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In a world where crime seems only to increase, the police have come up with various ways to ask for the public’s help in finding culprits.

Wanted posters usually contain a headshot of a person of interest to the police. Sometimes there is a monetary reward for anyone who has information that may capture such a person.

We have compiled a list of wanted poster templates for your selection.

Editable Wanted Poster Templates

1. Bank Crimes Wanted Person Poster

editable wanted poster template


Nothing gets the public talking like a monetary reward for the help of catching a person of interest. This template features a cash reward that will encourage people to look out for the person of interest.

You can add a headshot of the person to ensure people recognize the person when they see them.

2. Criminal Wanted Poster

wanted poster dead or alive


Wanted posters tell not only the public to provide information about a person they might know. They also warn the public to be wary of a dangerous person who’s most likely armed and might be a danger to society.

For this template, add in the picture and add a name, if there’s any.

Wanted Dead or Alive Poster

Wanted Dead or Alive Poster


When you see a poster saying the person is wanted dead or alive, you know they are an important party. That doesn’t mean that they are safe people to be around. The dead or alive statement, however, is open to interpretation.

4. Reward Wanted Poster


It is useless to create a wanted poster without including the number people with information can call. This template features a space for the police to add full-size photos of the person of interest.

Do we have to say that the reward makes the public more interested in helping the police find the person?

5. Funny Wanted Poster

Funny Wanted Poster for friendsDownload

We know we said that wanted posters are only for the police. But who said that people couldn’t have a little fun with posters? This mock poster is a funny way to mess with your friends by putting their names on wanted posters for downright stupid things.

6. Lost Animal Wanted Poster

Lost Animal Wanted Poster Template


Nobody said wanted posters have to be all about criminals or persons of interest. They can also be for missing pets. If you lose a pet, you love so much, you could have its picture on a poster for when people spot it.

The way most people are attached to their pets makes this poster necessary.

7. Lost Item Wanted

Lost Item Wanted


People often lose things that may be of value to them and their families. The value of these things can’t usually be put to monetary terms. That’s where such a poster would come in handy.

The person who’s lost the valuable item puts up a poster that calls for people who might have seen the item to return it for a cash reward. A typical example is a musician who lost a flash disk with all their music in it. He offered cash to anyone who could find it. Maybe it could have worked if he had a poster!

8. Funny Wanted Poster Template for Kids


Mock wanted posters are a fun way to play with kids. You could use it to make fun of them and have people happy at an event. For instance, in this template, a child is wanted for stealing candy, and there’s even a cash reward!

It’s never that serious, you know!

9. Mock Wanted


Another mock wanted poster. While wanted posters might be serious when they come to the police, there is no law against making them just for fun. This template here is another way to mess with a friend.

Take their picture and plaster it on posters and coin a funny crime for them, such as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We are sure anyone that might come across it will have a mighty laugh.

10. Blank Wanted Poster

Blank Wanted Poster


This formal poster template gives you a chance to add whatever you want. That’s what makes it ideal for anyone from police to the pranksters that want to mess with a friend.

11. Best Friend Wanted


Most people have people they aren’t related to that they are close to them like family. These are the people we call best friends. However, not all people have that privilege. A best friend wanted poster would come in handy here.

It’s like announcing a vacancy for a best friend.

12. Blank Poster


A blank poster is like a clean slate on which to create everything you need. This template gives you the freedom to add anything. You can call for help at home or ask for people’s support to find something.

13. Vintage Poster

Vintage Wanted Poster


This vintage wanted poster offers you lots of space to explain yourself. You can use it to prank friends or use it for more serious matters like a criminal on the run.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are dead or alive posters still in use?

While authorities are still using wanted posters, the dead or alive posters have been phased out. That’s because, with the advancement of human rights, every person deserves to be heard and not killed before they state their side of the story.

2. Do wanted posters really work?

Yes, they do. Numerous criminals have been apprehended because of information from the public after they saw the person on a poster. So yes, wanted posters work.

3. What is the most common font on wanted posters?

The most common font type used on wanted posters is Nashville.

Final Thoughts

If you are an authority looking for wanted poster, we trust your search ends here. Download any of them and use them to display the faces of people you’d wish to apprehend.

Anyone can also download them and use them for fun purposes other than their criminal inclination.

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