9+ Santa Letterhead Template – From The Desk Of Santa Claus!

What makes a letter trustworthy? It is the letterhead that adds more trust as it informs the source and destination thereby improving the overall authority.

When it comes to the eve of Christmas, exchanging letters and gifts is common.

When it comes to playing the game of secret Santa, you need to make use of an authentic letterhead format that speaks for the brand and demonstrates professionalism.

This article lets you explore several letterhead templates featuring Santa. Let’s go!

Professional Santa letterhead templates

1. Multiformat Santa letterhead PSD Word

Santa Letterhead Template


Just starting to send letters from Santa or letters to Santa? You should begin using this template that lets you edit in multiple formats. It starts with the from address to let Santa know who you are.

The main content of the letter lets you talk out openly to Santa about how things have been and your likes for the year. There is no condition in terms of length or format of the letter.

The key elements of this letterhead include bell, reindeer, date, and sender’s signature. Perhaps, if you are sending it as a team, you can alter the footer to match the nature of your team.

2. Santa desk letterhead JPG

From The Desk Of Santa Claus Letterhead


Assume that you get a letter suddenly and when you open it, you spot the header that says “from the desk of Santa Claus”. Doesn’t that give you a refreshing experience? If that does, you should use this template.

Not only the header but there is also a neatly organized footer saying “Merry Christmas”.

Whether you are sending the letter to your loved one as the main gift or supporting the letter with another gift or even using it to distribute clues, this printable is one thing that you should explore.

3. Christmas-themed letterhead PNG

Christmas themed Santa letterhead


The easiest way to send letters is to use a blank template that is already formatted and looks professional. This can be directly printed and sent to your loved ones.

If you are a teacher or an employer, you are more likely to send several letters and need a letterhead that looks outstanding.

As soon as you print, you can start writing the content by hand or print the content as well. It entirely depends on who the receiver is and how and what the person would like.

4. Santa official letter PNG

Santa official letterhead


Secret Santa is a game played year after year. It is quite common to expect a gift from someone whose name would be revealed on the eve of Christmas.

But, it is also your duty to think creatively. Start with the letterhead and then recreate the content and other formats. Give the old Santa game a new look on all aspects and it will refresh you and the receiver as well.

This is a vintage-styled letterhead with the title “Santa Claus official letter” and has neat borders on all sides.

5. Conventional letterhead from North Pole JPG

Conventional letterhead from North Pole


When you are the secret Santa of an older adult, you should go with a conventional letterhead that lets them connect with it instead of catchy and bright styles that can deviate the interest.

This conventional letterhead has a simple format with the address of Santa and the logo on the header and the authentic message of “certified official mail” in the footer.

As you type the content, remember to use font styles like Old English and Arial that match the theme and also look professional.

6. Brandable letterhead DOC

christmas letterhead


Christmas is not about friends and families but also employees, customers, and other people that have influenced your journey. This editable template includes a Word document that can be customized to fit your brand’s color scheme and theme.

Nevertheless, the template is beautifully realigned to send Christmas greetings to people with a neat header followed by a footer.

While it does look like a letter, the way the letterhead is formatted indicates the festive mood. The design does not hamper the content or the festive mode.

7. Christmas letter PSD Word

christmas letter template


What exactly does a letterhead include? Header, footer, sidebars, icons… and what if we say we also give you a sample content for you to rephrase and send to your loved ones?

Here is an editable template that comes in multiple formats letting you edit entirely and also apply a wide range of fonts.

It also has instructions to print and comes with the print bleed feature so neither margins nor any part of the letter gets cropped while printing.

8. Minimal letterhead for Christmas PSD Doc


Oh, Christmas eve is approaching! You already have works piled at your desk but can’t skip the job of sending wishes to your stakeholders.

This letterhead fastens your job of sending letters without spending much time on the design or alignment of the text.

The letterhead includes a simple background and placeholders to fill in the desired content. That’s it! Your letter is ready. In fact, it is also available in PSD format so you can change the design or add new icons to match up the theme.

9. Customizable letterhead for Christmas PSD DOC

Customizable santa letterhead for Christmas


All of us love to get things easily. That’s the sole purpose of this letterhead. The editable template is available in PSD and DOC versions with supporting font libraries.

As soon as you have decided to become the secret Santa of someone, simply let the receiver fill up this letter adorned with a beautiful letterhead.

You get to know what the person likes and the design also implies how much you value the receiver. Doesn’t that sound outstanding?

Well, this template is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to use creative brains during Christmas.

Frequently asked questions

1. What should a letterhead contain?

A Santa letterhead should contain to, from, a wish or a question, a header, and a footer. All of these will have to be beautifully designed. The font of the header needs to be in Old English font to match up with the conventional look of Christmas while the one in the footer is open for customization.

2. What backgrounds can be added to a Santa letterhead?

While there are no restrictions to the list of backgrounds that you can add to these letterheads, you should always pay attention to the purpose of the letter and append the theme accordingly. If it is a professional letter, include a minimal theme that has lights or reindeers. Alternatively, if it is intended for a kid, include catchy borders and attractive cliparts of Santa. This can let the kid instantly connect with your intention and also make it more relatable.

You should also include a few words like “from the desk of Santa”, “from the North Pole”, “Letter from Santa – official” to improve the authenticity of the letter.


Writing letters to Santa and receiving from Santa can always give chills to you. This is because all of us like Santa. When you draft letters this Christmas, make sure that you use letterheads that are listed in this article. These letterheads can give a better overall experience.

It saves time and allows you to focus more on building creativity in terms of design and content. Start it today and see how things turn this Christmas!

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