11+ Vehicle Maintenance Log Template Download [Word, PDF, Excel]

A Vehicle Maintenance log is a document that is used by organizations that have vehicles are part of their company assets, by vehicle service technicians, and even by personal vehicle owners who like to keep a track of their vehicle maintenance process, costs, and other details.

11+ Vehicle Maintenance Log Templates

In this article, you will find different types of vehicle maintenance logs that will suit your requirements. Keeping a track of your vehicle’s maintenance is important and such documents help you do that. All the below vehicle maintenance log templates have been designed with Microsoft Excel and that means you can edit them as per your needs.

1. Vehicle Service Record template

vehicle maintenance log


We start off with a highly professional vehicle service record template designed by Microsoft themselves. Every vehicle service involves a certain amount of part change, consumables, labor, and other services. All such work needs to be documented in this Vehicle Service record template.

There are placeholders to include information about different service elements like engine tuning, consumables, change of vehicle parts, etc. On the top section, you can enter the service date and then the cost elements against each service item. At the bottom of the sheet, you can put formulas to calculate the total amount for the vehicle servicing just like an estimate template.

Simple Vehicle Maintenance Record template

vehicle maintenance log


If you are looking for a vehicle maintenance log template that is easy to work on and not too complicated, then this one should be an excellent fit for you. This excel document helps you record all service transactions while capturing all relevant details of the maintenance process.

You will see columns to enter information like service date, repair description, the workshop details, labor cost, material cost, and any other information required to be filled in. At the bottom, there is a formula to calculate the total costs as well. The top section can be used to enter the vehicle information and if you have multiple vehicles, you can create multiple sheets like a maintenance work order and these roofing templates.

3. Car Maintenance Record template

vehicle maintenance log


This Microsoft Excel car maintenance log is an excellent checklist that can be used to track your vehicle maintenance process. If you want to track the vehicle maintenance process, then you should use one file to track your service expenses and another file that tells you the schedule of the maintenance similar to a vehicle bill of sale template.

With this car maintenance log template, you can define all service-related milestones such as service intervals, warranty renewals, tune-up dates, tire pressure, and part replacement timelines.

Once you create those columns, start ticking the appropriate sections next to them. This will help you get a visual representation of all service timelines similar to these non profit donation receipt letter template.

4. Vehicle Maintenance Log template



All vehicles need not be cars or trucks only. If you are a vehicle repair company or maintain your own fleet of vehicles then you might have different kinds of vehicles at your disposal. This generic vehicle maintenance log will help you customize the template for different vehicles that need maintenance.

Once you enter the vehicle type and other details at the top of the sheet, start entering relevant data in the placeholders for the task performed. In the checkboxes, you can tick against the service performed along with the total cost in this vehicle maintenance log.

5. Preventive Maintenance Log



Conducting preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicles running smoothly and reduce the risk of breakdowns and accidents. If you are not already into preventive maintenance then it would be a good idea to do so. This free template can help you in the process.

Download the file and create multiple sheets if you have multiple vehicles. Enter vehicle information along with the maintenance schedule, prices, and the work done.

6. Vehicle Periodic Maintenance Log

vehicle maintenance log


When maintenance templates are detailed, you can get the best out of them! And this one is as detailed as you will ever find! Not only does the template help you maintain your records based on mileage, but you can also track the logs of components such as tires, batteries, suspension, etc. These can be inserted as rows in the template.

Against each mileage milestone, you can define each work that needs to be done. There are already quite a few in the template but you can mention your own as well.

7. Vehicle Periodic Maintenance Checklist



When you have a fleet of multiple car and need to track their maintenance records, then chances are that you might miss out on something if you have a manual system of tracking. Checklists often help us keep track of work that needs to be done and ensuring that we don’t miss out on important tasks.

This maintenance checklist can be customized for your fleet or personal vehicle to include service and maintenance schedules for each activity that needs to be performed. Print the template on a good color printer if you want the professionally designed elements to come out the way they appear in the document.

8. Truck Maintenance Log template



Next up is this format which is a very simple, neat, and easy-to-understand document designed with Microsoft Excel. This preventive truck maintenance document helps you keep track of your vehicle mileage along with the maintenance actions performed.

Click the vehicle maintenance log download button and you are good to go. These templates will help you save a ton of time as they have been pre-designed to be used by anyone. You will agree that this template is one of the easiest ones to use and doesn’t need advanced computer skills to work on!

9. Truck Maintenance Activity template

vehicle maintenance log


Even though these maintenance templates are marked as truck maintenance or car maintenance, they can be customized to be used for any vehicle type. All you have to do is to download the car maintenance file and edit the headings according to your vehicle type.

This auto maintenance log template is yet another simple and easy-to-use one that helps you capture data about the dates, mileage, and work completed. The logo placeholder can be edited to include your company logo and you are free to change any design element present in the template.

10. Vehicle Maintenance Log Template for Agencies

vehicle maintenance log


Agencies that manage a huge fleet of car often have a tough task maintaining proper documents for their vehicles. Vehicle utilization is very high for fleets and therefore they have much higher requirements than normal vehicles.

This auto maintenance log template is specifically designed to be used by such agencies that have a fleet of vehicles. You are free to add/remove anything in this sheet as it is editable. Such templates are often given out to agency drivers who then maintain records of all maintenance work done on their vehicles.

11. Daily/Weekly Maintenance Checklist template



For organizations that have an exceeding high utilization of vehicles, daily and weekly maintenance checks are part of their vehicle maintenance process. This is a demanding job since you will have numerous car undergoing frequent maintenance checks.

To aid with this hectic maintenance schedule is this auto maintenance log that helps you keep track of daily/weekly maintenance jobs. You can create a checklist of tasks that need to be complete based on their frequency and then go about getting them done. Makes your life much easier in breaking down complex tasks into smaller activities!

Frequently Asked Questions

After going through these templates, you might have questions of your own. So here are some commonly asked questions about vehicle maintenance templates and their answers.

1. Why do we need different types of vehicle maintenance templates?

All these templates have been designed keeping in mind requirements for various people and organizations. As a personal vehicle owner, your requirements will be totally different from a large vehicle fleet management company! That is why there are different types of templates.

2. What are the typical components of a vehicle maintenance log template?

You are free to customize our templates as per your requirements. However, some industry-standard fields include

  • Client name and contact information
  • Vehicle details
  • Service maintenance schedule and actual dates
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Components changed or serviced
  • Odometer readings
  • Warranty or insurance information is required

3. Is the vehicle maintenance log or record the same as an invoice?

No. The invoice is a payment instrument detailing the total amount due. The vehicle maintenance log or service log also contains costing and price estimations but is not the final bill.


Hopefully, you found our collection of downloadable, printable, and customizable vehicle maintenance logs really helpful. Such templates help you keep a track of vehicle repairs, maintenance schedule, and costs and are essential in smooth business operation. Good maintenance is essential to keep your car working efficiently and properly.

All our templates are carefully curated, professionally designed, free to use, editable, and suitable for all kinds of vehicle maintenance processes. Before you go, check out these stock certificate template word in a front and back format.

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