11+ FREE Sales Receipt Templates Download [Word, Excel, PDF]

When you make a purchase, the best and most common method to have proof of your purchase is through a Sales Receipt. The receipt is useful for both the merchant and the consumer as it shows the details of the products purchased. The Sales receipt is also known as a transaction receipt.

As a buyer, the receipt also helps you in protecting your rights as a consumer. If the products you purchased are faulty and you decide to return them as they are damaged or get them exchanged you will need proof of your purchase.

Printable Sales Receipt Templates

Below are some Sales Receipt Templates which will give you an understanding of how they are and what details they contain.

1. Makeup Artist Sales Receipt

Makeup Sales Receipt


A makeup artist is responsible to make you look glamourous during your special occasions. An artist invests a lot in products, time, and effort to make you feel special, for which they charge you. This invoice outlines the services provided to the client and has all the details mentioned on it about the kind of products and services used.

It is a professional way to bill your clients with ease. Having a detailed invoice ensures you are not missing out on any information such as the name of the item used and the description of it before entering the amount like in a blank check template.

Car Sales Template

Car Sales Receipt Template


A Car Sales Receipt is given to a buyer as proof of payment on the purchase of a Car. This can also be used as an acknowledgment while making a deposit towards the purchase price of the vehicle. These receipts can be used towards the purchase of any vehicle such as a car, motorbike, scooter, van, or any other vehicle.

It acts as a proof for the buyer and seller to acknowledge the sale of the vehicle. Mentioning details such as date of purchase, vehicle model no, color, type, vehicle identification number are very important and critical details to be mentioned on the receipt.

3. Corporate Sales Receipt

Corporate Sales Receipt Template


The Corporate Sales Template is used by companies for the purchase of various goods for their companies. Most corporate organizations have their respective vendors through whom they purchase products either weekly, monthly, or yearly. Having an invoice that captures all the details of the products purchased is very important to clear the bills by the Finance Department.

It is also important to keep these invoices simple and easy to understand. The receipt has to have the details of the person on whose name and address the bill is to be billed. In the description box, you can also write down the details of the items purchased to avoid any confusion.

4. Generic Sales Receipt Template

Generic Sales Receipt Template


The Generic Sales Receipt is the most common sales receipt as it is flexible to use. The one column which is very important to fill here is the receipt number.

This helps the owner of the shop to keep track of the number of sales that have happened. At the end of the template, there is also an option to choose the payment mode such as Cash or Card.

5. Everyday use Sales Receipt


This is also one of the most common Sales Receipt formats which is not only very short and crisp but is also very simple and has all the required details in it. This receipt can be used for various purposes such as house rents, water bills, daily grocery shopping, etc. The receipt has the option to enter the buyer’s and seller’s details in it along with the description of the items purchased.

6. Medical Sales Receipt

Medical Sales Receipt template


Medical bills are issued by healthcare organizations to patients or their family members. These receipts have details of the services the patient has received along with the dates, and the medications that were given to them. There is also a column where the amount paid is mentioned along with the balance amount which is yet to be paid.

A medical bill is also used when submitting an individuals tax receipts; hence mentioning bills with proper name and details are very important. Medical bills can also be received from pharmacies on the purchase of medicines. Details of all the medicines should be mentioned in the bill along with the buyer’s name.

7. Professional Receipt


With this Sales Receipt template, you have an option of uploading your company Logo into it to make it look professional. These receipts are mainly used by brands across different industries. The one-pager template has all details mentioned in it including the total discount on the bill if any and the total tax.

8. Delivery/Goods Receipt

Delivery Goods Receipt Template


Major shipping companies while delivering goods use a sales receipt of this kind. The seller needs to mention the name of the items and the quantity in the receipt along with the total amount. This allows the buyer to tally the number of items mentioned in the bill with the number of items received before making any payment.

The format allows you to mention few critical details such as the number of pieces per package, the total weight of the item, and the total number of packages.

9. Restaurant Sales Receipt Template


After completing a meal at the restaurant, you are provided with a detailed bill of the items you ordered and the cost of each item. This helps the consumer clearly understand and compare what you consumed, and also get a breakup of the bill.

To help restaurants keep track of the number of footfalls, they need to enter the receipt number and the unique customer ID on the bill.

10. Fire Arm Sales Receipt

Fire Arm Sales Receipt Template


Buying any Fire and Arm is not easy anywhere in the world and the seller needs to hand over a detailed receipt when selling one. While buying arms there are certain terms and conditions which need to be accepted by both the seller and the buyer. These terms are clearly mentioned on the Sales Receipt.

The seller must enter all the details of the buyers in the receipt including their names, addresses, and contact details. In such bills, it is also required to enter the details of the firearm sold such as make, caliber, model number, and cost.

11. Clothing Sales


Every merchandise sold should have a bill with it; be it clothes, accessories, or footwear. These are formats that can be used for selling such merchandise where the description of the product is mentioned along with the number of units and cost per unit. The bills are also useful if there be a need to exchange or return the products in case of fitting issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Invoice and Sales Receipt?

An Invoice is a request for payment and a Sales Receipt is proof of payment.

2. What comes first? Sales Order or Invoice?

Sales Order comes first as it is the first step while processing your order. The Sales Receipt is the last thing that comes after your order is processed and completed.

3. Is a handwritten Sales Receipt legal?

Yes, a handwritten receipt is legal as long as it has all the relevant transaction details mentioned in it.


A Sales Receipt apart from being used as proof of purchase also helps as a branding tool for your business. It’s good to have a professional receipt for your brand as it is your brand’s marketing asset. While creating or designing a sales receipt, it’s important to focus on the heading. Having an impactful header can make the receipt look really attractive.

We really hope you enjoyed reading the article and found it interesting. We hope you can use these templates as a reference or even download and edit them as per your requirement.

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