8+ Time Study Template Download [Excel, PDF, Word]

Time Study is a very structured process that is used by people to observe a particular process and determine the time that will be taken to complete the process. To understand the Time Study of a particular task/process a qualified worker must be asked to do the task.

That way it will be easy to understand the time that can be taken by a professional qualified worker to complete the task, and in most cases, the Time Study will be accurate.

Editable Time Study Templates

1. Detailed Time Study Template


While working on a Time Study process, it is very important that the observer first does a preliminary round of observation before they note the details. This template here is made in an excel format and has many tabs in it. The more details you enter while doing a time study the more accurate results you will get.

While you edit this template, do watch out for the formula fields. If you know how to work on formulas, you can edit them to accommodate the changes your make to the template. Otherwise, you can leave them untouched.

2.  24 Hour Activity Log Time Study Template


This is a 24-hour time study template which is a great way to study ongoing processes. Here in the tabs, you can enter details such as the. name of the activity, the days of a week, notes, and finally, the time is taken for every project every day during the week. Should you want more details to be entered into the template you can do so since the file is editable.

3.  Daily Schedule Time Study Template


This is a Daily Schedule Time Study Template that is very simple and easy to understand. If you want to observe activities and jot down the timing details on a daily basis, then this template will definitely come in handy for you. The format is professionally designed but you can edit it or make your own template as per your requirements.

4.  Corporate Time Study Template


The corporate time study table is mainly used in the corporate world. Here you can measure and study the working hours of your employees or document the timing of processes. The template gives a breakup of the total work of the employee or the week hours. It also captures the total hours the employee has worked, the regular hours spent, and the overtime hours.

These templates mainly help in understanding the performance of the employees and keep a track of the time they have been working versus the time they were unproductive.

5.  Weekly Time Study Template


A weekly time study template is a consolidated report that documents detailed in a weekly format. All days of the week are mentioned in the template and you can individually capture data against them. If you do your reporting and analytics in a weekly format, then this would be a good template to use.

6.  Weekly and monthly Time Study Template


This is a similar format to the weekly time study table mentioned above except that this does a monthly consolidation as well. The advantage of using this weekly and monthly time study template is that you get two different data points through the same tool. This way you don’t have to maintain separate files for weekly and monthly time studies.

7.  Blank Time Study Template


This is the format of a blank Time Study template. You can edit this template and the tabs as per your requirement.

This vanilla template is a great building block to designing your own time study template. It contains commonly-used Time Study fields will relevant placeholders as well.

8.  Bright and catchy Time Study Template


The Time Study Template above is mainly designed to be used for your company’s employees. The color is very bright and catchy but you can change it anytime you want.

This helps in keeping a track of our employee’s working time versus their leisure hours. If you want to take printouts, then this colorful template might be a good one to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is a Time Study done?

  1. First, we observe the process you want to study. This is the beginning of our study and the most important step to do a Time Study
  2. We have to decide on a fixed beginning and ending point of the process without which it will be difficult to determine the time
  3. We must break the process into steps to understand and document which process takes how much time
  4. The entire observation that we follow needs to be recorded through the time study templates
  5. Don’t forget to analyze the data once done to understand the time taken to complete the process which is nothing but Time Study

2. What is the use of Time Study?

In any company or organization big or small the importance of time study is mainly to plan the future production and to also evaluate the performance of the workers. The time study process also helps in evaluating the production system as a whole.

3. What are the main limitations of a Time Study?

Whiled doing the Time Study and Motion Study the main limitations that occur is the risk that occurs to the observers. If observers tend to interfere with the care patterns during their presence it can affect the precision of the study data mainly as we know that the possibility of human beings making errors with time is possible.


The main objective of doing a Time Study is to determine the standard time to complete any task. Once this is done, all processes will then carry a standardized timeframe attached to them.

We really hope that after reading our article on Time Study today you would have understood what Time Study is all about. We really hope that the templates we have provided will you understand the process better. You may download the templates easily from this website and get them edited and printed.

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