13+ Project Timeline Template Download [PPT Excel Word]

Preparing Project Timelines will ensure you monitor your project’s progress and do not go off track. It will help you complete the project at the dedicated time and present it professionally to the management.

Below are some free timeline templates which will help you excel on your professional front. They will guide you on designing timelines that attract your clients and will help you impress the top management too.

13+ Project timeline template [PPT Excel Word]

1. Phase wise Project Timeline Template


Project timelines can be used in many different ways. They also represent different things. You can make timelines in PPR, Word, or even Excel format depending on your use and requirement. Timelines are a very useful tool for project managers and project planners. Almost every organization believes in using a project timeline.

Many also claim that it is impossible to properly plan a project without a proper timeline. The project manager needs to know how what work is being done, how much work is completed, and how much more work remains.

Timelines are the most important aspect of any project. It determines the time needed to complete the project. It is one of the toughest things to create as it has to be appropriate and cannot exceed the decided time.  The graphical presentation of a good Project Timeline gives a thrill to the audience, but the most difficult part of a timeline is creating one like an LOI pdf.

Basic Project Timeline Template


This is the basic format of a timeline that is widely used by professionals looking for an easy-to-use document. In these timeline formats, some of the basic elements that you need to enter are the dates and the duration of the task assigned.

You will need to add the descriptions, the images, the targets to be achieved, and the date of delivery of the project too.

3. Tabular Project Timeline Template


The Tabular project timeline template is usually made in excel format. By its name itself, you will understand that it is in a tabular format and you can enter the details as per your requirement. In these templates, you can also add formulas to calculate the sum of your project if any.

There are three columns in this table to set your timeline as Days, Weeks, and Months. Such templates present your project data in a very concise and legible way that is easy to read and understand.

4. Boxed Project Timeline Template


The boxed project timeline template is easily downloadable and you can also edit the same. You can change the dates in this timeline accordingly. Just fill in all your details in the boxes below and prepare your timeline. These are simple timeline formats that can be understood by everyone.

Boxed templates are usually blank, with very few automation elements in them. You will need to do most of the data entry manually and this is why not a lot of people use such templates.

5. Event Planning Project Timeline Template


While preparing a project timeline template one should always remember the objective of the timeline. If the timeline you are preparing is for just a school/college project then a lot of colors and decorations can go into it. But if it’s being made for a project then a lot of details need to go into making a timeline.

The above template although colorful has clear instructions about the task to be completed during the specific timeline.

6. Weekly Project Timeline Template


The Weekly project timeline template can help you assign tasks every week. These templates are used for big projects when the project takes a lot of time to get completed.

With the help of these templates, the project manager can divide the tasks every week and target finishing the tasks at a specific timeline.

7. Event Timeline Template


Creating an Event Timeline can be different for different people depending on the event and the event size. If it is a small, one-day event, then every activity and every show during the event needs to be divided as per the timings. If it is a big event then preparations should start months before the event.

Hence the entire event and its planning can be divided one by one and you can assign a timeline within which all the work needs to get completed.

8. Business Timeline Template


Business Timelines could be one of the most crucial parts of a business. While in big companies big projects need extra attention to detail and this is when having a timeline comes into the picture.

Having a detailed timeline can break the projects into fine parts and assign a specific duration to them. This will help the management and the project leader keep proper track of the progress of their project.

9. IT project Timeline Template


Every industry believes in creating timelines and every business needs to follow one. In IT industries also it is important to have a clear and crisp timeline for the completion of the projects.

You can download this format from here and change the details according to your needs. You can also edit the template easily.

10. Software Project Timeline Template


The Software Project Timeline Template is mainly used in the IT industry. Here, apart from the task and the timeline, you can also mention the names of the employees to whom the task is assigned to. This way you will be able to monitor the progress of the template as well as the employee’s work progress.

The number of columns and the number of rows can be changed as per your requirement. Also, the colors given here do not necessarily mean anything. You can change them according to your convenience.

11. Monthly project Timeline Template


The given timeline format can be used to track the progress and determine the completion of the tasks every month. The colors can vary as per your wish.

The template helps in breaking down all the tasks minutely. It can also stretch over months and it gets easy for everyone to track the progress.

12. One-page Project Timeline Template


This is the most simplified version of a Project timeline template that you will find. These can be created in PPT format or even in Microsoft Word format.

The one-page template is used mainly by students who have to keep track of their studies and their annual examinations. This helps them understand how much time they have to prepare themselves for the upcoming examination.

13. Plain Project Timeline Template


If you need to demonstrate timelines, then these formats can work great for you. Here the emphasis is mainly on the project milestones. It is a good format to keep a track of the incidents that have happened year-wise. You can also use these templates to project something in the future like a completion of a monument/museum etc.

To keep a track of these important years you can use bigger icons, fonts, and bright colors to make your timeline look interesting and eye-catching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about these templates or Projects? Here are some commonly asked questions that we answered for you.

1. What is a typical project duration?

The Project Duration is basically the characteristics of a project in terms of its duration or the working time units. This can be expressed in hours, days, weeks, months, or years. In a typical scenario, the duration of a project can be 40 hours or 5 days. But this differs from project to project.

2. What is a project life cycle?

A project typically has five major phases. Each phase is divided with its own task, its own agenda, and its own issues. The phases are known as

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Closure

When all the five phases are taken together they create a path and the entire road right from the Initiation part to the Closure is known as the Project Life Cycle.

3. What is Project process flow?

While working on any project the project managers usually use a project flow chart. The flow chart helps in offering a clear picture of the process and it also finds ways to improve project efficiency. The flow chart is used to graphically display the objective of the project and to seek any logical orders and activities therein. The flow chart can also help in monitoring progress and also status reporting.


Timeline templates are very important to keep a track of your work and your productivity. They can help you get to such a point that you can monitor your progress on an hourly basis. With the use of a good and powerful project timeline, you can deliver a dynamic presentation to your clients and impress them with your professionalism.

Hope you found our article on Project Timeline Templates useful. With the help of these templates which are in the worm of PPT, Word, and Excel you can now understand and create templates as per your requirement. Simply download the templates from here and edit them as per your timeline. Also, before you go check out these mileage log for taxes reimbursement form!

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