13+ Weekly Planner Template – Schedule Planners [Word, Excel, PDF]

Have you ever asked yourself how better off you would be in life if you could plan out everything for the week? That’s what a weekly scheduler planner would enable you to accomplish.

With these weekly planner templates we have here, get ready to add some order to your weeks and life.

Let’s go!

Weekly Planner Templates

1. Weekly Schedule Planner

Weekly Planner Template

Download This hour-by-hour weekly planner has a slot for each day of the week to ensure you have an easier time planning your week. The simple layout makes it such a desirable option for a template.

It would be ideal for both students and older working-class persons. If you are a busy person who needs help to plan your days over one week period, this template should come in handy.

2. Fillable Weekly Schedule Planner

Fillable Weekly Planner Template


Unlike most other templates that come with everything else prefilled for you, this one doesn’t. that means you have more flexibility in planning your day since you can put in any hours you want.

The good thing about this template is that you can decide the intervals between your tasks. You could also use a pencil to fill in the hours and tasks then erase them later when the need arises.


template, therefore, gives more you control over your day and ensures you are the one person responsible for how each of your hours, days, and weeks pan out. It also allows you to schedule time for vehicle maintenance for which you can use our fleet maintenance spreadsheet!

3. Google Docs Weekly Planner Template

Printable Weekly Planner Template


Google docs are one of the finest ways to organize documents and any other details. What will impress you with having a weekly planner on Google docs is that you can see the planner on any device.

This weekly planner will enable you to organize your weekly tasks from 7am to 10pm.

4. Weekly Task Schedule Template

Weekly Task Schedule Template


This template allows you to plan out your tasks throughout the week. You can have the headings for each task in the title part and fill them in each day. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a place by which you can use the hour-by-hour planning.

However, you can manually fill in the hours for all the days of the week and add some orderliness to your weeks. It would be an ideal option for students and house managing.

5. Weekly Planner Excel

Weekly Planner Excel


This 6-hour weekly planner allows you to plan the whole of your week down to 6 hours. It has slots for you to add in several tasks each day with an hour interval between each task.

It would be ideal for students that want to plan their holidays with the remaining hours dedicated to leisure or rest. The five slots for tasks mean you can get as flexible as you like with each task.

If you are good at juggling tasks by the hour, then you are well placed to use this planner. The only downside is that you won’t get slots to plan your weekend. That, however, wouldn’t be much of a problem seeing that most people don’t have much to do on weekends.

6. Weekly Schedule Planner

Weekly Schedule Planner


This weekly planner template has a dedicated slot for each day’s activities for the entire week. You can include the dates, meaning it can even function as a diary of sorts.

The dates also mean it can act as a calendar schedule planner. You also get a dedicated slot for notes. You can draft important reminders and points in the notes part, so you don’t get caught up with mazy situations.

The template oozes organization from the onset, and what more could one ask for in a schedule planner?

7. Seven-Day Weekly Planner

Seven-Day Weekly Planner


If you love to organize your weeks down to the hour, this schedule with its hourly intervals should come in handy. The 15-hour planning slots should cover the whole day for each day of the week.

It is simple and easy to fill, and you won’t struggle to add in tasks. It would be a good idea for the holidays when children are home, and you want them also to have some time to study. It’s very easily editable just like our high school certificate template!

8. 5 Day Weekly Planner

5 Day Weekly Planner 


Not all schedule planner templates come with seven-day arrangements, as this one proves. This template gives you slots to plan your weekdays only. It will thus be a good option if you are the spontaneous type of person who wants their weekends to flow as naturally as possible.

The one-hour intervals add an aura of flexibility to your day. You also won’t struggle to download and fill it with your tasks and how you’d want to do them.

9. Weekly Planner Template Colorful



How about a schedule planner that allows you to draft in your goals for the week and add in any other plans you have? That’s not all. Besides that, you can also add a list of your top priorities for the week and the following week.

This template will enable you to take orderliness to the next level. You can print out several and give a title for each week alongside the goal you want to achieve. The slots are relatively easy to edit and add in whatever you want.

10. Weekly Hourly Planner

Weekly Hourly Planner


How much do you fancy a weekly planner that enables you to plan each day of your week down to thirty minutes? We bet you’d love such a template, wouldn’t you? The thirty-minute intervals will enable you to stretch the flexibility of this planner to the limit.

If you are the type of person who only needs a few minutes between tasks, this will be ideal. You, however, don’t have to stick strictly to the thirty-minute difference since some tasks will need a lot more time to complete.

11. Daily Weekly Planner

Daily Weekly Planner


This is yet another basic style weekly planner that’s simple and easy to fill. You can plan your days from Sunday through Saturday. Unlike some planners that might lack the weekend part, this one has all the days of the week.

Its simplicity impressed us the most and would make it an ideal option for students. It, however, lacks an hourly slot for each of the tasks you might add in. you can, however, do that manually.

12. Horizontal Planner



This template is like the previous one, only that it changes the style a little. Instead of the days of the week being placed vertically, they are placed horizontally. It doesn’t have an hour-by-hour breakdown like the previous entry on our list.

It, however, keeps that simplicity that would make it easy to use by anyone. Considering adding some order to your day? Try this schedule planner from the templates you can download and print.

13. Weekly Nutrition Planner

Weekly Nutrition Planner


It is quite common to be torn over what you will eat on a particular day, especially if you live alone. However, if you could get a plan for each of your meals, it would save you that time you rack your brains wondering what to eat.

This weekly planner template will enable you to plan out all your meals all the easy from breakfast to supper. It even has a slot for snacks that shows you just how orderly you could make your days with it.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to the nutrition section alone, though. You could fill the first part with tasks you’d want to do for each day of the week. Sure, some people might not need a schedule to plan out all their meals. The organization it gives you would be worth it, though.

What are you waiting for? Download and try it already.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Aren’t weekly planner schedules planning way too far into the future?

Of course not. That would, however, depend on your level of organization. Some people love to plan out their days far out into the future, even up to months.

Weekly planners are a simple way to keep track of all your activities for three weeks.

2. What are some of the things to consider when making a weekly planner?

To make an excellent weekly planner, you will need a plan for all things you plan to do for the week. That’s before getting a good template that will make it easy for you to plan out your days so far into the week. Fortunately, templates are all over in addition to the ones we have provided here.

When putting in the tasks, apportion enough time for each task to avoid rushing between tasks. That could save you from the fatigue that might come with not having enough intervals in between tasks.

3. What should I have in a weekly planner?

You could put in different things from your goals for the week and priorities. That’s beside the daily tasks for the week. That would, however, depend on the way the template is.

It could have slots for extra things you can add, such as a meal plan or something else.

Final Thoughts

We hope you can now plan your weeks better with our weekly planner templates. Choose from the various options we have provided here and organize your life better than before.

Your life will benefit from having a plan for how to tackle each day of the week, in addition to keeping track of your weekly goals.

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