9+ Punch Card Template FREE [Word, Excel, PDF]

Punch Cards or Punched Cards are pieces of paper mainly used by business owners. These cards are often used to increase sales and attract customers through reward points.

Organizations use such cards to keep a track of how many sales they have done or how many times have a customer returned to their outlet. Each time a customer purchases something the punch card is punched until the icons and spaces have been completed.

9+ Punch Card Templates

1. Simple Punch Card Template

punch card template


This is a simple punch Card Template. As you can see in the picture there are 10 numbers mentioned in the card and the last one indicates that if a customer purchases 9 items in the shop he/she will get the 10th item free.

This is a classic way to increase sales in any business.

2. A 50 percent off Punch Card Template

punch card


This is a Punch Card Template that gives the customer a 50% off on his 5th purchase. This is a simple and cute-looking Punch Card Template that is editable just like a police report template.

style="text-align: justify;">The colors and the design of the free template make it apt to be used in any kid’s store or fashion-related brands similar to an adoption certificate template. The card states that if a customer store for the 5th time then they will get a 50% off which is an amazing sales tactic.

3. Off on Product and Service Punch Card Template

discount punch card


The above template can be used for two different industries. One could be a service industry and the other could be a product industry. Since the card states that on repeat visits to the particular store a customer is eligible to get one product and one service complimentary.

The color of the card can always be changed as per your liking. But do get them printed on a color printer.

4. Black and White Punch Card Template

punch card black and white


The Black and White punch card template is also a very classy-looking one. You can easily free download the card from here and get it printed on paper as per your choice.

Should you want you can change the color of the card too. Black and white cards not only look good, but they also save you a ton of money while printing them out since no color is used!

5. The coffee Shop Punch Card Template

coffee shop punch card


The coffee shop Punch Card Template is a perfect reward card that can be used to generate sales in any coffee outlet. These free punch cards are especially great to target the young crowd who likes to hang around in coffee shops with their friends.

Once the Punch card is completed the customer will get a reward point in the form of a free coffee.

6. The Beverage Punch Card Template


The Ultimate Beverage Punch Card is something that all of us would love to have. The punch card templates remains the same that on purchase of 9 alcoholic beverages you get the 10th one free as reward.

You can use this customers reward template for any business you want. You can use it for food and clothing stores too. Get the punch card templates printed out on a high-quality color printer for the best possible results.

7. The Salon Punch Card Template

punch cards for salon


The Salon Punch card Template is the simplest-looking free template. It’s very clear to understand that on five hair cuts the customer is being offered the sixth hair cut free. These physical punch cards are offered to the clients and every time they visit the salon they are supposed to carry the cards with them.

Once their service is over the salon manager will either punch the card or tick the card to mark the number of visits of the client. This way he keeps a track of how many times the customer has returned to his outlet.

8. The Designer Punch Card Template

business reward program


The Designer Punch Card Template is the same card as the rest of the ones given. The only difference is the design which looks a little fancy but depends on the customers if you want a fancy-looking Punch Card or a simple one.

Usually, there are different kinds of customers rewards that you can earn using these Punch Cards. The content in the punch cards can be customized according to these reward offers.

9. Bright and colorful Punch Card Template

loyalty card


A lot of big businesses at times make use of such customers Loyalty Cards to make benefits and give reward. Depending on your type of business and customers you can choose to design the punch Cards and also give the rewards as per your company standards and norms.

However, do remember that colorful punch cards will usually cost more than the simple format ones as their printing cost will be high.

Frequently Asked questions

Do you have questions about Punch cards? Here are some commonly asked questions that we have answered for you.

1. How can I make Punch Cards?

  • To make free Punch Cards just choose a loyalty card template
  • Think about a good and catchy name
  • Upload your images
  • Add your desired text
  • Customize your colors, shapes, and designs
  • Print the loyalty program cards on a paper of your choice.

2. Do Loyalty Cards increase sales?

Loyalty cards are a great way to make your customers feel special and valued under your loyalty program. Using the right kind of customers loyalty program discount can ensure your customers come back to you. This will also increase your sales and also bring in new customers footfalls to your store. Otherwise, they are great in keeping your customers engaged.

3. What are the disadvantages of Punch Cards?

Since a lot of people are using punch Cards to attract customers there could be a market saturation over a period of time. Apart from this the constraints of collected data also remain an issue.


We really hope you enjoyed reading our article on Punch Cards and found this article useful. Every template is carefully selected and is very easy to understand. You can always download the templates and get them printed to use them for your business.

Punch Cards can be a great way to upscale your game in the market and they help you offer something exciting to customers and keep them coming back. Before you go, check out our high school diploma template – get them here!

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