9+ Printable Recipe Card Template Editable [Word, PDF] (completed)

Do you enjoy preparing sumptuous meals and want to share the way you cook with other people? Besides having a YouTube channel to showcase your skills, you can do that with a recipe card template.

Recipe card templates will be like a file for all you need to prepare a particular meal and how to do it. To make a recipe card, you will need templates that will help you showcase the guidelines and ingredients.

We have compiled a list of recipe card templates you can use precisely for that. Have a look.

Printable Recipe Card Templates

1. Editable Recipe Card Template

Recipe Card Template


Although we have dubbed this template a thanksgiving recipe, it shouldn’t limit you to use only for thanksgiving. The floral borders make it a beautiful form to write in the recipe.

You will feel happier reading the recipe from a beautiful card than from a bland card. That’s why we think this card template will be an ideal fit for many people. It comes in several parts, which enable you to include several recipe instructions.

Talk of a three in one.

2. Blank Recipe Card Template

Recipe Card Template 



is another card template you can use to detail the instructions for preparing a specific dish. This one is blank to enable you to write the instructions with no undue influence.

However, it doesn’t qualify as a beautiful card. But again, all recipe cards don’t have to be beautiful, do they? All they need to do is convey the instructions for how to cook the meal. Simple!

3. Stylish Recipe Card

Stylish Recipe Card


When people thought of recipe cards, they would write the recipes on regular paper. These papers, you must have heard people say they have a secret recipe they got from a grandparent or other person.

This template is a throwback to those days, albeit with a minor difference. The template looks like a piece of paper except for the decorations on the corners. Of course, all those are only trifles, considering the primary function of the card.

4. From the Kitchen Of – Recipe Card

From the Kitchen Of Recipe Card


As far as card designs go, this should rank among the best. Of course, it is the colors that make it stand out and not specifically the contents. That doesn’t mean you can’t add some bombastic cooking instructions.

It only means you will feel happier reading the cooking instructions from a well-designed template card like this one.

5. Design Recipe Card


Cooking without a recipe can be difficult, especially if you crave a meal and don’t know how to cook. With the above card template, you can get someone to give you the recipe for the meal you enjoyed at their place.

It has some place for you to note any issues that crop up when cooking with the recipe. Such minor problems include the do’s and don’ts.

6. Step By Step Recipe

Step By Step Recipe card


The best way to teach someone new to cooking is to give them a recipe with step-by-step instructions. It makes it much easier for the person if the instructions are direct. This template allows you to do that.

It also goes ahead and lists the equipment you will need to prepare the meals. You don’t want to find yourself with the recipe and ingredients but no cooking equipment, do you?

Talk of going the extra mile!

7. Illustrative Recipe Card

Illustrative Recipe Card


This card by Julianna Smith is beautiful. But besides that, it also offers you enough space to draft those winding recipes for that complicated meal everyone can’t get enough of. Better give them the recipe for them to try cooking it themselves!

8. Kitchen Style Recipe Card

kitchen printable recipe card template word


You might have noticed a consistent trend with the recipe templates on this list. They all are relatively simple and easy to understand. But what else are they supposed to be? Recipes need to be simple for knowing what to add to the boiling pot next.

If you want a colorful, simple recipe card, you need not look further than here.

9. Orange Recipe Card


Another fine specimen by which you can archive your secret recipes for your loved ones. Do you know these secret recipes everyone wants to know but can’t because they only belong to the family?

Well, you can write them on this recipe card and only pass them to your children. If they love to cook, then they will love the fantastic card you wrote the recipe on. Better than writing on a piece of paper by a mile.

10. Funky Recipe Card

Funky Recipe Card


And here we are -the last specimen on our list of incredible recipe card templates. It is pretty simple, much like the rest, and only gives you space to write the ingredients and the direction.

This one would give anyone a hard time understanding it. Don’t you think so? Go ahead and document your recipes with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I make my own recipe cards?

Why not? You can make your own recipe cards and use them to document your favourite recipes. You’ll need to start by getting some templates you can print and write the recipes on. What better place to start than with the templates we have here?

2. How vital are recipe cards?

Recipe cards are an essential part of any restaurant and many families. Besides making it possible for someone to pass on their best cooking styles, they are a quick way for someone to learn how to cook a specific meal

That’s why they are popular at restaurants because they are an integral part of the menu.

3. Do recipe cards need to be all about the ingredients and food preparation?

No. you can include information such as how to store the food once you have cooked it. That will come in handy for people preparing bulky amounts of food. You could also add information about the shelf life of the food.

It all depends on how informative you want the recipe to be

Final Thoughts

Have a meal only you can prepare well? Then write a recipe with the recipe card templates we have provided here. In much the same way the best meals need to be shared, so do recipes.

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