11+ Promissory Note Template Download [WORD, PDF, DOC]

You want to loan someone some money under some terms. The only problem is that you have no way of ensuring this person will pay you at the agreed rate. What you need to have them do is sign a promissory note.

A promissory note is a legal document made between a lender and a second party detailing the loan terms and when to pay. Are you looking to make one but don’t know how to start?

Our promissory note templates got you covered.

Free Promissory Note Templates

1. Fillable Promissory Note Template


Since a promissory note is a legal contract, it is only fair that the wording reflects that. This template details everything to do with the amount loaned to a person and even the monthly installments required to complete the payment.

Besides that, it also lists the criteria by which the interest rate was calculated to ensure the borrower doesn’t cry foul later on. A promissory note lays everything bare to ensure there aren’t any grievances later on.

2. Simple Interest Only Promissory Note Template

Promissory Note Template


Since a promissory note should show a promise to pay the principal amount, you also need to clarify whether the interest is simple or compound. If you are offering someone money with simple interest, then this template is ideal for you.


won’t have to add anything new. You need to add information relevant to you, and you’re ready to go like our commercial rent roll template.

3. Lump-Sum Repayment Promissory Note

Lump-Sum Repayment Promissory Note


Some lenders prefer to get their money back in a lump sum payment. That means they don’t want someone to pay them in installments or partially. If the borrow agrees, then they will be bound by the terms of the agreement.

There’s also a slot that notes that anyone who bears the promissory note might be liable for payment. That means the borrower doesn’t have to pay the money to the person who lent them.

Anyone with the note can demand payment from the borrower.

4. Checklist Style Promissory Note Template

Checklist Style Promissory Note


Checklist-style documents make for faster and easier signing. All you have to do is check out the option you most agree with. You can also harness that in a promissory note like this template attests.

The template gives a person several options for them to choose from. It then includes a checkbox for the person to tick the one that favors them most. It is a simple approach to making this document.

5. Promissory Note Template

Promissory Note Template


Promissory notes come in handy when you’re dealing with basic loans with rudimentary payment structures. That means the note doesn’t have to be all that elaborate. It only needs to include the important bits of information.

This template, although fraught with detail, retains the simplicity that should define any promissory note. It lists all the contentious issues that the borrower and the lender have t agree on to make the promissory note valid.

6. Non-Negotiable Promissory Note Template

Non-Negotiable Promissory


When the parties in a lending agreement aren’t privy to a negotiable instrument, they can come up with a non-negotiable promissory note. The note compels the borrower to pay the stated amount without a chance of reduction.

Adding the words non-negotiable to any promissory note will change it to a non-negotiable promissory note. Such a note varies from the other kinds of promissory notes because the payment terms might be different.

There isn’t a separate loan agreement when someone decides to use a non-negotiable promissory note. If you are in that situation, download this template and customize it before using it.

7. Promissory Note for Corporate Template


As the name suggests, a Promissory Note for Corporate documents a promise by a borrower to repay a particular corporation. That also means that a business corporation can also give a promissory note.

Corporate promissory notes might be necessary because the loan amount offered doesn’t warrant the highly structured payments.

8. Promissory Note Contract Template


Although it might seem like a promise, a promissory note is a contract between a borrower and a lender. It binds the borrower to pay the stated sum of money by a date, which is usually agreed to.

This template has been written in a contract style that further makes it easier for someone to use. Some people would appreciate the formality that it portrays.

9. Small Business Promissory Note

Small Business Promissory Note


We have already seen that businesses can also draft a promissory note. Well, it isn’t only the large businesses that can do that, since even small ones can. This simple promissory note template would be the ideal option for someone running a small business.

It includes information on if the person will pay with interest. It also comprises a default interest rate that protects someone from someone defaulting for too long.

The contract penalizes them for defaulting with the agreed payment.

10. Standard Promissory Note


A standard promissory note is just like any other note because it details a person’s promise to pay off a debt. It also lays down the terms by which the person will pay and the payment period.

When lending people money, there is always the risk of default. That’s why there is a security option on this template. A secured loan means the lender might seize the provided property if the borrower doesn’t pay in time.

11. Promissory Note Template


It is important to list collateral when offering someone a loan. That provides a sense of protection for your money in case they default. This template features a place to outline if there is collateral for the borrowed amount.

When signing this note, the list of requirements informs the lender whenever the borrower changes addresses. That is for protecting the lender since it is a commonplace to see people escape from paying their debts.

12. Sales Promissory Note


This is a promissory note that would work for a business person. It has a concise description for all the things the person must have bought and the total amount. The buyer then promises to pay at a specific date by singing this promissory note.

It is a legally intelligent way of ensuring you can safely loan a customer while reducing the risk of default.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are promissory notes legally binding documents?

Yes, promissory notes are legally binding documents. If someone avoids paying someone after signing a promissory note, they risk having a court date if they file charges. Additionally, if you listed any collateral, then the note allows them to seize it on default.

Does a promissory note need a notary signature to be valid?

No. the lender and borrower’s signatures are enough to make the document legally binding. It thus doesn’t need to be notarized at all.

Final Thoughts

If you want to write a promissory note but don’t know where to start, these promissory note templates should come in handy. The templates we have provided will make it easier for you to draft up a promissory note quickly. You can use them for any person and any amount of money.

Remember that promissory notes are legally binding documents and that they might give you a court date if any party violates their terms.

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