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Shipping Labels are small identification labels that are glued on a container or box to identify the contents inside the container. This is needed to understand the products that are being shipped without opening the shipment.

In case of a mismatch with the delivery address, the shipment can return to its point of origin with the help of the Shipping Label.

The label is also considered as an address carrier as it has the details of the person to whom the shipment is meant to be delivered.

Free Shipping Label Templates

1. Plain Shipping Label Template

Shipping Label Template


To get you started here is a very simple template that you can use for shipping purposes. This basic template has the required From and To address fields on it.

It is mandatory to have the shipping address without which the parcel might go missing or cannot be delivered. The size of the label can be changed according to your company guidelines.

2. Generic Shipping Label

Generic Shipping Label


A generic shipment label has the minimum details of the shipper and receiver which is just enough to get the parcel delivered. Having the address written clearly on the label can avoid a lot of unwanted confusion for the delivery person.

style="text-align: justify;">These do the job if more details are not required to be put into the shipping label.

3. Perishables Shipping Label

Perishables Shipping Label


This is a one-page long Shipment Label. They are used for perishable items such as food and beverages. It is important to mention the ingredients present in the parcel so that in case of any customs checks the shipment gets its green signal.

Mentioning the number of items in the package, the weight of the parcel, & the date on which the parcel should be shipped is a very important criterion.

4. Post Box Shipping Label Template

Post Box Shipping


These Labels can be used for domestic as well as international shipments. The label clearly indicates that they are used for priority shipments.

You can add your brand logo on the label to make it look more professional. USPS often uses this shipping label template for all their shipments and you can use this to design your own template.

5. Fragile Shipping Label Template

Fragile Shipping Label

The fragile labels are used while shipping easily breakable articles, such as glass or porcelain. These labels are mainly used in airports as the airlines carry various packages in their cargo.

By putting the Fragile label on your belongings, you are indicating to the carrier that your baggage needs to be handled with care. If not, then your items might get damaged.

6. Bar Code Shipping Label Template

Bar Code label


Many organizations prefer to have a bar code printed on their Shipment labels as it is easy for the sender to track the item.

The use of a long tracking number tends to get confusing, and with everyone going digital, it is easier to have a bar code scanned than writing down a tracking number.

7. Graphics Shipping Label Template


While designing your Shipment Label, you can get as creative as you want. A lot of companies prefer to design their label as per the soul of their company.

Such labels not only look attractive and colorful but also bring a smile to anyone who sees it. During special events like Christmas, many shipping companies use customized shipping labels like the one above to add to the festivities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What information should a Shipping Label contain?

A Shipping Label should have details such as

  • P0stal Code
  • Tracking Number
  • Date
  • Package quantity
  • Weight of the package
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Validation

If the shipment is international, it should also specify the contents of the package.

2. What happens if you ship your parcel with an expired label?

If you do not ship the product within the shipment date your product shipping label expires. In such situations, most carriers will not ship your products. Big carriers do have separate rules for shipping including label expiration dates, return labels, and voiding shipments.

3. Are Shipping Labels cheaper than Stamps?

If you do not want to track your shipment or need a delivery confirmation, it will be cheaper to buy stamps than to get your labels printed.


Professional Shipping Labels are used by every carrier or business group that operates in the logistics industry. Therefore, using a good and professional shipping label not only gives a good impression of your brand but also makes a powerful impact.

We really hope that you enjoyed reading the article today and found it interesting. You can use the given templates as a reference while designing your own label, or you can also edit and download them directly from here for your convenience.

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