9+ Puzzle Piece Template Printable For Kids & Adult

Puzzles are types of games that are used to increase the intelligence of every individual, mainly children. Puzzles come in various shapes and sizes, and the more children play with them the more they learn.

Puzzles can be simple or complicated. You can get a variety of puzzles from the market each dedicated to a specific age group. The more complicated the puzzles the more time it takes to get solved.

9+ Puzzle Piece Templates

1. Black and White Puzzle Piece Template


The Black and White Puzzle Piece template is a very easy-to-use template similar to a fake police report. Once you download, this you need to get it printed.

The template works great for people with children and also while involving in team-building activities in the office. Simply put whatever numbers or alphabets or stories in this puzzle and get your children and your team to solve it.

2. Small and colorful Puzzle Piece Template


The Small and Colourful Puzzle piece Template is a simple one. They can be used for children below 5 years to keep them engaged. The colors of the puzzle can be changes as per your children’s favorite color to make it more interesting. You can use this puzzle to play anything like an alphabet game or a number game or even a book characters game.

style="text-align: justify;">The puzzles pieces are larger in size than the previous template and this will be very helpful for children with special needs. Get it printed on a high-quality color printed just like an adoption certificate template and the puzzle is good to go!

3. Animated Puzzle Piece Template


The Animated Puzzle piece Template can be easily downloaded and it is ready to be used without edits. Usually, these puzzles take less than 15 minutes to be solved and are a great way to increase your children’s concentration level.

Easily printable puzzles are some of the best ways to play with your child. You can also get them printed in black and white depending on your child’s interest or depending on the printing budget.

4. Heart Shaped Puzzle Piece Template


This is a simple Puzzle piece template that is a  heart-shaped design. You can have such templates in different shapes and sizes. You may prepare a design as simple as a round, square, rectangle, or even a diamond.

Once you print it out, do make sure that the cutting is accurate and along the borders of the puzzle pieces. Or you can get these cut professionally.

5. Large Puzzle Piece Template


This is a full-page puzzle piece template. This may look complicated to you but it’s actually not. These kinds of jigsaw piece templates can be really helpful for classroom sessions.

These kinds of one-page long puzzle templates are very useful to teach students a variety of lessons/topics. These topics then again can be divided into subtopics such as maths, health, wellbeing, economics, etc. Such puzzles are a great learning tool and keep the kids engaged for a long time!

6. Broken Heart Puzzle Piece Template


These puzzles are ready to be downloaded and can be printed. To begin using them all you need is a pair of scissors to cut the pieces accurately along with black border lines.

These puzzle pieces fit together in a formation that ends up becoming a heart-shaped puzzle. Once the pieces are cut off just jumble up the pieces and begin playing.

7. Colourful Hands Puzzle Piece Template


Jigsaw puzzles like these help in developing children’s problem-solving skills. As the child joins every piece of the puzzle together they feel that his or her problems are getting solved.

The format is very colorful and it is a really fun process to put this puzzle together. It might be a little challenging but it sure will be plenty of fun too!

8. Blue Plain Puzzle Piece Template


The puzzles as we mentioned comes in different shapes and sizes but the ultimate aim of the puzzle is the same. The solving of a Jigsaw puzzle improves your child’s memory and helps in developing their motor skills.

Apart from this, your attention to detail also improves, which in turn is going to be very helpful in your career.

9. Round Shaped Puzzle Piece Template


Round Shaped Puzzle Piece Templates are the simplest-looking puzzles. They are mainly used in the corporate world to describe the balance of elements. It can be used by corporates to denotes that only when all the teams are strong together do they become one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about puzzle piece templates? We answered some commonly asked questions and hope they help!

1. What are the pieces of a Puzzle called?

The Jigsaw Puzzle pieces actually have names. They are called “Tabs” and “Blanks”

2. Do Jigsaw Puzzles help your brain?

Solving puzzles can really help in the development of your brain. Many studies have shown that solving Jigsaw Puzzles have actually helped in improving cognition and visual-spatial reasoning in people. The overall process of solving a puzzle by bringing all the pieces together also helps in building short-term memory.

3. Are Jigsaw Puzzles good for anxiety?

Many scientists have proven that playing jigsaw puzzles or involving in handicrafts, coloring, and meditative activities helps in calming down a person. It really plays a very important role in calming down anxiety. Playing jigsaw Puzzles helps in improving mental well-being.


The simplest puzzles that can be downloaded and printed can actually go a long way in improving a person’s concentration powers. Whoever involves in playing with a puzzle especially a child can be expected to improve their holding skills as they hold the pieces together, cognitive skills, and emotional skills.

The puzzle templates that are provided in this article are very easy and each of them can be downloaded. Just print the puzzles and cut them into pieces before handing them over to your child. We really hope you enjoyed reading this article and found the templates and the article useful.

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