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As Santa is all set to ring those jingle bells, it is time to plan something nice and exciting for your loved one. Do you already know what the receiver likes? We bet not, especially if you are someone setting to surprise several members simultaneously.

Whether you organize a party or a secret Santa activity or simply conduct a data collection event, you need forms. This post contains a bunch of secret Santa forms that can meet all the needs relating to Christmas.

Printable Secret Santa Forms & List

1. Secret Santa Gift exchange PDF

Secret Santa Form


Christmas is all about exchanging gifts. While you are excited about receiving a wonderful gift from your secret Santa, you should also acknowledge the kind of excitement that your receiver is likely to have.

In planning gifts, you can always make use of this template that contains a whole lot of gifts that can be given on the eve of Christmas.

Issue this form to others and find out what he/she likes. When you make use of this form, you can also plan budgets better and spread them evenly to everyone.

2. Santa forms bundled PPT

Secret santa forms ppt



is a template that every person out there celebrating Christmas should use no matter what. It includes all materials needed to organize Christmas perfectly.

Starting with clip arts and icons relating to Christmas, it also includes a form comprising 12 questions to ask the receiver to understand preferences.

In the same template, there is also an option to maintain a checklist of Santas in the team along with things to organize during the party.

If at all you are planning for one stop for secret Santa events, this is the one to go ahead with.

3. Santa forms for teachers DOC

Santa forms for teachers DOC


When you are in the situation of gifting several kids, you should always be wary of their likes. On the other hand, inviting students to the secret Santa gift exchange event needs a lot of effort especially from parents and guardians of children.

This is an important form you should make use of if you are involving students in the gift exchange event. The template has basic information related to gift type and average costing in addition to the date of the event.

There is a consent form at the bottom of the template mainly for parents to acknowledge the participation of their kids.

4. Secret Santa activity DOC

Secret Santa activity template


Organizing a secret Santa game as a classroom activity? You need to know the guidelines to follow them perfectly and also form a team for the same.

If it is an individual-based game, it does work too but takes a long time. Being an editable document, you get access to the complete guide including conditions, forms, and other materials needed to conduct the activity.

5. Secret Santa survey PDF

Secret Santa survey form


When you are organizing a secret Santa game, the key thing that you should do is to find out what the person likes.

Some of the common questions asked related to favorites are snacks, candy, drinks, colors, sports teams, type of food, and restaurants.

Perhaps, you can plan a gift accordingly. Alternatively, you can also organize a visit to a place that the person likes. This helps in planning surprise events better.

This is a wonderful approach especially if you are unaware of the favorites of the receiver.

6. Forms for favorites PDF

printable secret santa questionnaire form pdf


The biggest downside in exchanging and sending gifts to a large number of people lies in finding out who likes what. If you are an employer or a teacher wanting to gift others, this is printable that can simplify things for you.

In every PDF document, you can see 4 forms. Simply print them and cut them into 4 and start distributing. As soon as you collect them, you can find out who likes what and sort the budget accordingly.

Doesn’t that sound easy and effective too?

7. Secret Santa workshop PDF


Secret Santa workshop – doesn’t that sound new to you? Well, the workshop is intended to list out people involving in the gift exchange. There are times when you may not be able to buy and ask the manager of the team to buy on the behalf of all based on their favorites.

In that case, this type of form remains extremely helpful. Based on the budgeting you have allocated for the gift, you can find out the gift ideal for each of them along with the pricing you have spent. This is especially used to avoid mishaps or mismatches in gifting others.

If this is a regular event to be organized year after year, this workshop can be an eye-opener.

8. Secret Santa sponsorship PDF

Secret Santa sponsorship form


Christmas is for all. It is an occasion meant to gift the underprivileged as well. There are several charity programs conducted out there mainly to spread joy and love. Here is a sponsorship form that lets you invite people to donate as per the available scheme or choose any amount they prefer.

The sponsorship form needs to be as detailed as possible and also provoke receivers to participate in the secret Santa fund.

9. Be the secret Santa PDF

Be the secret Santa form


Have you ever thought about how the underprivileged would celebrate their Christmas times? Oh, did you also think about those long-term patients at hospitals?

Your contribution can add a smile and this form lets you become the secret Santa of someone who needs surprises and is new to the life of happiness and excitement.

This template includes the example of a New York foundling hospital that runs a sponsorship program to let people become secret Santa. It has a minor form collecting name, phone, address, and email address.

10. Secret Santa shop PDF


How about throwing a flea market or organizing a secret Santa shop comprising gifts that are usually exchanged or gifted on the eve of Christmas? This form is exclusively meant to set up a secret Santa shop where parents or guardians can directly visit and buy anything their children like within the budget.

This is usually organized by a lot of nonprofitable organizations to raise funds and also bring change. In such cases, customize the form to suit the needs of your shop and the target audience.

11. Secret Santa sign up PDF

Secret Santa sign up form


In a school or a company, you should always take the consent of participants. Especially on the eve of Christmas, it is essential to spread joy and touch the lives of others. This form lets you find out people who are interested to become a secret Santa. The signing-up procedure is quite simple and includes only the name. However, you are also free to customize the editable template.

How to play secret Santa?

  • Find a person to whom you wish to gift.
  • Use one of the forms above to find out what he or she likes.
  • Use the secret Santa shop or set a budget and purchase the gift.
  • Gift it at the end of the clue session.


You need several forms to organize the game of secret Santa perfectly. This template has a large number of forms but you can also customize them as per your creativity to improve the excitement of the game.

Happy gift exchanging!

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