that invoices come after purchase, and proforma invoices come before purchase.

2. Can a customer pay basing on a proforma invoice?

Of course they can. Although proforma invoices are for the buyer to confirm the details, a customer can use them to pay well before the goods reach them. The business person will then refer to the proforma invoice when drafting up the payment.

3. Where can I find easy to fill and edit proforma invoice templates?

We have several here, although you can find them online if you search for them. Some might be free, and some you will have to sign up to access them. However, the ones we have here are free, so feel free to use them as you want.

Final Thoughts

If you run an export and import or other businesses and are looking for proforma invoice templates, we hope the ones we have provided here help you. They are pretty easy to fill and won’t give you much trouble editing.

Download and try them out. They won’t disappoint.

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