9+ RFP Response Template EDITABLE Download [Word, PDF]

An RFP response is a document businesses make in response to a request for offers to provide services or products. Most entrepreneurs and business organizations usually come up with RFP responses to make sales.

These documents, however, can be quite challenging to create from scratch. That’s why you need an RFP response template.

We have some templates you can use if you need one.

Free RFP Response Template

1. Short From RFP Response Template

RFP Response Template


A short proposal will take you half the time you would use on an otherwise detailed response template. This one here would be ideal for many entrepreneurs and most organizations as well.

When crafting RFP responses, you need to be as detailed as possible. Still, you need to avoid bogging down potential clients with too many details. This template will enable you to do that.

2. Long-Form RFP Response Template

RFP Response Template Long form


While entrepreneurs can make a shirt RFP response, some originations would need them to be quite detailed. This template is ideal for most organizations that want suppliers to provide a raft of services or products.


extended version of an RFP response would most likely boost your conversion rate if you added the correct details. It is worth noting that even if the response is detailed, you should include all the accurate information to boost the conversion rate.

3. RFP Response Template


With RFP responses, it’s usually to pitch a particular client that might be of significant importance to your business. That’s why they are serious business. If you want to convey this seriousness, you will need to show it in the way you send out your response.

This response template has all you need to craft a serious RFP response a client will love. It goes all out on the details side and should be ideal for most organizations.

An entrepreneur could use it too if they wish, although it wouldn’t be better than the short form template we have already shared.

4. RFP Response Template


Crafting RFP proposals can be hugely time-consuming. That’s why we think you would appreciate a template that has the details you might want. All you’re left with is to tweak the pieces to fit your specifications.

This template will net you conversions if you put out inspired and impressive content. It has ideas on how to proceed and how to make the proposal hard to ignore by clients.

5. RFP Response Template

RFP Response with TOC


Often there isn’t a sure way to know what the client wants from you or whether they know you well enough to commit. That’s one of the many reasons RFP responses should come in handy.

This template relies on the details to get the point across, with five different ways to go about it. They might sound easy to make, but RFP responses aren’t that straightforward. That’s why the five different templates offered in this one template will give you different styles to put your points across.

6. RFP Response Template


While coming up with an RFP response, you will need to include many things. Of the many things to have are your qualifications and what makes you think you are the ideal fit for the client.

This template will perfectly capture all that. If you are applying to corporate organizations, it will convey the seriousness by which you take their RFP. That’s because it has a place for you to include as many details as you can.

7. RFP Response Template

rfp response template doc


RFP Responses will often need to be as detailed as possible. That’s why we loved this template, since it enables you to go down into the specifics of every service that you will offer to the client.

The summary section gives the client a sneak peek into what your response entails and might even be the clincher as far as the deal is concerned.

8. RFP Response Template


An excel style template could be easy to go with if you need to break down a few things for the client. This template will enable you to state all the concerns, from general information to technical considerations.

If you offer software services or are a certified vendor of various products, this template would come in handy. It contains so many details that should put your point across when sending a response to an RPF.

9. RFP Response Template

rfp response template ppt


While the timing and client budget are all things to consider when drafting an RFP response, the quality of your RPF proposals matters. This template will enable you to put your best foot forward in the quest to prove to clients that you will offer the best services.

Thanks to the guiding sections already in the template, you will find it free-flowing and easy to fill in. You will still need to communicate strongly within your proposal to convince the client of all the details. This proposal template will arguably make that easier for you to do.

How to Write an RFP Response

Take your Time and Craft the Best Response

Every business owner has been in that situation where they sent a proposal to a client, and they never got a response. That could have been because they went ahead and came up with a shoddy response to an RFP.

That’s why it’s essential to take your time to come up with something the client won’t think about twice before committing. That needs you to put your best foot forward in the proposal.

Be Sure of the Client’s Timing First

At times you might rush into creating an RFP response, but the timing isn’t right. The client could want the services at a later time in the future. With the way RPF responses are time-consuming, this could waste your time.

That’s why you need to be sure of the client’s timing before sending your proposal.

Be completely Factual

We can’t emphasize this enough. You will need to be as factual as possible in whatever you include in the response. That’s because it is a risky move to include anything that you can’t satisfy. It could cost you more business in the long run besides losing the client if they find out.

If you don’t know how to do it, use a template

The templates we have here will help make your work easier if you use them well. You don’t have to come up with a response from scratch. Leverage templates as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I find RFP response templates?

RFP response templates are in plenty on the internet. We have, however, gathered several of them here for you. Don’t hesitate to download and use any of them.

Are RFP response templates worth it?

Yes, they are. RFP templates are an easy way for you to reach out to clients and air out your proposal plans. Coming up with an RFP response from scratch can be a daunting task. That’s why templates will come in handy.

Final Thoughts

Boost your proposal’s chances with the RFP response template we have outlined here, and you will see how easy it will be. Templates are an excellent way to go around the difficulty of writing an RFP response from scratch.

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