11+ Stock Certificate Template Download [Word, PDF]

A stock certificate or shares is a legal document that grants you ownership of shares in a traded/listed company. Whenever you invest money in stocks, you need to get stock or share certificates that prove that you are the owner of those shares.

Below is a collection of Stock Certificate templates that can be used during such transactions. These are particularly helpful for sellers that are disposing of the stock and need to provide relevant documentation.

11 Stock Certificate Templates

1. Black & White Stock Certificate Template – Word



This is a very basic design for the stock certificate but it does the job. Designed with black and white elements this template is made with Microsoft Word and is completely editable. Different sections have been provided for you to enter key information about the trade.

Once you fill in the information like you would in these sample free bank statement template, you can either print out the certificate on paper or email it to the parties involved in the transaction. If you need, you can also change the black and white border with a frame of your liking. You should get good ones online.

During the sales of stock, both the seller and the buyer get a copy of the free stock certificate that documents the transfer of ownership similar to a

href="https://www.partnershipforlearning.org/bill-of-sale-templates/">car sale template.

This is important because the seller first has to prove that they are the owners of the stock and have the right to sell them. Secondly, the buyer also needs proof that they are now the owners of the stock.

2. Portrait Mode Stock Certificate Template – Word



For those who need a portrait orientation stock certificate, this should be an excellent template. The Microsoft Word document contains 2 pages – one page for the certificates and another blank template for you to personalize. This professionally designed certificate is a popular template and used by numerous people around the world.

To use it, free download the file and start putting in the information you want to capture in the certificate like you would in a profit statement. Except for the border, you are free to change the colors, style, and size of all the fonts in the certificate.

3. Color Stock Certificate Template – Word



Here is another editable, designer stock certificate template made with Microsoft Word. The template has a very traditional yet formal look to it but does the job perfectly. Inside the free stock certificate template, you will see sections like Date, Name, signature sections where you can enter your information like you would in a release agreement.

Since this is a color template you will have to take printouts from a good quality color printer. Make sure you get it printed from a good print store for the best possible results.

4. Simple Stock Certificate Template – PDF



This PDF stock template is best when printed out and filled in. Since the file is in PDF format, you won’t be able to make any changes to it just like you can in a credit card authorization form in word and excel format.

But it contains all relevant sections needed to be in a stock certificate. Once you print it out, you can write down the information and then give it out. Otherwise, you could also scan it and email the free stock certificate template.

5. Designer Border Stock Certificate Template – PDF



Sometimes, stock certificates need to contain more information than the usual formats we have seen in this article. For such occasions, this company template will come in handy. Sections like amount in number, number of shares, certificate number, the value of shares, buyer and seller information make this very useful.

Edits cannot be made to this document as it is in PDF format just like a blank police report but as you can see it has more than what you need to document the stock transactions. Since the template border is black and white, you can print this out in a color or black & white printer.

6. Blue Border Stock Certificate Template – PDF



Here is another classic design for a stock certificate that never goes out of fashion. This PDF is has a stylish blue border that accentuates the design of the document and gives it a very professional look. All basic information like timelines, buyer and seller signatures, and stock information can be taken down in this certificate.

Print out the document in a good quality color printer and then you can enter all the required company information in the template. Once that is done, your official stock certificate is ready to be issued!

7. Professional Portrait Mode Stock Certificate Template – PDF



Simple-looking documents are often the best ones as they focus more on functionality and less on the design. This is exactly what this document does for you.

With a no-frills design, this delivers an excellent stock certificate format that is ready to be printed out. And since it is in PDF format, you don’t have to worry about formatting or alignment.

8. Colorful Stock Certificate Template – PDF



Stock certificates are all legally binding documents so it is important to get their content right and legally correct as well. Certain sections like shareholders buyer and seller information, details of the stock and timelines are mandatory to be carried in the stock certificate formats.

This one gives you an excellent format you can use to generate stock certificates. Set up a color printer and then print out these blank templates. You can then fill them out by hand. Otherwise, you can also enter the information on your computer and then print out the documents.

9. Elegant Blue Border Stock Certificate Template – PDF



This is probably one of the best-designed, colorful stock certificate templates you will come across. Traditionally, financial documents were given elaborate borders and this one replicates that look. But it’s just not a good-looking document. All necessary information fields have been put into the shareholder document that can be filled on a computer or by hand after being printed out.

For best results, use a high-quality color printer. In the top corner margins, there is some space, and if you want you can insert your organization logo as well.

10. Editable Colorful Stock Certificate Template – Word


word pdf

Moving away from PDF templates, here is a free, editable, and downloadable corporate business stock certificate template free that has been designed with Microsoft Word. This means that you have the ability to make any kind of changes you want! There are placeholders such as certificates number, number of shares and shareholders, signatures of shareholders, company name, details and number of both shareholder parties, and witness information.

11. Green Border Stock Certificate Template – Word



The last free stock certificate template we have in this article is another editable one similar to our free customer loyalty punch cards. The simple document doesn’t contain any overtly elegant designs and focuses more on the content. There are placeholders for information like signatures, Date, shareholder buyer and seller details, and shareholder information about the business shares.

All elements like border color, font type, size, type of stock, color, etc are completely editable so if you are comfortable working on Microsoft Word, you can design it as per your needs.

Important Information in a Stock Certificate

Are you wondering what information you need to include in your stock certificate? Well, here are some of the most commonly used fields.

  • Date of Issue
  • Details of stock (total number, per-share cost, etc)
  • Buyer & seller shareholder details, shareholder signatures
  • Witness signatures
  • Share Certificates number
  • business Terms & Conditions, if any
  • The business organization issuing the stock

These are the usual data points that are documented in the stock certificates but you are free to include any other information as well. Once you design your own formats, do make sure that you get it vetted by a legal professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more doubts about stock certificates? Here are some commonly asked doubts and their answer.

1. Can a stock certificate be cashed?

Yes, they can be. Stock agents or brokers can help you sell your stock. But before you do that, research a bit about the stock price and its trend.

2. Is it mandatory to issue a stock certificate?

Of course, it is. Otherwise, you would not have any proof of the transaction. Later on, there could be legal disputes when the stock needs to be sold off. Any such transactions need to be documented as you need to protect your financial investments.

3. I lost my stock certificate. Now, what happens?

First, don’t panic. Stock certificates can be replaced if they are lost, stolen, or damaged. If you have such a business situation, you need to get in touch with the agent who brokered the deal and they should get you the certificate. Upon loss of the certificate, the agent will issue a ‘Stop Transfer’ notice on the share certificate so that no one can encash it.


So, that is our collection of the best, free stock certificate templates. A business stock certificate that does not meet the requirements will not get approved and that is why it is essential that you use these formats. Avoid mistakes and save time with these ready-to-use templates. Once you get the files, you can make changes to our templates based on your requirements.

Along with the best available corporate stock certificate, the article also covers information about important information to be included and responses to some commonly asked questions. Hope this helps you out! Also, before you go here are some letter of intent to purchase real estate!

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