9+ Sample Rental Verification Form Editable Free [DOC, PDF]

There are several things a landlord looks for in any prospective tenant. Applying for tenancy is just like a job. And thus, tenants need to show or prove to the landlord that they are worthy of being considered for tenancy.

The rental verification process is heavily reliant on rental verification forms. That’s because the forms make it easier for the landlord to confirm the potential tenant’s financial, criminal, and social history.

If you want to make a rental verification form, then the sample rental verification forms we have here will guide you.

Sample Rental Verification Forms

1. Landlord Verification Form

Landlord Verification Form


This form verifies that a tenant lived at a specific landlord’s apartment or house when they say they lived in a particular place. It enables the new landlord to understand if the tenant has a history of trouble or property damage to know whether to grant them tenancy.

That makes a critical document in the rental verification process.

2. Rental Verification Form

Rental Verification Form


To gain tenancy in a new apartment, a tenant might need to provide information on the last places they ever rented an apartment. This form would thus come in handy, acting as a reference from the previous landlord’s apartment.


new landlord would use it to get specific information that will inform their decision to house a person.

3. Landlord release of Information

Landlord release of Information form


Even if a landlord needs certain information from a tenant, they can’t ask for the data without permission from the tenant. The tenant needs to draft a form known as a landlord’s release of information form requesting for the previous landlord to release the information.

The form needs to have their signature and then have the previous landlord’s signature to be valid.

4. Lease Verification Form

rental verification request


When a landlord wants to confirm that they have leased property to a tenant, they need to sign a form saying they have done so. The form serves as proof of an agreement between the landlord and the tenant.

It states the day the tenant started living in the stated apartment on what terms.

5. Rental Verification Form

Rental Verification Form


This is another release of information form from a landlord to another. A prospective landlord drafts this form and sends it to a tenant’s previous landlord to inform them of releasing the tenant’s information.

It can therefore act as a reference form for a tenant’s new tenant. This will enable the new landlord to judge the financial and social history of the new tenant to gauge if they would be trouble in the future.

6. Rental PDF Verification


Each tenant needs to get a good reference from their previous landlord to get a new place. This form enables the landlord to provide reference information to the new landlord to judge if the new tenant will be a model tenant.

Prompt rent payment is a concern for many landlords, so they always seek to know more about the new tenant. With this form, they can get the information from the previous landlord and make a more informed decision.

7. Rental Verification Request

request for rental verification


A rental verification request form comes in handy when a tenant wants a new landlord to know their previous information. It is like the new landlord asking for information on the tenant from the previous landlord.

The tenant’s signature is proof they agree to the prospective landlord asking for the information.

8. Property Verification


Tenants can be of different, same as the property being rented. A rental property verification form shows who the tenant is, the terms of the tenancy, and the property’s name.

This form would be a good bet for the person seeking to rent property to a business person. The form won’t be complete without the signatures of the landlord and the applicant (the potential tenant).

9. Rental Verification Form


Verification forms are like background checks. A landlord uses any information the tenant provides to check their renting history and if they are good renters. This verification form is an easy-to-read form that makes rental verification a seamless process.

10. Simple Verification Doc


Rental verification is one of the best ways for a landlord to protect themselves from irresponsible tenants. They get to screen any of them before admitting them to their premises.

This form template is another excellent choice for a verification form. It gets the information the landlord needs from the tenant’s previous landlord.

11. Verification Form Consent


Any valid rental verification form needs to have a consent form. Since drafting two forms would make it a laborious process, most people include a small section where the tenant gives their consent for their information to be sought.

The above template wraps up our list of sample rental verification forms. While the forms might look a bit different, they all have the same underlying concept. They aim to give the landlord a proficient way to check the potential renters renting history.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How important is a rental verification form to a tenant?

Rental verification forms are important for a tenant whenever they open a bank account or apply to a school. They also prove that tenants live harmoniously in any rented apartment without issues for the landlord or their neighbors. It thus makes it easier for them to move to a new apartment.

2. Can I move into an apartment without a rental verification form?

While the rental verification forms are important, some landlords don’t ask for them. Therefore, there are some apartments you can move into without the landlord asking for a rental verification form. It is the landlord’s choice to ask for one or not.

3. Is a rent verification form proof of address?

No. documents that prove your address are rent receipts, the tenancy agreement, and the rent book.

Final Thoughts

These sample rental verification forms will make it easier for any landlord to do background checks and thus avoid troublesome tenants. Download them and use them if you need any information regarding your tenants. Before you go, here are some vehicle maintenance log (download pdf)

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