11+ Rent Roll Template Download [Excel, Word, Google Sheets]

A Rent Roll is a document that shows them a record of all the rent that they have collected and the rent that is due to them!

Listed below are some basic and professionally designed Rent Roll templates that you will find very useful.

This is not a profit or loss document, but instead, it caters to the revenue you generate from the properties you rent out. Here are some rent roll:

& More!

Free Rent Roll Templates

1. General Rent Roll Form – Word

free rent roll template


First up, we have this simple yet elegant-looking rent roll format that has been designed with Microsoft Word. If you are a property owner, then you can give these out to your building managers to fill up.

The form is self-explanatory and can be filled online or via a printout.

There are placeholders for property type, tenant details, period of rent, rent amount, repair and maintenance details along with other sections.

The form can be edited to include information that you might want to put in just like a high school diploma word document.

2. Business Real Estate Rent Roll Form – PDF

rent roll forms


Designed by a worldwide banking company, this rent roll format is widely used across by property owners and building managers.

You can use this PDF as a guideline while creating your own, customized rent roll documents.

The form shows sections for details about the rental property, area, start and end date of the lease, rent increase percentages, and any remarks you might want to put in.

If you maintain multiple properties, then this format will help you track all of them in place! Download now!

3. Bank Rent Roll Format – Excel

free rent roll template bank


The advantage of using Microsoft Excel for such templates is that you can perform certain automatic calculations.

In this Bank Rent Roll template you can define your own formulas to calculate things like total rent due, rent collection so far, the number of units under you, average rent collected, etc.

The file is free to download and can be edited as well. However, when you do edit this try not to change any inbuilt formulas otherwise it might give you wrong calculations.

All necessary headers have been put as columns so the format is pretty comprehensive.

4. Print Optimized Rent Roll Format – Word

rent roll report


For those of you who like to print documents out, this should be an excellent rent roll template. As you can see, it contains tick boxes that minimize the need to write details down.

When you get new tenants for a rental property, this form should be filled in.

It captures details about the new tenant, property type, lease types, property details, and then the details of the agreement. It is a handy tool for building managers who can quickly jot down all necessary information in this form.

5. Multi Family Rent Roll Format – PDF

rent roll report


Multi-family rent roll report are typically required when your property is an apartment or a building that has been occupied by various tenants.

You might have multiple units in an apartment complex and at that time, you can’t be expected to maintain a separate rent roll form for each of your tenants.

In such cases, you can use this multi-family rent roll doc that helps you put all information in one document. You can ask your building managers to fill this is each time a new tenant moves in and the same can be updated on a periodic basis. The form is print-optimized as well.

6. Commercial Rent Roll Format – Word



For every format, there can be a simple version and then an advanced version. This sample Rent Roll template is an advanced version as it not only serves as a rent roll document but keeps track of your rental property-related expenses. There are two sections to this doc.

The top section is your rent roll format that contains sections to note down details about your tenants and their rents. At the bottom is a section, where you can list down all property-related expenses. This way you get to track your rental income and compare it against the property expenses.

7. Automated Rent Roll Format – Excel



This sample Rent Roll is similar to the earlier in the sense that it lets to do calculations and captures more details.

However, since it is made in Microsoft Excel, you can put in formulas to calculate values automatically.

At the bottom, you will see a row that does all the Total calculations for you which means this should be used on your computer.

All other necessary sections of a Rent Roll document have been included in this file. However, you might have your own requirements so it can be edited as well. Once you finish, double-check the formulas to ensure that they are correct.

8. Office and Commercial Rent Roll Format – Excel



There are 3 parts to this rent roll format document. The first sheet is a set of instructions for you to follow while filling in the information in this.

In the 2nd sheet, you will find placeholders to enter the office and commercial expenses. These include expenses like insurance, taxes, etc.

The last sheet is your typical rent roll where you enter details like property information, owner and tenant details, the lease information, rent amount, due date, etc.

9. Rent Roll and Rental Agreement Format – PDF



This isn’t your typical one-page rent roll format but a comprehensive document that contains the rent roll format, the terms, and conditions of renting out the property, registration details, etc.

You can use this 4-page document as a guideline to design your own rent roll format and agreement terms as well. If you are looking to get new tenants, then this format could be really handy since it combines two documents – the rent roll and the agreement!

10. Comprehensive Rent Roll Format – Word



Another highly comprehensive rent roll that you will find extremely helpful!

This is divided into various sections like Project, occupancy levels, rental unit incomes, non-revenue unit details, rent concessions, certifications, and finally the rent roll format.

The professionally designed doc is highly detailed but if you still want to make changes to it, you can. It is optimized to be printed out so you won’t have to change the margins.

11. Apartment Rent Roll Format – Excel



The final rent roll we have is one specifically designed for apartments or instances where multiple tenants occupy one building.

In this one, you will find provisions to enter the apartment units along with other details like apartment size, tenant name, lease dates, facilities provided, monthly rent, etc.

The columns can be edited so you are free to add/remove any detail you want to change. There are two sections in this – one for the rent information and the other one for the rental terms and conditions. So fill out both sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Here are some that we answered to help you out!

1. What sections should I include in my Rent Roll format?

Some of the most common sections used include

  • Property Owner details
  • Property Size
  • Monthly Rent
  • Other fees, deposit information
  • Lease start and end dates
  • Tenant information
  • Facilities provided with the unit
  • Renewal options
  • Annual increases
  • Payment modes

2. What are the main uses of a rent roll?

The main purpose of maintaining a rent roll is to keep a track of the amount of rental income coming in. The rent roll can also be used to track expenses and used for tax calculations.

Some of the other uses of the rent roll are

  • Gross rental income statement
  • Tenancy history
  • Renewal information
  • Property expenses

3. Is the Rent Roll the same as a Lease Ledger?

Not really. The Lease Ledger is a financial tool that gives you a complete snapshot of your financials like rental, utilities, taxation, and net rental income.

A Rent Roll usually gives you details about your rental income and expenses. It is just an overview whereas the ledger is much more comprehensive.


Rent Rolls are not very well known amongst everyone but building managers and property owners have been using these documents for ages.

Such people usually use the rent roll documents to track details about their rental income, cash flow, rental property expenses, taxation details, etc.

Organizations that are into renting out properties have automated software that generates rent rolls.

However, these softwares are often very complicated to learn and pricey. They aren’t for everyone.

So, if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket with that software then use our free rent roll templates!

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