13+ Printable Secret Santa Questionnaire [Word PDF Doc]

The secret Santa gift exchange program is a widely followed tradition on the occasion of Christmas. How confident are you in gifting your loved one a gift of his/her choice?

You are in a situation where you can neither disclose the gift nor get feedback from the loved one. But, there is one solution.

Introducing the secret Santa questionnaire that helps you find the favorites and preferences of the person and then plan your gift accordingly. Let’s find out how to use it in this article.

Customizable Secret Santa Questionnaires

1. Who is the secret Santa Questionnaire PDF

Secret Santa Questionnaire


In the game of secret Santa, there is often one sender mapped to one receiver. If there is a group of people participating in the gift exchange, members can choose whom to gift or allow the team head to map receivers.

This template is an example of how “from” and “to” elements are closely mapped thereby avoiding repetitions in sending or receiving gifts.

Being an editable template, simply remove names and start filling them for your team.

2. Help out Santa PDF

Secret Santa Questionnaire


So, you have decided to gift someone as a secret Santa. What does the person like? What kind of questions should you ask to determine favorites?


template has an exhaustive list of questions that can be asked to find out what the receiver likes and the experience so far.

Perhaps, this questionnaire can also be used to note down tough moments faced by the person and a gift can be planned accordingly.

3. Secret Santa application PDF

Secret Santa application


When you take part in gifting someone, you may often run out of ideas. That’s when this template comes into the picture. There are different gifting materials listed under each category.

If you are running a company or throwing a party in your residential association, you can use this questionnaire to let people list out what they want.

They can directly tick the ones they like and then purchase gifts as per your budget.

4. Secret Santa has queries PDF

Secret Santa Questionnaire


There are different ways to let individuals list down what they like and what their present situation is. This editable questionnaire has a few questions in addition to the option for the person to guess the secret Santa.

There are questions here related to wishlist, wants, hobbies, interests, and dislikes. There is also space to list favorites for magazine, store, candy, team, beverage, and color.

With a beautifully crafted design, you are left with filling them and giving them back to the secret Santa or the collector.

5. Simple questionnaire for Santa game DOC

Santa questionnaire game


Thinking of using just one questionnaire for all kinds of people irrespective of age groups?

This is a sample generalized secret Santa questionnaire that asks basic questions that are common to people of all age groups.

If you look at the editable document, a kid can answer many questions but an adult can answer all of them. This simplifies your job of determining who likes what gift and categorizing questions accordingly.

6. Breakfast questionnaire DOC

Breakfast questionnaire santa


How about randomly asking questions to your loved ones without letting them know that you are collecting answers to plan gifts? That’s the sole purpose of this template.

You can start with basic questions about the plan for Christmas, possessions, likes, and favorites. Simply list different scenarios and see what the person has to answer for them.

This approach is going to increase the secrecy of your plan and you also get benefited by gathering necessary answers.

7. Gift exchange questionnaire DOC

santa Gift exchange questionnaire


Questions can be open-ended or closed-ended. This gift exchange questionnaire includes minimal questions but also gathers the preferences of individuals by questioning about past gifts.

If at all you have been the secret Santa for the person last year as well, you can use this template to find out if the person has really liked it and the kind of emotion it instilled in the receiver.

If it has made the receiver feel sentimental and close to heart, you can plan something on similar lines.

Otherwise, you can purchase gifts like scents from the favorite store mentioned by the person.

8. Secret Santa form DOC

Secret Santa form DOC


When you take a questionnaire, it can be organized in the form of a document or a form as well. If you are planning to gather information virtually, this form is all that you should need.

It starts with collecting personal information and then goes on to gathering preferences and interests.

Getting answers for all the questions are just sufficient to plan gift, Christmas eve, and any other plans post Christmas. This is complete and sufficient for you to use in the long run.

9. Help answer questions DOC


Secret Santa needs your help! Well, anyone would come forward when secret Santa looks out for help. Use this chance to make your loved one answer a few questions.

That’s it. You get answers and your loved one feels complete in helping the secret Santa. You can append more questions or skip some of them based on the person you are issuing this questionnaire to.

10. Questionnaire for kids DOC


secret santa Questionnaire for kids


The question you can ask kids is totally different from what you generally ask adults during a gift exchange program on the eve of Christmas. Prior to the secret Santa game, you can trick kids around with this questionnaire that covers all favorites.

Remember that if you ask prior, you can also plan to write the letter from Santa accordingly. This template pretty much covers basic things that a kid can answer in a few words.

With an attractive, colorful design, this questionnaire is all set to add ease to your data collection process.

11. Simple questionnaire for Christmas DOC


Tired of simple templates that are lifeless and colorless? This template is colorful and apt for kids. If you are planning to distribute this questionnaire to your middle school students, the questionnaire here is easily understandable.

From planning the gift to exchanging the gift at the perfect space, it includes questions covering everything.

12. Secret questionnaire DOC

santa questionnaire for kids


It is extremely easy to find out what your kid likes with this sort of editable template. It has placeholders beneath every topic.

There are stretchable placeholders to include information related to school and friends, milestones, hobbies, good deeds, and toys expected from Santa for the year.

If you are a teacher, you can simply use different form builders online including Google Forms, and let children fill the form with as much detail as possible.

This editable form gives the liberty for kids to enter anything and everything without limits. Use this quick form to plan special gifts for children.

13. Gift survey DOC

christmas gift survey


This editable is differently arranged. If you look at the questions arranged in this survey, it takes less than a minute to solve all questions. Coffee or tea – you choose one of them.

This is a question that helps in planning the drink for the eve. Book or movies – this helps in planning for the eve or the gift exchange program as such.

Not many would be keen to fill in details about their preferences. A lot of them out there would prefer quick questions with choices or containing logical symbols. This template is one example.

Frequently asked questions

1. What do you write in a secret Santa questionnaire?

A questionnaire primarily is meant to question a person’s choices and wishes for the year. It has to include questions that can gather as much detailed information as possible. If you are planning to create one, you can include basic questions like – favorite book, favorite color, favorite movie, favorite spot, and hobby. These are useful in planning gifts and also in building relationships.

2. How to use the questionnaire better?

Often, people have a specific budget and would have made choices as well. In that case, customize the questionnaire to find out if the likes align with your choices. Alternatively, if you are running out of ideas, the best thing is to ask as many questions aligning with your expectations and budgets.

If you think that the person loves perfumes, you can ask questions like –

  • Which perfume brand do you like the most?
  • Ever craved a specific perfume?
  • Your favorite shop to purchase perfumes?

All of these can fit into the need and also build the overall purpose.

Here are a few steps to follow –

  • Identify who the person is and the age group.
  • Develop a basic understanding of the person’s preference.
  • Customize the questionnaire covering gifts, people, activities, and wants on the eve of Christmas.


Using a questionnaire always saves time and effort. Especially if you are purchasing gifts in bulk, you should opt for a questionnaire to club similar gifts and then plan an outing accordingly to purchase gifts.

Using one of the templates in this post based on the nature of the target audience adds ease to the overall task without revealing that you are the secret Santa!

All set? Start sending questionnaires now!

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